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Sunday, October 23, 2016



Russia puts a whole series of records in agriculture

Domestic agriculture shows increasingly good results. Has already become accustomed to the record harvests of grain added to achieve a number of other crops, sometimes very unexpected. Agribusiness, as it turned out, allows the economy to effectively resist the crisis – especially given the sharp growth of demand for Russian products abroad. This year, agriculture

Shuvalov reiterated the demand for a twenty-meter apartments

The first Vice-Premier of RF government Igor Shuvalov, speaking on Friday at a forum “Environment for life”, again called for the construction of a compact housing. “Twenty meters, this is a very small area, but required in all cities of the world”, — said Shuvalov. He explained that such apartments are bought by young people

Turkish police found a bill into a million dollars

The police in the investigation of counterfeiting in the Turkish province of Manisa unexpectedly discovered the true denominations of one million dollars, writes “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. Turkish police detained two people carrying this bill in one of the folders, but counterfeit notes when they searched and not found. Rare bill came with a certificate of authenticity.

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