Top 5 Fashion Apps for the iPhone and iPad

Fashion is currently experiencing an unprecedented digital transformation, with platforms like Polyvore allowing consumers to discover content, get real-time feedback from communities, and then purchase it all digitally.

Fashion apps are an effective way to build customer loyalty, as well as help your brand outshone competitors. A custom fashion app will certainly set it apart.


WGSN provides trend forecasting, data analytics, and expert advisory for fashion, beauty, food & drink, interiors, consumer tech and beyond. One of their unique selling points is being able to detect signals that indicate future surge or decline of trends known as change-points.

Contrary to its competitors, this service tracks regional trends as well. This feature can be particularly beneficial to fashion brands that need to target customers from certain regions; and can even be utilized by companies looking to monitor competition in real-time.

The New School is proud to provide access to Stylus and WGSN, two premier trend forecasting services. Both can be found under ‘Databases A-Z’ on our homepage for students and faculty alike, with START by WGSN being specially tailored for fashion entrepreneurs; its image-based platform enables designers to access technical drawings while building collections; in addition, one, five and 10-year forecasts are also provided in real time for consumer product and design trends.

Art Authority

Art Authority, one of Macworld’s 25 Best Apps of All Time, boasts a stunning database and art collections that are unmatched in scope. Former owners iEnvision recently sold it off to Open Door Networks who will rework its app to take full advantage of Apple’s iPhone 4S release.

Users are able to view art from all over the world organized by period and museum for easy browsing, making it easier for them to locate their favorite paintings. You can even watch slide shows and videos featuring music.

Additional features of 1000Museums include accessing art by period, artist name, title subject or “Art Like This.” You can view actual sizes with “Art Real Size,” buy museum-approved reproductions through 1000Museums or buy them through “Art Real Size.” Also useful are discovering activities for students learning styles periods movements and teachers for discovery activities while museum curators/librarians/librarians use it for bibliographic information as well as to point out similar works; there’s even an “Returning” tab to go back over favorites and an “Art Alert” button that automatically runs the app and searches the app for related artworks!


ShopStyle offers women many features to interpret fashion trends, share and shop. This includes community driven merchandising, social sharing and an extensive catalog with thousands of brands and millions of products. Women can create stylebooks as fashion inspiration or share with friends. Plus they can add editorial content or pictures for additional personalization!

Shopstyle also provides a price alert feature, notifying you when an item you have your eye on has seen its price decrease. Price alerts can be set for specific retailers, brands or categories of your choosing.

Users can manage email notifications in their account settings or by selecting “Notifications.” ShopStyle offers two programs, the Standard Program for those with under 10,000 followers and the Advanced Program which offers more comprehensive click data and audience analytics, performance reporting, strategy updates and bonus events.


Fashionista is a mobile application designed for fashionistas that allows users to shop, style their looks, share products with friends and get trend forecasts. Available on both iOS and Android devices.

Fashion mobile apps should be created in such a way as to appeal to their target audience visually, which will increase customer engagement and conversions. Furthermore, mobile apps must be simple to use with an effortless checkout process.

Attracting fashion shoppers requires offering exclusive offers and discounts when they make their purchases through your app. This will keep them engaged, and encourage them to refer it to friends. Fashionista is widget-friendly so it works on all major browsers and devices – not to mention being responsive and highly customizable!

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