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Sunday, December 4, 2016



New global crisis threatens to start with China

In China is growing at an alarming rate-mortgage “bubble”. The government is trying to resist it, runs the risk of a recession, but the stakes are too high. The explosion of the same “bubble” at the time, brought the economy of Japan and, more recently, the United States, culminating in the global financial crisis. That


The Stolypin reforms failed due to the Russian mentality

Exactly 110 years ago made a strong attempt to cut the Gordian knot of economic contradictions that pushed Russia to the revolution. However, agrarian reform, later known as the “Stolypin” was not successful, encountering serious resistance from the peasants. What is the main reason that Stolypin’s hopes did not come true? The formal start of


Russian milk is forced out of the Belarusian

Milk prices are soaring, but the milk producers of this, strangely, did not welcome. While in other branches of agriculture there is a Renaissance on the background of bradenburg, in the dairy market, the situation is far from ideal. After all, the main cream in the dairy market do not accrue to the Russians, and


The airport of Vladivostok will take an example from Singapore

The development of the airport of Vladivostok will be engaged in the famous company that turned the Singapore airport in one of the most luxurious and technologically advanced in the world. Plans for the airport of Vladivostok is not less ambitious. However, with rare exceptions, foreign investors are not in a hurry to master the


The Russian “black Friday” was only a fake American

The next is copied from an American model tradition, applied in Russia, once again demonstrated its peculiarities in local conditions. Promises giant discounts during the so-called black Friday, in reality, turned out to not decrease, and higher prices. Russian sellers invented a number of ways of cheating customers in the guise of mass sales. The

The fall in GDP of Belarus should blame only yourself

Minsk has found a new cause for accusations against Moscow. This time Russia’s fault that Belarus gives too little crude oil for processing. However, on closer examination it turns out that this is Belarus violates its obligations, and the fall of GDP caused by very different reasons. Minsk blames Moscow in the fall of its

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