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Tuesday, August 30, 2016


The Kremlin has not confirmed information about the death of Islam Karimov

The administration of the President of Russia does not give any confirmation or refutation of information about the death of the leader of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, appeared in the media Monday evening. “We have no confirmation (of this information)”, – said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. Monday, September 29, the Uzbek President’s

Media: the United States and Russia may strike at Syrian rebels

The USA and Russia are studying the possibility of applying coordinated strikes on militants entrenched in Aleppo. It is not excluded that the joint operation will begin in mid-September. photo: Alexander Astafyev About it “Interfax” said a source in Geneva, familiar with the course of Russian-American consultations. “The parties are discussing the possibility of starting

Employees Avtovazagregat” blocked the road after the promises of the Governor to pay the money

The staff of “Avtovazagregat” blocked in Togliatti M5, protesting more than a year of unpaid wages. Earlier, the Governor of Samara region Nikolai Merkushkin said that the money will not be paid to them “never”, since they give in on provocation of the U.S. Ambassador to Russia, allegedly urging them to rebel plight. photo: vk.com

To save the Russian state

Human behavior is the result of his ideas about himself, wrong “zbaviteni” (and overestimation, and underestimation) — inevitably results in mistakes… the same principle applies to society. Nationwide projects, policies, actions — summary of a national identity. And identification is a direct derivative of history. So, where there is no history, will not be ideological


Pro-Russian contender for power in Estonia is hoping for counties

On Monday the Estonian Parliament will start presidential elections. One of the three candidates – the opposition Mailis reps stands for good neighborly relations with Russia. In case of failure of a vote in Parliament, the head of Estonia will choose the electoral College that includes representatives of counties. According to the party REP, on

USA again, Assad’s main villain in the middle East

The UN mission and the OPCW again accused the Syrian government of using chemical weapons and has promised to bring the perpetrators to justice. The West prefers not to notice evidence of the use of prohibited substances anti-Assad rebels. Experts say a new effort to demonize Assad in the eyes of the world. The US

Poroshenko took the sympathies of the Russian population

The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed gratitude to the Russian compatriots, most of whom, according to him, supported the unity of Ukraine. As experts believe, thus, Poroshenko to the West demonstrates its tolerance for “ethnic minority”, and on the other hand, he tries to rely on Russian, and on it he has his reasons.

Even the new military symbols of Ukraine recalls Russia

Last day parade in Kiev on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Ukrainian independence, demonstrated independence and military emblems. On Khreshchatyk were part for the first time in the post-Soviet era dressed in non-Soviet and even anti-Soviet – uniforms. However, a group of military symbols, preserving reminders of Russia, Ukraine was not able to

The militants used tactics of the Soviet army

The Syrian army continues to eliminate the consequences of its errors and tries to dislodge the militants from the South-Western part of Aleppo. At the same time, and quite unexpectedly attacked ISIL attacked the airbase Kuveyris, the militants abruptly changed tactics to the one which was taught in Soviet military academies. In recent days, government

Turkey raised on the Kurds “Shield of the Euphrates

Turkey started to change tactics in the Syrian conflict and went on the offensive. Ground operation carried out by the Ankara supported the us-led coalition, aims to liberate the territory on the border from ISIS. However, the beats have and the position of the Syrian Kurds. The battle for the territorial integrity of Syria need

The Ukrainian army only afraid of their numbers

According to Petro Poroshenko, is scheduled for Wednesday, a military parade is intended to demonstrate to the enemy of the Ukrainian power, and allies and partners – “what we have done for two years.” However, in order to know what to demonstrate to Kiev has nothing, to watch the parade is not necessary. That, however,

USA close their eyes to their destructive actions in Syria

From Washington once heard accusations against Russia: that from air force strikes killed civilians. Damage from their own actions, the United States refuse to recognize using any excuse to move the arrow. Meanwhile, the number of raids the us-led coalition in a peaceful village in the tens, the victims of their actions women and children


The doctors said that music helps to cure cancer

American researchers representing the University halls of residence, said that music can help people recover from cancer, having a beneficial effect on his psychological state, and, consequently, to overall health. Scientists claim that some evidence of the positive impact of music therapy they were able to obtain experimentally. photo: pixabay.com Experts have for some time

Cardiologists predicted “an epidemic of heart attacks”

A group of specialists under the leadership of Ragnar Danielsen from the University Landspitali in Reykjavik made a forecast that the elderly who experience problems with heart and vessels, by 2060 will be three times more than today. Thus, one of the most pressing health issues facing humanity today, in the future will face them

In September Muscovites will see a lunar Eclipse

The most interesting astronomical phenomenon awaiting residents of Russia and other CIS countries in the near September, will be a penumbral Eclipse of the moon, which in the case of favorable weather conditions can be observed on September 16. As reported by the Moscow planetarium, on the same day you get the full moon. photo:

The black hole managed to create in the laboratory

Israeli physicist Jeff Steinhauer created a small-size analog of a black hole capable of swallowing the sound. The scientist explains that artificially created object in its properties quite similar to “real” black holes, to monitor allowed to practice to check the information about them for a long time represented only a number of theories. photo:

Ended rehearsal of a flight to Mars that lasted for a year

In the U.S. state of Hawaii ended held during the year scientific experiment simulating a flight to Mars. It was attended by six scholars from three countries, who held in complete isolation and on the background of the Martian landscape 366 days. photo: pixabay.com The simulation was carried out on the volcano Mauna Loa in

Which lasted a year, “the Martian experiment” in Hawaii ended

Scientists have done an experiment simulating conditions on Mars, held in the U.S. state of Hawaii. The study lasted throughout the year. Experiment HI-SEAS was conducted by scientists of the University of Hawaii in cooperation with NASA. Six American, French and German volunteers during the year were living in an isolated dome-shaped complex built on

Facebook let us create descriptions to popular news robots

Facebook updated the section “Trending” (Popular news) after reports of political bias in the selection of news, reports RNS with reference to social network. The purpose of Facebook is to create a rubric that is convenient for as many people. The social network will try to make the tape more Autonomous and to eliminate people

Problems with the immune system was fraught with dangerous mental disorders

An international group of researchers from the UK, Germany and the United States attempted to better understand the nature of the sometimes observed relationship between diseases of the human immune system and predisposition to mental disorders like bipolar affective disorder (manic depression). As it turned out, sometimes these two problems represent elements of one chain