Peer reviews of EXANTE – is the broker legit?

Working with a broker is an important part of any trader and investor’s journey and working with the right one can potentially aid in your success. When selecting a broker, you should always have a strong understanding of how it works and its functions and features, as well as its product offering. But there is more – you should also consider what other users are saying about the broker, based on experience.

In this article, we will consider the importance of reading peer reviews when choosing whether to work with a broker. We will also list some websites where you can find reviews to check out, either written by professional traders or by existing clients of the broker. We will then move onto reviewing EXANTE ourselves, through examining the broker’s product offering and services. If you are interested in trading with EXANTE and want to know if they are legit, read on to find out.

The importance of reading peer reviews

Looking at peer reviews when considering whether to work with a broker is of utmost importance, as it can provide valuable insights to the experiences of other traders and users. Peer reviews are a great way to give you an idea of the level of customer support and reliability, as well as the overall satisfaction that other investors and traders have had with the broker. This can help you make an informed and accurate assessment when you are deciding whether to open an account. Peer reviews can also help you identify potential red flags or issues with the broker that may be important to you, such as funding and withdrawal challenges, and poor execution of trades.

Peer reviews can come in many forms. In recent years, there are many available online, which traders can find easily. They may be standalone reviews on trading and investment websites written by professional reviewers, and they may come in the form of comments on websites such as TrustPilot and GoogleMyBusiness. Having a comprehensive look into a broker’s reviews will give you more information for you to make an informed decision.

Reviewing EXANTE – is the broker legit?

EXANTE is a broker that was founded in Malta by Alexey Kirienko, Anatoliy Knyazev, and Gatis Eglitis in 2011. It operates from its headquarters in Malta, and it also has offices in London, Hong Kong, and Cyprus. As far as legitimacy goes, EXANTE is legit. It is regulated and compliant with the laws of the regions in which it operates. In Malta, it is regulated by the MFSA, in the United Kingdom the FCA, in Hong Kong the SFC, and in Cyprus the CySEC.

Overview of the broker’s products and platform

EXANTE stands out because of its immense product offering of over 600,000 financial instruments available for trading. This is a great option for traders that are interested in building a well-balanced and diverse portfolio, with asset classes available including commodities, forex, options, futures, equities, and bonds. There are competitive spreads accompanying these instruments, with rates varying depending on the quantity traded and the market the trader participates in.

EXANTE offers its own trading platform, and the broker works with over 1,100 servers around the world to minimise latency when trading to reduce the potential for slippage. Trade execution is a priority to the broker, and it is clear from the care they put into designing a robust and user-centric platform. They have various charting tools as well as a bond screener for those who want to look for and invest in bonds. There is also the possibility of integrating third-party tools in the platform to carry out more complex strategies that include trade automation.

Peer reviews of EXANTE

Online, we can find lots of professional reviews of EXANTE just by looking up the broker on any search engine. Overall, the reviews are positive and most tend to remain factual, giving overviews of what the broker offers in terms of account tiers, products and asset classes, and trading platforms available. We also looked at some peer reviews, such as comments on EXANTE broker on TrustPilot. The reviews of EXANTE are majority positive, with many complimenting the broker on its huge range of instruments and professional conduct. There are also comments on the account opening process, as well as its competitive rates. These reviews are encouraging, and we can conclude that EXANTE has been providing a stellar experience to most of its users.

Final words

From reviewing EXANTE in terms of its product offering, regulations, and platform available, the broker takes their trading environment seriously. They claim to be a professional broker created for professional traders, but they also cater to beginner and intermediate traders that want to start their investment journey. Peer reviews are overwhelmingly positive, which is a green flag in our opinion. In conclusion, for those wondering – yes, EXANTE is indeed a legit broker, and it is one that we would recommend to traders of all skill sets and experience levels.

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