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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The third world war just

If we are to believe Orwell, “every generation considers itself more intelligent than the previous and wiser than the subsequent”. However, the concept of “considered” themselves to be something and “be” that someone else is far from equal. And that’s what me and simultaneously soothes and inspires panic and fear: in the next few days we will know whether the current generation of world leaders of “false wise men”, or in their minds still remains fail-safe mechanisms. We learn through very simple “test” on behalf of Syria.

photo: pixabay.com

A sharp aggravation of relations between Russia and the USA in the beginning of this week found me in the country, which in fact is now the main “ally” Russia — the Islamic Republic of Iran. Because of its moves on Iran and fancy features the work of local “fighters for morality on the Internet” I had only sporadic ability to access the world wide web, it played a bad joke with my psyche.

With me now in terms of access to the Internet all right. I was back in Russia and can “sign in” as soon as you wish. But my psyche has not recovered. I can not understand how we got to this? Why should the prospect of a direct military confrontation between Russia and America from the realm of unscientific fantasy suddenly has migrated into the sphere, which is at arm’s length from reality?

“In war, whichever of the parties may call yourself a winner that won’t happen — there are only losers” — these words of former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, from my point of view is correct is not always.

For example, the Second world war, the beginning of which tried in vain to prevent Chamberlain was a war at all meaningful. The war that decided the issue are divided on whether the population of Europe in a “race of slaves” and “master race.”

If desired, a certain meaning can be found even in the confrontation between the Soviet Union and the West in the framework of the cold war of the twentieth century. We firmly believed (or beginning with any stage pretended to firmly believe) in communism, they firmly believed in capitalism.

But in the current confrontation between Russia and America over Syria meaningful, in my opinion, completely absent. At some logical level of course, I understand. I understand that the United States traditionally friendly with Saudi Arabia, and we on a couple of traditionally friendly with Iran, Syria Assad family. I understand that Russia and America each other out and neither side does not want to “lose face”. But all this “understanding” is not much beyond the well-known anecdote about the conversation between the two scientists: “Look, you can understand what is going on?” — “You explain that?” “Yes no, explain I can. You can understand?”.

Let me give one more quote from Neville Chamberlain: “How horrible, fantastic and incredible it is that we should dig trenches and try on gas masks because of a quarrel in a faraway country between people of whom we know nothing”.

In a particular situation, which meant Chamberlain, these words were totally inadequate. The refusal of the British Prime Minister to save the fall of 1938 “far country” of Czechoslovakia led to the fact that Hitler captured the powerful Czech industry for arms production and was able to perfectly prepare for the beginning of the Second world war. But the current confrontation between Russia and the West over Syria these words describe the Chamberlain is just perfect.

What do we divide? Why can’t we negotiate? Why absolute common interest — the need to clear Syria from the forces of terrorism and religious extremism — was buried under the load of particulars? Why are we on the verge of war — a war of wonder and wonder for what? Shouldn’t anyone who has not lost his mind, stop, take a deep breath and move a few steps ago?

In the current conflict between Russia and the West, I, of course, entirely on the side of their own country. But at the same time feel a burning desire to say again to the leader of our state a few things. Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich! I’m all for giving a hand to those who prevents Russia “to rise from knees”. But I would like to have Russia and other countries also — would remain and knees, hands and all other parts of the body. It is important to remember what is truly vital, and what in case of emergency you can donate. Peaceful life of Russia to sacrifice not — never, under any conditions.

Someone my words may seem a “call for surrender”. Specifically in this case explain anything like they are not. They are a call to remember the words of Yeltsin: “take care of Russia!”. They are a reminder that the cause of the Cuban missile crisis in 1962 crisis, because of which the world was on the brink of nuclear war — if to look from the perspective of today, it seems ludicrous.

Who in Russia is now really concerned, manages the island of Cuba “people’s power” led by a man named Castro or not? Not coming out so that after a certain number of years, Russia’s efforts to protect the current leadership of Syria also will not seem too justified?

At the moment when I write these lines, trump several “rolled back” in his next tweet: “I Never say when there will be attack in Syria. May be very soon or not soon… Where is our “thank you America”?”

If the President of the United States do not have enough words of gratitude, I will try to the best of their humble abilities to fill this gap. Thank You, America! Thank you, old trump, because you have not taken the steps that could provoke a third world war!

But trump, to me, the leader of a foreign state, which I can’t claim. The President of my country is Putin, which the Russian citizens have a moral right to require to keep Russia in one piece. 100% sure that GDP itself and without reminders remembers his most sacred duty. But passions in the world right now is that a guarantee of 100% does not seem to me sufficient. Want guarantee 101% or something else that can’t happen in nature.

Read the story “zhahnem in America a pre-emptive strike: the propagandists want victorious war”

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