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Monday, April 16, 2018

“Modest capabilities”: Putin’s nephew talked about the business and respect to the Bulk

Great-nephew of the President of Russia Roman Putin in interview to journalists told why chose business and not a career civil servant, how many times have you seen head of state and what role his activity plays a loud name. The Creator of the Putin Consulting and Chairman of “Russian academic Foundation” emphasizes that in business he is a man of quite modest – “we are not oligarchs”, and assigned him the English Wikipedia yacht and land in California calls a “provocation by the West.”

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In conversation with the correspondent of the Agency Ura.ru Roman Putin first responded to the question about the names. The relationship with the Russian President, he said, “imposes certain obligations,” but no more. Note that in 2014, “Vedomosti”, citing an unnamed banker wrote that the name of the father of Roman Putin has allowed to solve some problems, but small. The publication thus argued that Roman Putin and his father are conducting a “trade name on the verge of a foul”.

Roman Putin, in an interview admits that the high-profile name could arouse the interest of officials and businessmen, but you have to understand what specifically he does not use it. “Everyone knows who I am, what I am,” says the nephew of the President.

Its social role Igor Putin describes just a small business and social work. The father of three children, he twice mentions the vocation of the businessman is to benefit society. Earlier Igor Putin worked as a security adviser of the mayor of Ryazan, but in business he likes more than in government agencies – “more interesting work”, and more freedom.

Business of the Novel of Putin consulting. Before Putin was even consulting office in London, but it had to close. And it’s not just the latest trends in politics — closed projects to potential partners: “we are afraid to work.”

With his relative Vladimir Putin, the businessman met a few times. In childhood his family lived in poverty, and there was no way to get to Leningrad, explains Roman Putin. And then “Vladimir Vladimirovich very soared the corporate ladder” and became a busy man, so the relatives try not to distract. All his meetings with Vladimir Putin novel counted no more than five.

In the interview we were talking about the current economic situation in the country. The businessman admits that the economic decline has affected it — the demand for consulting services of his company in 2014 decreased. In General, the novel Putin sees the main role of external factors. The situation in the Russian economy, he believes the crisis — would change the structure. As an example, the nephew of the President says about the disappearance of easy money and bribery sample of the 2000s: “the Money is now all turn in the economy and business becomes more transparent thanks to the efforts of the government.”

Roman Putin has also shared his attitude to the contender for the lead role in the fight against Russian corruption, opposition leader Alexei Navalny. According to the businessman, the position of the head of the FBC, he did not share, because the criticism does not always imply a better alternative available. But humanly Bulk makes Putin’s respect, because it continues to defend their point of view under pressure from all sides.


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