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Thursday, February 23, 2017


The economy of Ukraine more no hope

Exactly three years ago in Ukraine there was a coup, one consequence of which was the rapid degradation of the country’s economy. From this point of view the main result of euromaidan is the final consolidation of Ukraine in the global economic periphery in the company of a backward African countries. And roll on this

The sales of Russian poultry prevents its price

One of the most prosperous sectors of the Russian agriculture – poultry production – has received unexpected support from Egypt. Cairo is clearly hoping that in exchange for the right to supply goods of Russian poultry in Egypt will return to the Russian tourists. However, not all so simple: poultry producers lose competition abroad. Why

Small regions were the fastest-growing

Despite the crisis, in Russia there are regions that show remarkable growth. If you believe the relevant studies, several regions showed strong growth momentum, measured even in double digits, and in all sectors. Successful regions are many – 14, and three of them are absolute leaders. Where in Russia are Islands of stability and what

Russian oil wins East

A global agreement on limiting oil production begins to yield a small but extremely significant shifts in global oil trade, and it directly concerns Russia. One of the most popular brands of Russian oil was first sold in South Korea. “The announced pivot to the East, at least for oil, is working,” commented economists. However,

The foreign exchange market has been a paradox

The Russian currency has been growing for a few days, though obvious reasons for this, it would seem, is not observed. Moreover, the Ministry of Finance buys us dollars and euros, the ruble should decline to respond, but everything is exactly the opposite. How can we explain the anomalous increase of the ruble and what

New sugar records Russia prevents Ukraine

Western experts admire how Russia has transformed its sugar industry. The efficiency of cultivation of sugar beet, technological upgrading and skilful work with the WTO has allowed Russia to achieve unprecedented performance. However, to build on the success of the Russian manufacturers to win the competition a very dangerous opponent, Ukraine. The sugar beet industry

The quality of wheat questioned the quality of bread

High yield, paradoxically, threatens to lower the quality of wheat, and hence bread, say some experts. Open data indeed show a decline in the share of wheat of the highest class. As the mass of bread is really under threat, but the reasons for this seem quite different. “High yield has inevitably led to a

In meat and dairy war with Russia, Lukashenko is doomed to lose

Moscow and Minsk continue to seek a way out of the impasse: the oil and gas conflict between them was quickly supplemented by the meat and dairy, and Lukashenka expressed readiness to translate it into the “hot stage”, starting the persecution of the Rosselkhoznadzor. But this confrontation Minsk will inevitably lose: statistics relentless – dependence

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