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Thursday, March 23, 2017


Glowing bacteria can help to measure radioactivity

Siberian Biophysics conducted a pilot study of biological effect of low doses of gamma radiation. The results of the study submitted to the Journal of Environmental Radioactivity. The authors of the study tried to identify the characteristics of exposure to low doses of gamma radiation on living beings and to understand the difference between the

Minister: found in Chairestratos likely does not depict Ramses II

Ancient statue discovered by archaeologists in one of Cairo’s districts, most likely belongs to Pharaoh Psammetichus I, not Ramesses II, as previously assumed, said the Minister of antiquities of Egypt, Khaled al-Anani. The statue is made of quartzite, weighing four tons and a height of about eight meters, archaeologists discovered in the area of El-Matareyya

Found the oldest part of earth’s crust

Canadian and American geophysicists have discovered the ancient site of the lithosphere on the surface of the Earth. A study published in the journal Science. The oldest near-surface section of the lithosphere is in the territory of the Canadian shield, which occupies the Northern half of the North American platform (including Greenland). Discovered her samples

Who will take the astronauts: changed the age limit for flying

New recruitment in the cosmonaut detachment, which will be prepared to work on a new manned spaceship “Federation”, and to flying to the moon, announced by Roscosmos. Unlike last year’s set, which did not exclude applicants with liberal arts education, now in Star city only candidates with a technical or natural scientific knowledge. As reported

Study: people can Wake up without an alarm clock

Researchers from the U.S. reported that they found out that the human biological clock in such a way that the use of the alarm clock is actually unnecessary. Tests show that people can Wake up without an alarm clock at the right time: this person needs to tune in to this awakening and sleep enough

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