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Saturday, October 22, 2016



Media: Scientists have announced a snoring men better lovers

From that snores or the man in the dream, depends on the duration of sexual intercourse with a woman. This, according to several media, indicates a recent scientific study conducted by an international team of scientists. photo: pixabay.com The study involved men, vozrasta which ranged from 20 to 45 years. They all told the psychologists


Depression was the most dangerous for successful people

It is known that depression affected not only those whose problems are obvious and extensive. However, as it turned out, for successful people it is a mental disorder presents an even greater threat due to the fact that they are less able to get rid of it even with the help of professionals. photo: pixabay.com

Scientists have told how to sleep better with music

Favorite music before going to sleep (especially if it is Bach or Mozart) allows a person to get rid of insomnia and it is better to recover your own body during sleep. To such conclusion the group of scientists from the University of London and several other British scientific organizations. photo: pixabay.com Experts remind that

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