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Saturday, November 18, 2017


NASA scientists set out to find aliens in next 20 years

American astrophysicist Tony del Genio Institute for space studies, Goddard said that in the next twenty years, humanity has been significant progress in the search for alien life. The report on this subject was published on the website of the American space Agency NASA. photo: pixabay.com The specialist noted that life on other planets may

On Friday, the Russians will see a parade of planets and stars

Tomorrow night, the inhabitants of many cities of Russia will receive the opportunity to observe a maximum of the Leonids meteor shower. In case of suitable weather conditions, the people who found the not-too-lit place for observation, will be able to see while up to 20 meteors per hour. In addition to stargazing the Russians

In Crimea, discovered the estate of the Roman Empire

A group of researchers from the Institute of archaeology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, found near the city of Kerch on the Crimean Peninsula artifacts relating to the first century ad and fragments of buildings built in Roman times. According to the researchers, the findings will allow to study the life of the inhabitants

Psychologists: smartphones immerse teenagers into depression

Smartphones, especially if you use them too often can lead to the development of depression in adolescents. In this case we are not talking about a normal spleen, which is often called depression in everyday life, and sometimes quite serious mental disorder, often requiring assistance from the professionals. To such conclusion the American scientists from

Chinese archaeologists announced they found the remains of Buddha

Specialists conducting excavations in the city district Jingzhou of Hubei province, discovered on the territory of a Buddhist temple ceramic box with cremated remains. The inscription on the box States that the remains belong to Siddhartha Gautama, or the Shakyamuni Buddha — the founder of one of the world’s religions. photo: Sergei Ivanov It is

Experts have discovered a “gene of obesity”

A group of researchers, representing Duke University, found that proper nutrition and an active lifestyle, guarantee a slender figure not everyone. In experiments, scientists have identified a protein that is one of the variations which almost guarantees the appearance of extra weight or even obesity. photo: pixabay.com After a series of experiments on mice, scientists

Astrophysicist spoke about the collision of Earth with another planet

During the existence of Land areas of land kept moving, dividing, re-uniting. It is believed that one of the supercontinents that emerged as a result of this process was Rodinia, which appeared approximately 1.1 billion years ago and lasted 350 million years. American astrophysicist Shaolei Zhang of George Mason University suggested that the breakup of

The story of the punch: if the invention is stolen from Kant

On the main page of the Google search engine was posted a small animation, Pasadena the punch. It was decorated much the same as other hosting company’s doodles — themed “postcards” on certain people, events and so on. A rather unexpected theme for the Doodle selected this time, due to the fact that in this

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