Types of Kitchen Cabinets

There are many types of kitchen cabinets. Some are classic and timeless, while others are a bit more modern. Shaker cabinets are one of the most popular designs, thanks to their simple frame and panel structure. They blend seamlessly with traditional or modern decor. They take their name from the Shaker religious group who escaped to the American colonies during the 1780s. Many Shaker cabinets feature a distinctive peg rail.

Drawer boxes can be made of many different materials, including particleboard, plywood, metal, plastic, and wood. The way the box is made also differs, from the use of notches to the use of solid wood. Lower quality construction typically uses particle board drawer bottoms, while higher-quality cabinets have a dovetail joint that mills the sides of the drawer box.

Another type of kitchen cabinet is known as a frameless cabinet. This type of cabinet does not have a distinctive framework, but it does consist of panels that make up the top and bottom of the cabinet. Another panel runs horizontally along the bottom of the drawer opening. These cabinets may be pricier than their counterparts, but they can be a great choice for modern kitchens.

You can find different types of kitchen cabinets by visiting a cabinetry showroom or online. Some online suppliers offer sample door fronts to help you choose the best type for your kitchen. Some offer free shipping, so there is no need to drive to a store. You can order one cabinet at a time, or an entire kitchen with seven to nine base cabinets. Online companies also provide plans so that you can pick out the exact cabinets that match your needs.

In addition to base cabinets, you should also choose wall cabinets. These cabinets are usually a little deeper than the standard ones. Some of them have an open top for ornaments. You can even choose wall cabinets that go to the ceiling. But you should remember to measure your space carefully before choosing them. The height of the wall cabinets should match the height of the countertop.

Another type of cabinet is frameless. This type of cabinet is made without a center stile, making them easier to fit in smaller spaces. A frameless cabinet will also have a better space utilization than a traditional face-frame cabinet. The frameless style of cabinetry was developed in Europe after the World War II. The housing market in Europe encouraged efficient hinge and cabinet designs.

The frames of these cabinets are usually made of solid wood or engineered wood. They are constructed to be a little less sturdy than solid wood. Cabinet doors can be made of a variety of materials, including MDF wood and melamine wood.

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