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Monday, March 27, 2017


Scientists have found that coffee helps women prevent depression

Experts at Harvard University found that drinking coffee significantly reduces the risk of depression in women. As noted by FAN, caffeine is able to influence chemical processes in the brain, the study involved more than 50 thousand nurses from the United States, analyzed data on the health status of women over the last ten years.

Astrocytes appeared to be important for biological clock

A group of researchers from Washington University in St. Louis and Kanazawa University have discovered a new function of astrocytes, the supporting cells of nervous tissue, having a stellate form. On their study, the researchers reported in the journal Current Biology. According to one of the study’s authors, neuroscientist at the University of Washington Erica

Insulin resistance impairs mental abilities

Dangerous not only diabetes, but also the preceding stages of metabolic disorders. A study conducted by members of tel Aviv University (Israel), showed that insulin resistance regardless of whether a person is sick with diabetes or not, affects his cognitive abilities. Particularly affected memory function. In this study, we surveyed 500 cardiac patients who have

The synthesized molecule, capable of becoming a source of clean energy

Become more visible climate changes, the more scientists working on finding new, more planet friendly energy sources. One of the areas of these searches – create a “molecular” leaves, artificial systems able to efficiently conduct photosynthesis and to use the Sun’s energy to convert carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into fuel. A new basis for

Futurologists said that awaits humanity in a hundred years

World government, telepathy, and nanorobots in the bloodstream of people – only part of the forecasts of futurologists.Scientists-futurologists Ian Pearson and Patrick Tucker told what the future may await humanity in 2112. Part of their projections coincide with the opinion of the American engineer, John Watkins Alfreda, which also tried to predict the future a

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