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Saturday, June 24, 2017


The media found out why “arrested” €15 million of the guarantee of Ukraine for the Eurovision

Provided by Kiev as a guarantee of carrying out of “Eurovision-2017” of € 15 million is not available to Ukraine because of the claim of the Euronews TV channel National public TV and radio company of Ukraine (NOTE). This was reported by sources Deutsche Welle. The amount has been frozen in accounts in Switzerland. photo:

Media: the Kremlin has asked the sociologists opinion of Russians about Navalny

Sociologists of protest rallies after the June 12, conducted public opinion research to find out how the Russians treat the oppositionist Alexey Navalny. According to “bi-Bi-si”, some surveys have been conducted on the instructions of the Kremlin. So, for example, the public opinion Foundation (FOM) each week publishes the results of such nationwide studies, however,

Veteran intelligence: NATO wanted to destroy the Soviet Union to the size of the Moscow Principality

Veteran Russian illegal intelligence, who preferred to remain anonymous, asking to call him “Pavel A.”, on the occasion of the upcoming date – the 95th anniversary of Directorate s foreign intelligence Service (SVR) on Saturday, June 24, said that the Alliance was making plans for the collapse and the “dismemberment” of the Soviet Union with


Trump praised Duterte for the war on drugs

The President of the United States Donald trump praised his Philippine counterpart, Rodrigo Duterte for a relentless struggle against drugs. It is reported by The New York Times. The conversation took place on April 29, however, the full transcript of foreign Minister of the Philippines was published only now. According to fall into the hands

Trump called the “great honor” to meet Pope Francis

The President of the United States Donald trump arrived at the Vatican where he held talks with Pope Francis. About it reports Reuters. At the airport, the American leader greeted the honor guard of the Swiss guard of the Vatican. Accompanied by the prefect of the papal household, Archbishop Georg Ganswein trump proceeded to the

Former adviser to trump: President go to attribute Alzheimer’s

Roger stone, former Advisor to US President Donald trump said that “enemies” of the head of state want to attribute to him Alzheimer’s. He stated this in an interview with the transmission of InfoWars journalist Alex Jones, reports Mediaite. According to stone, trump’s detractors want to “diagnose” his Alzheimer’s, so as to explain the alleged

In Thailand, the authorities have tightened security

This was stated today by the Minister of defence of the country is Ruled by Wongsuwan. He noted that we are approaching the third anniversary of the military coup and some groups may attempt to discredit the government. We will remind, the sensational political event occurred on may 22, 2014. Then in Bangkok noted the

Trump will meet with Erdogan on may 16 in Washington

The US President Donald trump may 16, will take in Washington Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, said on his Twitter account, ABC News, with reference to the press service of the White house. “The two leaders will discuss ways to further strengthen bilateral relations and deepen cooperation in combating terrorism in all its forms,” reads


The key difference between man and animals

Currently, scientists are increasingly convinced that many animals differ from humans is not as strong as commonly believed. However, a “trump card” has allowed human to become the crown of evolution. A team of specialists representing the City University of new York Stockholm University, suggested that the main secret of success of people can be

Fascinating video of a “living” Mars published on the Internet

Using images taken by the HiRISE camera, professionals built the roller to “walk” on Mars and see its landscapes in all their diversity. Mini-movie called “Vivid Mars”, or “a Living Mars.” photo: pixabay.com The HiRISE camera installed on Board the spacecraft Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter launched to Mars Aug 12, 2005. The creators of three-minute video

In Poland found the sword forged six centuries ago

During construction works carried out in Poland, the operator of the excavator together with the ground lifted up from the Earth two-handed sword of XIV, or even the end of the XIII century. The researchers suggest that in the distant past, ancient weapons, salinola in the swamps that were on the site of the present

Telescope “Kepler” found a dozen potential twins of the Earth

The American space Agency NASA issued a press release in which it is reported that recently the space telescope Kepler (Kepler) found 219 new candidates for exoplanets, including ten possible planets located in the so-called habitable zone of its star, and therefore potentially suitable for the emergence and development of life. photo: pixabay.com Exoplanets are

Flies to the Earth asteroid the size of a skyscraper

On the night of June 24 to the Earth, nearer asteroid called 441987 (2010 NY65). Its diameter according to experts, reaches 300 meters. He will fly only three million kilometers from Earth, which by cosmic standards, is a fairly close distance. photo: pixabay.com Asteroid 2010 NY65 was discovered July 10, 2010 the infrared space telescope