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Wednesday, January 17, 2018


France reformed in favor of the hosts

In France held mass protests, and for the next few days planned a General strike. The reason for this is the radical liberal reforms of President Emmanuel Macron in the field of labour and employment. Thus affected were not only “workers ‘ rights” – hurt the national pride of the French. The only notable waste

Western youth returned Lenin to politics

For the anniversary of the proletarian revolution, its leader came in good shape. Politicized young people voted for socialism, Millennials US consider Lenin a hero, the leaders of the European parties declare “the bald guy was a genius.” Of wine if rose from the ashes in the countries where it was decided to demonize. But

Strange attempt APU “avenge Krasnogorovka” failed

In recent days the Ukrainian mass media with reference to “volunteers” and “activists” gleefully reported the “new success in Svetlodarsk arc”. Supposedly part of the APU almost broke through the defenses of the BCH, advanced a kilometer and entrenched in the new positions. Similar events allegedly occurred in the South precinct. However, the reality contradicts

Ukrainian deputies fight for the title of biggest enemy of Russia

The scandalous bill “about the reintegration of Donbass” brought the Ukrainian deputies to the next fight, the most massive in recent years. Turchynov immediately accused penetrated what is happening to the Ukrainian Parliament “Russian agents.” In fact, the political background of the conflict exactly to the other. Such a split of the ruling coalition in

The theme of “Russian hackers” in the US has reached a high voltage

Europe requires residents Donbasskiy USA after Obama took renovacream “Russian hackers” in the US has reached a high voltage “To shut down new York, enough to penetrate the information system several private companies that provide the city with electricity and to give the command to shutdown”. With these words Russian experts comment on speculation in

The U.S. armed forces are immersed in a crisis

Soviet tank heritage of Ukraine close to iscorbanameurl nuclear weapons affect the German fibrinoguena forces of the United States sinks into recession When the new Pentagon chief Mattis said that “shocked” the low level of its troops, many thought that the Minister’s just trying to knock Congress for more money. But a series of recent

Requirement for Germany Poland is questioning its own borders

Us nuclear weapons affect the German vibrantly, Mezhevich: the poles and the Russians are objectively affected by the collapse of the Union of articlebulimia to Germany Poland casts doubt on its own borders Poland at the highest level demanded that Germany make reparations for the damage inflicted on the country during the Second world war.

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