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Thursday, January 19, 2017


Scientists have found the cause of “acid zombie” at the U.S. coast

Scientists from Oregon state University in Corvallis found that the reason for the mass proliferation of toxic algae off the West coast of the United States became the climatic phenomenon El niño, intensified global warming. This is reported by the Rambler/news, citing PNAS. Algae, which is called “acid zombie”. They cause hallucinations, spasms, and death.

Data from Voyager-1, Voyager 2 and Hubble will help when planning for interstellar flight

Information from the American automatic stations Voyager-1 and Voyager-2 , as well as the results of observations of the orbital telescope Hubble will help in the future when planning interstellar flights. This opinion was expressed in interview to the Internet portal Space.com astronomer researcher at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Julie Zachary. “It’s important for us

Astronomers explained the anomaly “Star Tabby”

In 2015, Yale astronomers led by Tabetai Boyajian (Boyajian Tabetha), in whose honor a distant star KIC 8462852 got its informal name showed that from time to time she much something is obscured, losing in brightness sometimes more than 20 percent. Irregular and sharp fluctuations in luminosity could not be explained either by its own

The world’s oldest male Panda died, leaving 130 descendants

In the reserve of Dujiangyan in China’s Sichuan province died, the male Panda named pan-pan, or Pangpang. He was 31 year — according to “human standards” such age in about the year 101. It was the oldest male Panda in the world. photo: pixabay.com Pandas are considered “old” after they turn 20 years of age,

Products for astronauts will begin in edible packaging film

Edible film for packaging of space food from Apple sauce developed by special order from representatives of the space industry scientists of Samara state technical University. photo: en.wikipedia.org As reported in the press service of the institution, on the creation of the film the staff of SSTU worked 2.5 years. Unlike similar edible films with

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