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Sunday, August 20, 2017


The leader of the “Accident” was in “the Peacemaker”

Known for the scandalous Ukrainian site “Peacemaker” made in its base the Russian musician, the leader of group “Accident” Alexey Kortnev. It is stated that he speaks in the media with support for the “occupation of Crimea”. Ukrainian media reported that on 25 August kortneva was scheduled to speak in Odessa.

“Razmisljanje” is not like Zhirinovsky: “We strongly discourage”

LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky criticized the author’s idea of “razmisljanja” to move the capital of Russia beyond the Urals. According to the politician, instead, to engage in the development of regions – in particular, neighboring with Moscow, and “pull” people in the South, in Crimea and in Krasnodar Krai. “Moving the capital no reason nor


Chinese red banner-Baltic fleet

In the Baltic sea today begins the active phase of joint military exercises of Russia and China, which will last until July 28. For the first time the Chinese Navy met with Russian on such a Northern latitude. The event will be rather political, but Beijing will provide an important experience of long sea voyages.

In Japan because of the heat killed six people

Six people died, almost of 6.37 thousand people were hospitalized for a week because of the heat, established on large areas of Japan, half of the victims being over the age of 65 years. The fire Department of Japan, in charge of the ambulance service, cites data from July 17 to July 23. The largest

Israel will remove the camcorder from the entrances to the temple mount

The Israeli military-political Cabinet decided to clear the entrances to the Jerusalem temple mount video camera, not only metal detectors, which caused mass protests of the Arab-Muslim community, reports the news online resource “Wye no”. If the information is confirmed, then we are talking about dismantling the whole system of control, emerged in response to

The new President of India officially took office

The new President of India RAM Nath Govind, elected July 17, Tuesday took the oath and officially took office. The ceremony was broadcast on local TV, was held in the Central hall of Parliament, where Govind and now former, President Pranab Kumar Mukherjee arrived together from the presidential Palace in Central new Delhi.

Human rights organization has filed a lawsuit against trump

The human rights organization American civil liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against the President of the United States Donald trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and the Commission for fair elections, established by the President, due to the lack of transparency in the work of the Commission and violation of the law, said in a statement

The white house has supported the new sanctions against Russia

The United States supports the sanctions that are stated in the bill of the us Senate, Russia and Iran, said the Director of legislative activities at the White house mark Shorts. “The administration supports sanctions contained in the bill for Russia and Iran. The administration fully supports these sanctions,” he said. However, as noted Short,

Trump made life daughter Ivanka

The President of the United States Donald trump praised his daughter Ivanka trump and acknowledged the problems that he has brought into her life. The head of the American state said during the presentation of the Foundation for women, which took place in Hamburg, where the G20 summit kicked off, reports the Associated Press. In


Scientists called vitamin prevent cancer

Vitamin C in very large quantities presents an effective means to combat leukemia — cancer affecting blood cells. This was reported by experts from the new York medical school. The ability of the vitamin to prevent cancer, according to scientists, was able to show in experiments on animals. photo: pixabay.com Experts drew attention to the

Biologists found creatures that spread plastic all over the ocean

Underwater inhabitants called appendicularia cleanse surface water of the oceans from plastic, however, contribute to the fact that this plastic gets deeper and begins to pose a threat to the animals living there. To such conclusion experts of the Research Institute aquarium Monterey Bay. photo: pixabay.com The authors of the study observed and conducted a

Conspiracy theorists have noticed the “secret space ship NASA”

During the docking the ISS and cargo spacecraft Dragon in the movie by fixing this process, flashed a bright red line that attracted the attention of ufologists. According to one version, immediately put forward by the hunters for such mysterious shots, the object is classified spacecraft belonging to American space Agency NASA. photo: pixabay.com Usually

Astrophysicists have shown on video, as black hole devours cosmic jellyfish

A group of researchers from the European southern Observatory, modeled on the so-called galaxy-Medusa absorbed by a supermassive black hole. The researchers also prepared a video based on your model which helps to understand how the space jellyfish are formed. photo: youtube.com Galaxy-jellyfish got its name because of the unusual luminous “tails”, somewhat reminiscent of

People were committed to the survival of green algae

About 650 million years ago, the development of green algae created the conditions for the evolution of animals, which, ultimately, led to the appearance of man. With such an assumption was made by experts from the Australian national University. photo: pixabay.com By studying sedimentary rocks of Proterozoic time, the researchers found that the number of

Engineers gave the robot the ability to regenerate

A group of specialists under the leadership of Bram Vandervort from the free University of Brussels presented a prototype of the so-called “soft” robot that can repair the damage. The mechanism is a pneumatic arm. photo: pixabay.com “Soft robots”, like many living beings, almost entirely composed of flexible elements, rigid are only some of its