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Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Psychologists have explained why the adults helpless

Researchers from the U.S. reported that they were able to explain what is the phenomenon of helplessness in adults. It turned out that there are certain changes in the psyche of modern humans, which make them helpless. According to the publication The Daily Mail, at the moment, if you compare modern humans with those who

NASA researchers have detected abnormal flash on the Sun

NASA employees recorded abnormal flash on the Sun’s surface, according to “Evening Moscow”. Researchers are studying the phenomenon and trying to determine its origins. Scientists believe that the active solar surface formed unusually large and bright coronal loops. A clear answer on the causes of the phenomenon from experts yet. A powerful solar flare was

Biologists have aeration fans atrophies the brain

Regular and excessive consumption of carbonated and sweetened drinks can lead to a decrease in volume of the brain. First and foremost this applies to the hippocampus, the division plays a critical role in memory. At the same time, according to experts from Boston University, similar effects have and fruit juices. photo: pixabay.com The researchers

Scientists investigated changes in the soil after fires

Employees of the Department of soil science of MSU named after M. V. Lomonosov, Institute of biology, Komi scientific center, Ural branch of RAS investigated soils and their organic matter when exposed to fire. The results of their work, scientists published in the journal Environmental Earth Sciences. “It is shown that fires can significantly change

Scientists have named who most often gets abducted by aliens

Alien civilization often kidnap mentally ill people. In the framework of the conducted survey researchers found that an alien civilization often kidnap people with a pronounced tendency to masochism. Such people say that the aliens were allegedly forced to participate in their medical experiments. All respondents confident in alien abduction, noted that on a space

The team’s largest project to search for alien shared the first results

Specialists representing the project Breakthrough Listen, presented 11 the most interesting events recorded by them, which could be a result of the activities of alien civilizations. For this, specialists have analyzed a few petabytes-that is, millions of gigabytes of data. photo: youtube.com Experts analyzed information about the signals from 692 different stars obtained with the

Scientists have measured the life of physicists and lyricists: long recognized by economists

Economists live longer mathematicians – this unexpected conclusion came the experts of the research Institute of Oncology. N. N. Petrov and the Russian scientific center of radiology and surgical technologies, which had an unexpected study of life expectancy of different “pundits”. photo: pixabay.com As reported by “MK” in the Institute of Oncology, researchers examined data

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