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Sunday, September 24, 2017


The frog-monster was capable of devouring dinosaurs

An international group of scientists from the US and the UK found that Beelzebufo ampinga — the giant extinct frog was able to hunt small dinosaurs. To such conclusion researchers have come, considering the bite force amphibious. An article by paleontologists, published in the journal Scientific Reports, briefly about the discovery described in the press

Wolves were smarter than dogs

In the Ethology of the Center for the study of wolves at the Vienna veterinary Institute of the max Planck society have shown that wolves understand the relationship between cause and effect, and dogs no. applejack feminized researchers took 12 wolves, 14 dogs from a stray pack of 12 pet dogs and stayed with them

Disclosed the reason for the appearance of long penises

Evolutionary biologists from mount Holyoke College in the US have shown that the length of the male genital organs in animals is determined by intraspecific competition. The researchers showed that the sizes of genitals can change, not only in the course of evolution, but for the life of individuals

Discovered a unique asteroid with a dualistic nature

Studying space object called 2006 VW139/288P, astrophysics, working with the Hubble telescope, found that it is quite unusual in several respects. First, it turned out that in fact it is a binary, that is, consists of two heavenly bodies, one of which revolves around the other. What’s more, both its components combine features of meteorites

A side effect of marijuana use was sudden orgasms

Cannabis use was the cause of spontaneous unwanted orgasms in forty years a resident of the Netherlands. To such conclusion experts from this country and from the United States. According to scientists identified the phenomenon can be explained only by the fact that it is a side effect of marijuana. photo: pixabay.com The authors of

Russian scientists have invented a medical mask for the deaf

Antimicrobial mask to communicate with people with hearing disabilities is invented by a team of inventors from Moscow. Their “know-how” residents of the capital patented in mid-September. photo: pixabay.com According to the authors, the mask needs to solve the problem of communication between patient and doctor or student and teacher, if one of them is

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