A Dashcam – How Do I Install a Dashcam on My Car?

Dashboard camera or just ashram, otherwise called car video recorder or vehicle event recording recorder, is a tiny onboard camera that constantly records the video images from the front or back windshield of the car. It is connected to a VCR or DVD player. It can be used by law enforcement officials to monitor traffic violations and traffic accidents. It is commonly used in cars as a tool to prevent car theft.

If your car does not have a dashboard mounted automotive camera then you will need to install it. Most car models come with a built-in automotive video recorder. However, if you want to add security to your vehicle you may need to purchase a dashcam.

There are several types of automotive dash cameras available in the market today. The most common types are VGA or analog video camera, digital video camera, DVR (digital video recorder) and PC/IP (Point Of Sale).

VGA camera: these cameras are used by many users who need to record the video images without connecting the camera directly into the computer. They have a standard video input on the back. The VGA is small and compact but has higher resolution. Digital video cameras offer better resolution and are more durable than VGA.

Dash DVR: this dashcam is similar to a DVR. However, instead of being hooked up to your computer, it plugs into the cigarette lighter. A DVR has a large screen and an easy to use software. A DVR works well with a laptop and makes for a convenient recording device, when driving.

PC/IP: PC/IP dash caps are a newer model which is small and light weight. They have high quality video output with a large viewing screen. These cameras are usually hooked up to a VGA and have an analog video input.

Dashboard cameras usually have two different options, one is a wired camera and the other is wireless. The camera, which is wired is the most common.

A wireless ashram is a handy way to record videos without having to connect it to a computer. You simply connect the camera to your car stereo and it is ready to use. You can take the video images while driving. listening to your favorite music, or even listening to your favorite talk radio station. You can also take the pictures while traveling.

Digital ashrams are available for both dashboards that are installed on cars and ashrams that are mounted on the dashboard itself. The two main difference is the mounting system and how many buttons it has. The mounts are made from a special type of foam that allows for the camera to have a secure and snug fit.

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