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Wednesday, June 28, 2017



“A socialist with a human face”

Oh how I live in America — the worst, in my opinion, President Jimmy Carter, and I do not remember it, at least do politologists on a regular basis by publishing in local journals its analytical actualce. Judge for yourself: the fight for the White house in full swing, and among the favorites of Republicans


“Bank of America changes policy Bank of Russia”

According to experts of Bank of America, in March, the Russian Central Bank may move to large-scale policy of reducing interest rates. Essentially, this means that the Bank of Russia will abandon its policy of containment of inflation at any cost and allow you to develop the real sector of the economy. photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Scientists have found that the virus is the immune system

The researchers came to the conclusion that the virus there the immune system. Virologists from Spain and America reported that the CRISPR system has virus has the ability to respond not only in a chain of DNA, and RNA. Such a discovery will help experts to develop new methods of protection of agricultural crops.

The Study Of Uranium

Uranus is the seventh farthest planet from the Sun the Solar system refers to the planets-giants. Was discovered March 13, 1781 English astronomer William Herschel (William Herschel), when compiling them with a full systematic review of the starry sky. Herschel had originally decided that he had discovered a new comet, but the comet hypothesis had

Habit to plan your day spoils the mood

American scientists conducted a number of studies have concluded that the planning of the day spoils the mood. Scientists say that emotional state is very strongly influenced by the planning of the day. Thus “schedule” does not allow us to enjoy their free time. In particular, in the process of drafting the mode of the