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Saturday, November 25, 2017


The scientists said than unique gestures of Russian-speaking people

A group of researchers from Moscow state linguistic University, came to the conclusion that the gestures of the man talking in Russian have features uncharacteristic gestures of speakers of other European languages. The most fundamental difference, according to scientists, is that Russian-speaking people use almost the same gesture, regardless of the form of spoken verb.

Residents of Japan scared “fireball” in the night sky

The residents of the Prefecture Saitama in Japan saw a bright flash which, apparently, was when in the earth’s atmosphere burned meteor. “Fireball” captured by many surveillance cameras and car recorders, and soon the footage hit the Internet. As reported in the media, the fall of the meteor occurred early Tuesday morning, but only recently

In the brain of an American, 30 years lived deadly mushrooms

American doctors found in the brains of seventy-year resident of Arizona, is a fungal infection not manifested itself for unprecedented long time. Threat to health and life of fungi began to affect the condition of the patient, only 30 years after infection. photo: pixabay.com The man turned to the experts, feeling a “altered mental status”

Ufologists have made “an interactive map of alien visitation”

“Hunters aliens” presented his project UFO Stalker, in which they have created, posted online and updated regularly a quite unusual interactive map. On this map you can see which parts of the world in a particular period people spotted a UFO or other evidence of an alien invasion. photo: pixabay.com The self-proclaimed experts say that

Named alcoholic drink, it is best to help relax

Experts from UK came to the conclusion that different alcoholic drinks can affect a person’s emotions. Some of them allow the person to feel relaxed, while others, on the contrary, arouse aggression or somehow affect the mood. photo: pixabay.com In the study, researchers interviewed about 30 thousand people from 21 countries. The age of the

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