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Friday, April 20, 2018

Trump and missiles: what will follow U.S. threats to Syria

“Get ready, Russia, they will come, so beautiful, new and smart!”, wrote President Donald trump on Twitter about the us missiles. It plunged into the horror of faint-hearted politicians. Someone talked about a new Caribbean crisis, some of the inevitable exchange of blows between Russia and the United States on the Syrian front. All rushed to consider the balance of power. And few people thought that these trump the rockets will be smarter than him and alarmist-scientists. They just did not fly.

Photo: US Navy.

And already, by the way, not for the first time. In August-September last year, in the midst of a war of words between trump and his North Korean counterpart Kim Jong-UN, American missiles also did not fly. Tradition?

Probably wrong to say that trump said a new word in military science and invent an unknown method of warfare — verbal-reactive or scary, just a dummy. Of course not. Rather just trump is a businessman while learning and exploring a new world of martial arts.

It can be acquired, even a couple of such transactions, and the American Supreme commander will learn the basics of military strategy. Understand, for example, that the impact is most effective when it is totally unexpected for the enemy when his troops are in places of permanent deployment, technology parks, the personnel in the barracks or in the classroom.

When the enemy warning that in 24 hours, well, a maximum of two days, it will cause “a devastating blow”, it can only say thank you.

In fact, how much time to higher authorities of the military-political leadership of any country switched to a military mode of operation, to raise military units on alert, take them to the hidden field position, to carry out a complex of measures on military camouflage, air force to fly into the country? I think twelve hours is enough.

At the same time in a period of threat in the highest degree of readiness transferred all available funds and missile defense. At full power begins to work intelligence. Radar troops take control of a special direction of a possible air and missile strikes.

I think all this, and more, after the bellicose statements from Washington immediately carried out by Syrian authorities, who for the last five years living and working in a constant state of war with the terrorist plague.

And, of course, not neglected these conventional military measures, the commanders of our military units in Syria. They are there more than two years working in combat conditions. They have no time to relax. Is it any wonder, for example, the fact that all the Russian ships in those days left a naval base in Tartus and Latakia, wrote bloggers, analyzing satellite images. More surprising would be if our sailors did not.

It is clear that covering the base Hamim and Tartus anti-aircraft missile system long-range s-400 complexes in the middle of the battle “Carapace-C1” is translated into high alert mode. Aircraft and unmanned reconnaissance increased monitoring of the movement of American warships. I think, and well proven in recent subdivisions of electronic warfare are trying hard. Their means allow, for example, to shoot down the sights of cruise missiles, distort GPS signals, on which these rockets fly. EW can be made “invisible” to space exploration, entire districts with an area of dozens of kilometers.

A year ago during the attack on a military airfield shirt out of 59 issued from the destroyers of the U.S. “Tomahawk” goal reached only 23 missiles. As reported then, the official representative of the defense Ministry, General Igor Konashenkov, “the place of falling of the remaining 36 cruise missiles is unknown.”

Inflicted by the Israelis on 9 April 2018 sly attack on military objects in the territory of the Syrian province of HOMS can also be considered partly successful. Of the eight aircraft missiles “air–surface” goal reached only three. Five were intercepted by Syrian air defense.

Now the question is: how effective is after all taken by the enemy measures will trump the promised missile strike on Syria, if it does take place? What will target missiles? On deserted airfields, about the position of the defense? Or it doesn’t matter. The main thing — to show the world who’s boss.

The danger of such a demonstrative strike, apparently, still remains. Because, probably, no one today can say for sure, there will be enough intelligence to American missiles, Trump and his military advisers not to bring the case to a dangerous level, which clearly outlined the Russian General staff, who promised to bring down not only put on the missiles to Syria, but to destroy their carriers — aircraft and ships.

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