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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Poroshenko agreed with Qatar to supply liquefied natural gas

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who is on a working visit in Qatar, said that during negotiations, agreement was reached on the supply of Qatari liquefied natural gas via the terminal in Poland and the Turkish route through the Bosphorus. He added that in the near future will take place in substantive negotiations on this


“Acting in the interests of the Kremlin”: Ukraine has responded to the action of the Polish nationalists

Embassy of Ukraine in Poland, condemned the action of the Polish nationalist organizations, which met on March 19 at the Embassy in Warsaw and said “anti-Ukrainian propaganda.” Earlier it was reported that protesters burned in front of the Embassy with portraits of Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. A frame from the video. “Consciously or unconsciously,

Volodin about Grudinin: the search for the best candidate – the enemy of the good

Chairman of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin called bad experience Pavel Grudinina in the presidential election campaign from the Communist party. “For the Communist party, analyzing the result of participation of the new candidate, it could be said that the search for the best candidate the enemy of the good”, – said Volodin. According to

“Scho, vsralisya?”: Savchenko has published a video about the bombing of the Verkhovna Rada

The people’s Deputy of Ukraine Nadezhda Savchenko still blew up Parliament. However, in the comic movie, which has defeated charges of preparing a terrorist attack that pushed against her, the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko. In social networks there was video under the name “Savchenko blew up Parliament”. We see the empty conference room of the


The Pentagon and the CIA are driving trump in the Syrian trap

The news of the establishment by Americans of the Kurds and the Bedouin “armies to protect the borders of Syria” is perceived with hostility and Damascus, and Ankara. But if the Assad government while in a rush, the Turks aimed at a major military operation. Ultimately, this strange idea threatens to be a trap for

Ban to help rebuild Syria will become the new miss USA

The head of the state Department Rex Tillerson gave the keynote speech on Syria: Bashar Assad must go, the European allies are forbidden to help restore the war-torn country. However, the United States reserves the right to maintain a military presence in Syria, even after the defeat of the IG* – now they have a

Trump has recorded a hatred of the United States

USA in 2017 has managed to drop its popularity in the world to a historic low, write the American sociologists. To those who never loved this country, adding those who hate trump. But what is most surprising is the rating of Russia, on the contrary, even increased, despite the anti-Russian campaign in the world media.

France reformed in favor of the hosts

In France held mass protests, and for the next few days planned a General strike. The reason for this is the radical liberal reforms of President Emmanuel Macron in the field of labour and employment. Thus affected were not only “workers ‘ rights” – hurt the national pride of the French. The only notable waste

Western youth returned Lenin to politics

For the anniversary of the proletarian revolution, its leader came in good shape. Politicized young people voted for socialism, Millennials US consider Lenin a hero, the leaders of the European parties declare “the bald guy was a genius.” Of wine if rose from the ashes in the countries where it was decided to demonize. But

Strange attempt APU “avenge Krasnogorovka” failed

In recent days the Ukrainian mass media with reference to “volunteers” and “activists” gleefully reported the “new success in Svetlodarsk arc”. Supposedly part of the APU almost broke through the defenses of the BCH, advanced a kilometer and entrenched in the new positions. Similar events allegedly occurred in the South precinct. However, the reality contradicts

Ukrainian deputies fight for the title of biggest enemy of Russia

The scandalous bill “about the reintegration of Donbass” brought the Ukrainian deputies to the next fight, the most massive in recent years. Turchynov immediately accused penetrated what is happening to the Ukrainian Parliament “Russian agents.” In fact, the political background of the conflict exactly to the other. Such a split of the ruling coalition in

The theme of “Russian hackers” in the US has reached a high voltage

Europe requires residents Donbasskiy USA after Obama took renovacream “Russian hackers” in the US has reached a high voltage “To shut down new York, enough to penetrate the information system several private companies that provide the city with electricity and to give the command to shutdown”. With these words Russian experts comment on speculation in


Spring equinox: the signs and holidays

Today all over the Earth day and night will last almost equally on the Northern hemisphere comes astronomical spring. According to popular Russian belief, if the weather that day is nice, the summer will be warm and will come in time. The day of the vernal equinox, inter alia, to coincide with the international day

The last male Northern white Rhino has died in Kenya

In the Kenyan reserve died Northern white Rhino named Sudan, the last male representative of this subtype. The animal was 45 years. Server last white rhinos on Earth are two females attributable Sudan with her daughter and granddaughter. photo: pixabay.com The two subspecies of white rhinos suffered greatly in the nineteenth century, as European colonizers

The scientists said, who most often brings women to orgasm

Lesbians have sex less often women traditional sexual orientation, however, reach orgasm almost an order of magnitude more often. This was told by Kristen Jaskowski, representing the University of Arkansas. According to him, these are the results of a recent survey conducted by her and her colleagues. photo: pixabay.com The experts interviewed more than two

A new species of the Northern lights

When the phrase “Northern lights”, most people imagine a fairly bright glow, which is dominated by various shades of green, but you can see a variety of other colors. However, in the framework of the project Aurorasaurus professional scientists with enthusiasts studied for a long time unknown species polar lights less visible to the eye

The Earth was struck by a powerful magnetic storm for the year

In the night from 18 to 19 March, the Earth was the most powerful recorded since the beginning of 2018 magnetic storm. After midnight, its capacity reached the maximum, and the excited magnetosphere of the planet remains still, experts say the Laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun FIAN. photo: pixabay.com According to experts, the storm