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Saturday, December 3, 2016


The Syrian army has split the “pot” in Aleppo two

The US state Department keeps trying to come to an agreement with Russia providing for the completion of the siege of Aleppo, fearing that the tramp will throw part of the so-called moderate opposition in the lurch. But at the time, it is still less than it seemed: over the past weekend, the Syrian army

Fillon promised to end the “shameful five years,” Hollande

Former French Prime Minister Francois Fillon bypassed in the primaries of another former Prime Minister – Alain Juppe, buried the hopes of ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy and he became the presidential candidate of the right opposition. What are the chances of Fillon to end the “infamous five” of Hollande and, more importantly, to defeat marine Le

Life and new life of Fidel Castro

How to live life so that it became the object of admiration and a role model not only for friends and supporters, but also opponents and enemies? Fidel Castro the world taught a demonstration lesson. It will remain so forever – the man who during his lifetime became a legend. The whole world of information


The Castro brothers picked successor

The death of Fidel Castro has exacerbated the issue of power in Cuba. Brother of the leader of a revolution Raul is ready to take office in less than three years. In the “technical successor” tipped raised under the new government of Miguel Diaz-Canela, combining fascination of The Beatles and the Komsomol-party career. Will Cuba’s


Victory trump and Syrian forces destroy Western policy in Syria

Two associated with Syria’s anti-Russian front destroyed almost simultaneously: the military in Aleppo and political in the West. A number of signs suggests that the West is gradually beginning to reconsider its attitude to the events in Syria and Russia’s presence in the middle East. Serious successes of the Syrian army in Aleppo has once

The armed forces of Britain are in decline

The British army is on the verge of self-destruction. To save her can only fundamental change – both technical and moral character. To this conclusion came the members of the defense Committee of the house of Commons of the United Kingdom. The MPs analyzed in detail the combat performance of the army of Albion, and


The British fleet ceased to meet the ambitions of London

Navy Her Majesty is not only far from the image of “master of the seas” the days of the British Empire, but does not meet modern threats. In the British Parliament are sounding the alarm that soon the Navy remains “negligible” warships. Really once the strongest Navy in the world is in a deplorable state?

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