Top 10 Fashion Apps

Fashion apps offer an efficient and straightforward way to gain style inspiration, plan outfits and track favorite stores. In addition, many also provide payment solutions and customize user profiles.

Fashion mobile app development has advanced tremendously over the past several years. Some of the latest features include digital closet and an augmented reality feature.


CLO 3D is an intuitive software program that enables fashion designers to rapidly and effortlessly transform 2D patterns into photorealistic virtual garments, perfect for both small and large fashion companies alike. Furthermore, it comes equipped with various tutorials that help users master its usage.

CLO’s powerful simulation engine enables designers to work with intricate details across countless layers, helping create anything constructed from fabric such as hats, bags, wallets and lingerie designs. Furthermore, its use reduces production costs by eliminating time-consuming physical sample testing processes.

Students enrolled in Parsons’ AAS Fashion Design program are using the CLO 3D platform currently, under the instruction of instructors Kang and Sammaritano who believe this technology will have an incredible effect on fashion industry.

Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a trendy online service offering tailored clothing and accessories. Customers take an online style quiz before being assigned their personal stylist and receiving fixes either monthly or on demand – each box costs $20 including styling fee.

Stylists use client feedback to better understand each individual’s style preferences, which allows them to provide more tailored boxes of clothes in future deliveries. Unfortunately, however, no service can be 100% effective.

Clients sometimes receive jeans that are too large, or sandals with too many straps that don’t suit their wardrobe, which can be an upsetting experience, particularly when this occurs more than once.


Hush is an easy way to silence distracting passenger noise while driving. Utilizing sensors that detect frequencies that could potentially be disruptive, this app works when your car is moving and only activates with push buttons or voice recognition software.

Hush services may not be appropriate in all jurisdictions or for all purposes; it is your responsibility to determine whether they meet your requirements and the laws in your area before using it. If it is used illegally, Hush reserves the right to close down your account immediately without prior warning; Hush is not responsible for any damages that result from using our service.


Pinterest is a visual platform that enables its users to share their tastes and interests with one another. The platform utilizes an algorithm which displays Pins according to user’s preferences and who they follow, creating a personalized experience for all.

Users of Pinterest can select and save images to boards organized according to various themes, create private notes on Pins, and receive recommendations based on what interests them.

Pinterest offers a diverse workforce and actively encourages inclusion through various initiatives. In addition, they offer various perks including unlimited vacation. Finally, Pinterest’s engineering interview process features five interviews spanning data structures/algorithms/architecture/systems design/domain specific as well as lunch interview/hiring manager values.


Etsy is an online marketplace connecting independent artists and craftspeople with customers seeking handmade products. Their platform provides multiple shipping methods, payment options and listing fees; Etsy makes money through listing fees as well as taking a percentage from every sale made through Etsy.

Etsy provides more than just online retail: they also host workshops and events to educate buyers about the products they are purchasing – increasing sales potential and customer satisfaction rates.

Benefits at our company include generous PTO and unlimited sick time that helps employees maintain a work-life balance. In addition, 100% of employees’ health insurance premiums are covered, providing additional support for employee well-being and their families.


Drest, designed by Lucy Yeomans – former editor of British Harper’s Bazaar and Net-a-porter’s Porter magazine – allows users to experience being fashion editors for an hour, creating an enormous opportunity for fashion brands who sponsor it.

DREST will offer its players access to daily fashion newsfeeds through its mobile game experience, enabling them to take part in photoshoot challenges featuring customized avatars styled with real-time luxury fashion products from over 200 international brand partners – such as Farfetch – as well as independently sourced brands.

This app will donate five per cent of every in-game microtransaction to a variety of charitable causes supporting representation, digital responsibility, mental health and body positivity.

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