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Friday, October 21, 2016

The court on “Togliattiazot” blocked dividends

Recently, Russia’s Investigative Committee has reported to the media that he failed to prevent a conclusion abroad of large sums in the amount of eight billion rubles. According to the newspaper “Kommersant”: “the money intended for paying removed from the post of Chairman of the Board of Directors of JSC “Togliattiazot” (ToAZ) Sergey Makhlay and


Macierewicz brags in vain protection of “Iskander”

Polish defense Minister made a paradoxical statement. More recently, NATO has expressed “deep concern” the possible deployment in Kaliningrad Russian “Iskander”. Now it is argued that Warsaw offers reliable defense against these missiles. Whether in Poland there is a way to cover their territory against Russian missiles? Poland in the near future is not threatened

The death of Muammar Gaddafi has accused Bashar al-Assad

The Syrian President was suspected that he gave the Libyan leader, Western intelligence agencies October 1, 2012, 14:29 Text: Anna Onalbaeva, Olga Gritsenko Printable The Syrian President could play a key role in the capture of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. In recognition of a former employee of Libyan intelligence, that Bashar al-Assad allegedly

New appointment Mutko hardly increase

The post of Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko expects such a major complex challenges that a career is more like a trap than a promotion. He will fight for “a place under the sun” as with managers-“bison”, like Shuvalov and Sergei Kiriyenko, and with his own former subordinates. The outcome of this struggle is quite

Expert: “Normandy format” has exhausted itself — you need to connect USA

At the end of “Norman meeting” in Berlin, Russia, Ukraine, France and Germany agreed to develop a new “road map” for implementation of the Minsk agreements. In General terms, it must combine the “plan Ayrault” and “formula Steinmeier”. That is the achievement of safety requirements must be interspersed with the implementation of the political agreements,


The murder of the Deputy of PR revealed a weakness DNR

Deputy national Council DND novel Arose was one of those rare military, who in the peaceful future could be the managerial elite of the DNI. One is from the point of view of Ukrainians is an important motive for aiming its elimination. It also shows that counterintelligence at the DNI and the LC is working

The murder of Motorola could be a prelude to a new war

The terrorist attack in Donetsk killed the commander of the volunteer battalion “Sparta” Arseny Pavlov Colonel, better known by the Callsign “Motorola”. The DNR took it as a Declaration of war – and rightly so. Now more than ever a lot of signs that the Ukrainian side is preparing something big and scary. According to

S-300 will not allow Obama to turn Syria into Yemen

Yemeni rebels saw the impact of the Pentagon for the radar stations is not self-defense, and direct military assistance of the air force of the Arab coalition. Ahead of Obama on Friday, the discussion of attacks on objects Syrian army experts say a decisive factor in the country, Russian air defense systems. Washington says that

The French President denounced as a racist

The French left is trying to prevent françois Hollande to a presidential race. Another blow to the unpopular President – a collection of his statements, representing the head of state is minded and politically incorrect xenophobia, which humiliate black players. Goes to the fact that the winner of this fight, the socialists will be marine

“Disloyal” Latvian teachers want to give “wolf ticket”

The Latvian authorities have come up with a mechanism to punish teachers, “disloyal” to the state. The ruling elite deliberately supported in the country feeling “besieged camp”, and in this logic, the struggle against “fifth column” has become one of the most first-class task. Now Russian-speaking teachers are afraid of the actual ban on the


Geologists have unraveled the mystery of human evolution

On the territory of modern Ethiopia people first came during a surge in volcanic activity in the region. A new study conducted by a group of scientists under the leadership of William Hutchinson from Oxford University, suggests that this coincidence influenced the whole subsequent history of mankind and possibly the evolution of the human species.

Presents photographs of the stars, threatening life on our planet

Using the Very large telescope an international team of astronomers from European southern Observatory, received a record clear pictures of the stars of the supergiant ETA Carinae. As expected, the explosion of this highly unstable lights when turning it into a supernova may be dangerous to life on Earth. Photo: ESO/G. Weigelt New images have

“Schiaparelli” got to Mars: ready to work

Mars came ninth in the history of the exploration of the red planet terrestrial device Schiaparelli (“list”) – one of the components of the joint mission of Roskosmos and the European space Agency (ESA) ExoMars. This happened exactly 17.48 Moscow time. In just a few minutes before landing

Called the foods that can be eaten at night and not get fat

American nutritionists have stated that a person does not necessarily abandon any food after six in the evening. According to experts, most of the products immediately prior to bedtime really should avoid, but the list of “exceptions” to this rule is quite extensive, reports several media. photo: pixabay.com With the greatest confidence closer to the

Teenage pimples is recognized by the symptom of centenarians

Skin problems in his youth indicates future longevity. An interesting experiment to test the hypothesis of dermatologists on the communication of acne (acne) in adolescence and total duration of human life conducted by scientists at king’s College, London. photo: pixabay.com For the study dermatologist Simon Ribero colleagues used a British database on 1205 women twins.