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Thursday, October 19, 2017


American journalist found the connection between the sex scandal in Hollywood and Putin

Broke in Hollywood sex scandal producer Harvey Weinstein in an unexpected way was drawn, and Russia. It happened with the filing by American journalist Amy Ferris-Rotman, who explained to readers of the journal Foreign Policy, and here Putin. photo: Natalia Gubernatorova While the number of raped Weinstein women is growing like a snowball, the world

The head of homeland security has announced the preparation of another “September 11”

Acting Minister of internal security of the United States Elaine Duke said that the country’s incredibly high level of terrorist threat. In particular, the Agency no doubt that militants are preparing an analogue of “September 11”, reports the newspaper the Daily Mail in the words of the official with her performances in London. The Duke

DPRK: US crazy, bringing to us the purpose, defined as the main

The DPRK reacted to the passing of the Korean Peninsula joint naval exercise US-ROK. Pyongyang suspected that the American command has been completed insanity, if it “dragged” closer to North Korea, “the goals defined as important”. The DPRK military is prepared to strike States strike “at an unexpected time in an unexpected place”. photo: youtube.com

The Spanish authorities are threatening Catalonia with the abolition of the Autonomous status

The Deputy head of the Spanish government Soraya Saenz de Santamaria said on Wednesday that Madrid will apply article 155 of the Constitution and deprive Catalonia Autonomous status, if the regional government does not abandon the idea of independence. This was Deputy Prime Minister of Spain said in a speech in the Congress of deputies.

Ex-Manager of the headquarters of the trump testified at the “Russian case”

According to the American TV channel CNN, Corey Lewandowski, who worked as a Manager in the campaign headquarters of Donald trump, gave evidence to members of the Senate Committee in the framework of the case about “Russian intervention” in U.S. elections. Relevant information was confirmed by sources in the Senate, however, refused to reveal the


Strange attempt APU “avenge Krasnogorovka” failed

In recent days the Ukrainian mass media with reference to “volunteers” and “activists” gleefully reported the “new success in Svetlodarsk arc”. Supposedly part of the APU almost broke through the defenses of the BCH, advanced a kilometer and entrenched in the new positions. Similar events allegedly occurred in the South precinct. However, the reality contradicts

Ukrainian deputies fight for the title of biggest enemy of Russia

The scandalous bill “about the reintegration of Donbass” brought the Ukrainian deputies to the next fight, the most massive in recent years. Turchynov immediately accused penetrated what is happening to the Ukrainian Parliament “Russian agents.” In fact, the political background of the conflict exactly to the other. Such a split of the ruling coalition in

The theme of “Russian hackers” in the US has reached a high voltage

Europe requires residents Donbasskiy USA after Obama took renovacream “Russian hackers” in the US has reached a high voltage “To shut down new York, enough to penetrate the information system several private companies that provide the city with electricity and to give the command to shutdown”. With these words Russian experts comment on speculation in

The U.S. armed forces are immersed in a crisis

Soviet tank heritage of Ukraine close to iscorbanameurl nuclear weapons affect the German fibrinoguena forces of the United States sinks into recession When the new Pentagon chief Mattis said that “shocked” the low level of its troops, many thought that the Minister’s just trying to knock Congress for more money. But a series of recent

Requirement for Germany Poland is questioning its own borders

Us nuclear weapons affect the German vibrantly, Mezhevich: the poles and the Russians are objectively affected by the collapse of the Union of articlebulimia to Germany Poland casts doubt on its own borders Poland at the highest level demanded that Germany make reparations for the damage inflicted on the country during the Second world war.


RSC Energia and the Russian space Agency commented on the depressurization of the capsule “Union”

In state Corporation “Roscosmos”, said that the situation with the depressurization of the descent module of the spacecraft “Soyuz MS-02” in April 2017 has no “the random unlikely character”. The topic was again discussed in the media after it said NASA astronaut Thomas Stafford. “Roxmore” explained that the Board reviewed the incident, fortunately, did not

Regardie and the Ministry of interior will hand over the stun shields

At the exhibition “Interpolitech” submitted to development for law enforcement officers — shield with a stun component. It is assumed that the holder of the shield will be able to transfer the discharge to the surface via electronics integrated in the handle. The developers say that these boards are designed for special operations rather than

Cut down the Internet: experts predict dangerous solar flare

If in our days repeated a powerful solar flare that hit the Earth in 1859, around the world, would be disrupted operation of power systems, satellite communications and the Internet. The damage in this case, there would have been trillions of dollars and provoked the outbreak of a man-made accident would have led to casualties.

The phenomenon of a different nature: the scientists were able to look into the center of a neutron star

Astrophysicists around the world rejoice. They first presented the revolutionary results of observations, never before recorded astronomical phenomenon – the collision of two neutron stars, which happened more than a hundred million years ago in the constellation Hydra. On Monday in Germany this event is officially announced to the user ESO (European southern Observatory), and

Russian scientists figured out how to turn cold into heat

Unexpected way of obtaining useful heat from cold in the harsh climatic conditions suggested scientists from Novosibirsk Institute of catalysis, Siberian branch of the RAS, headed by Professor Yury Aristov. The method does not require the combustion of fossil fuels or electricity. It’s all in the adsorbent and undergoing transformations. photo: pixabay.com As reported “MK”