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Saturday, March 24, 2018


Educational videos for babies do not cope with its main task

Indian specialists representing Institute of Technology Netaji Subhas in new Delhi, found that educational videos for young children can entertain them, but to teach anything. In any event this applies to infants up to two years living in India itself, experts say. photo: pixabay.com Scientists conducted a study involving 55 children, each with six-month of

A unique experiment: the subjects for five days put in the bath

Ten testers of the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS will hold in the supine position, simulating weightlessness, five days. Thus they are periodically subjected to low-frequency impacts of special devices. The experiment to test the electrical myostimulation for tetranitramine patients began on Thursday. As reported by “MK” in the Institute of biomedical problems Russian

Russian scientists have peered inside a rare meteorite

Using the method of neutron tomography, specialists from the joint Institute for nuclear research studied a large fragment of a meteorite called Seymchan. He was discovered near the village of the same name more than half a century ago and has a very interesting structure, the researchers note. photo: pixabay.com The meteorite belongs to the

In the milk of the platypus found antibiotics

A unique protein found in the milk of the platypus scientists Australian State Association of scientific and applied research. It can be used to create the antibiotic that can fight the most resistant pathogens. photo: ru.wikipedia.org Interestingly, the milk of the platypus due to the lack of nipples is supplied directly to the surface of

Presented a device that can extract water from the air in the desert

Researchers from the Massachusetts technological University have created a device that can produce drinking water from dry air and fully functioning even within the desert. According to experts, the device has no faults, the possibility of which had previously indicated the skeptics. photo: pixabay.com The development was first reported in April last year. Then the

For bees has created a mechanical flower

Artificial flower with nectar and pollen created for attracting bees Australian engineers. Photo: Sarah Werkmeister The author of unexpected development is artist Michael candy. A few years ago he was impressed by the message of U.S. scientists that the population of bees in the world dropped by 42% due to the lack of floral meadows.

Scientists: touch favorite reduces pain

The scientific team from France and Israel have proved experimentally that touching a loved one has a pain relieving effect. photo: pixabay.com The study was conducted in Haifa University. Scientists have set themselves the task to understand the mechanism of anesthesia. The earlier version that touch partially block the passage of pain signal in the

The scientists said whose penises become brittle due to bad environment

Experts from Denmark and Canada, came to the conclusion that persistent organic pollutants affect the bone strength of polar bears. In particular, the more fragile becomes baculum, or penis bone. In this situation, polar bears, already threatened due to the melting of glaciers, it becomes much harder to reproduce. photo: pixabay.com Experts remind that every

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