Ski resort Val Thorens

Val Thorens is a popular ski resort located in the Tarentaise Valley, in the French Alps. It’s the highest ski resort in Europe, with a maximum altitude of 3,230 meters, and is part of the Three Valleys ski area, which is the largest interconnected ski area in the world. Val Thorens has a wide range of pistes catering to all levels of skiers, from beginners to advanced.

Some notable pistes in Val Thorens selected by Ski-Pro include:

  • Combe de Caron: This red piste is a popular run in Val Thorens, with a wide and open section followed by a steep and challenging descent. It’s located at the highest point in the resort, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains.
  • Grand Fond: This black piste is another challenging run in Val Thorens, with a steep and narrow descent that requires a high level of skill. It’s located on the backside of the resort and offers a more secluded skiing experience.
  • Chasse: This blue piste is a popular run for intermediate skiers, with a mix of open sections and gentle slopes. It’s also the location of the women’s downhill race in the Alpine Ski World Cup.
  • Plein Sud: This green piste is an excellent run for beginners, with a gentle and wide slope ideal for learning the basics of skiing or snowboarding.
  • La Masse: This area is located on the opposite side of the valley from Val Thorens and offers a quieter and more secluded skiing experience. It has a mix of pistes for all levels of skiers, from gentle beginner slopes to challenging off-piste terrain.

Furthermore, the resort has a wide range of terrain suitable for all levels of snowboarders, from beginner to advanced. Intermediate snowboarders will enjoy the wide range of red and blue runs on offer, such as the Combe de Caron and the Moraine runs. These runs offer a mix of groomed and ungroomed terrain, and plenty of opportunities to practice carving and linking turns.

For advanced snowboarders, Val Thorens offers some of the most challenging terrain in the Alps. The resort has several steep and technical black runs, such as the Grand Couloir and the Cime Caron. There are also several off-piste areas for those looking for a more adventurous experience.

Overall, Val Thorens is an excellent ski resort for those looking for a challenging skiing experience in a beautiful alpine setting. The resort also has a vibrant apr├Ęs-ski scene, with several bars and restaurants offering a lively atmosphere after a day on the slopes.

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