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Friday, October 21, 2016



Bombed the village Syrian aircraft identified by numbers

Belgium insists that its F-16 could not be involved in bombing of Syrian village – despite the evidence provided by Russia. “Theoretically, this could be the aircraft of all other States, the coalition headed by the USA” – say military experts. Anyway, nobody argues with the fact that it was a coalition aircraft, and not


Module “Schiaparelli”, most likely, killed

The best scientific minds of Europe are now actively working after loss of communication with the landing module “Schiaparelli”, which was the 19th of October to land on the red planet’s surface. Most likely, the machine died. However, scientists are urged not to despair, because the module was only part of a huge research programme


The security services manage to neutralize the ISIS terrorists in Russia

It became known at once about two high-profile arrests of representatives banned in Russia Islamist groups – ISIS supporter who intended to blow up the plant in Kazan, and seven adherents of the organization “Tablighi Jamaat”. Experts say that security officials generally manage to neutralize the terrorists before they commit crimes. Information about the detention


The space ambitions of Ukraine is far from reality

Shapkozakidatelskie mood, it seems, is still alive in Ukraine, despite a deep economic crisis. Now the head of the famous CB “South” has announced that his country is technically able to organize a flight to Mars and build a base on the moon. How do these loud voices with the real state of the Ukrainian


“The case of the prosecutorial areas” require to make an example of

Senior prosecutors are owners of elite suburban areas, inherited them for free from the land belonging to the defense Ministry. At least these are the materials of the case, which is investigating now, coincidentally, just after the Prosecutor’s office. Experts require to make this process as “exemplary”. At the moment, both authorities – Transactions and


The use of new technologies has caused complaints to police

The latest innovation used by GIBDD – digital signature, – the angered car lawyers. They argue that the use of such a complex and even costly tool in appeals against fines infringes the rights of car owners. Especially those who are at odds with modern technology. Expert on road safety of the Russian popular front

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