How to Clean Windows With a Pressure Washer

Pressure washing is a very effective way that uses an electric or fuel powered device, that blasts water at high pressure at hard-to-reach areas to clean hard stains and residue on home interiors. Although pressure washing can be energy efficient (even more in case of a gas-powered washer) it is best to do it once or twice every year or whenever possible, to prevent re-painting the house. This is because the process can damage the vinyl and fiber-glass surfaces and cause mildew.

Cleaning windows with a pressure washer is very easy, but requires special attention to ensure that you are not harming any underlying surfaces, such as wood or tiles. Pressure cleaning with water jets is very effective for cleaning windows; however, you should always wear protective gear when using any kind of spray or jet appliance. For example, if you are using a jet appliance on the walls or floors, you should wear a mask while spraying or jetting the solution. Always wear the correct protective gear when doing so, to avoid inhaling harmful fumes that may harm you or others.

To get the best cleaning results, you should do the cleaning once every other month, to avoid re-painting and damaging the surface. If you wish to reduce the cleaning time, you can use the device at a lower speed and apply a little extra amount of detergent or cleaning product, to prevent the appliance from making contact with the surface. To help clean the surfaces, you may spray a soft dry cloth with detergent or cleaning solution and use the cleaning cloth on the surface of the window. You should also take the help of a damp cloth when you are cleaning the exterior glass and plastic surfaces. The more often you clean the surfaces, the faster you can get rid of the hard-to-get stains and residues.

To reduce the cleaning effort, you can apply some type of absorbent film, such as rubber mats, to the interior surfaces. If the windows have some cracks or openings, you can put up the film on those areas to prevent the dirt from entering the room. The film will also provide some protection to the window frame. It is a common practice to paint the edges of the glass surfaces after cleaning them. Painting them will give the windows a new look.

After the cleaning has been completed, you need to rinse off the surfaces by using a hose or a vacuum cleaner. Then, you should apply a primer and finish coat to protect them or cover them up completely with a sealant to stop the further growth of dirt and residues. To prevent any form of damage to the window frames, you can use the same method of cleaning and apply another layer of coating.

Although you may think that you need to spend a lot of money to perform cleaning on your windows, it is not necessary at all. A good quality cleaning tool will last you for many years, but for this you can use a less powerful pressure washer and only use it on areas like bathrooms or kitchens, where there is a lot of dust and dirt. For example, if you have kids in your home, and they spill a lot of drinks and food from bottles, the cleaner is probably a high-pressure washer.

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