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Friday, April 20, 2018

Captives of the city Duma, the terrorists asked millions

President trump sausage. He is going to bomb Syria, announcing it to the world, abandons his words: “either very soon or not soon” that threatens Russia “beautiful, new, smart missiles”. And all this – without leaving personal… Twitter.

Journalist Nawaf Ibrahim.

And while politicians around the world practice predictions: escalate the conflict in an uncontrolled nuclear or not, residents of Douma, the ones who allegedly suffered a chemical attack, met in the city the Russian military police and government troops.

That this timepiece is happening in Syria, “MK” told the journalist of the news Agency “Russia today” – “radio Sputnik”, the Deputy Director of the Independent research Foundation of the Institute of security and sustainable development Nawaf IBRAHIM.

– How do you assess the recent threatening statements of the US President?

– As far as I know none of these speeches were not official. You never know what he wrote in his Twitter? I believe that America was very important to see what will be the reaction of Russia to these aggressive words, how far can we go in their threats. In fact, trump doesn’t solve anything. Solve the forces that stand behind it. And when they saw that they did not work – Russia, Putin, your foreign Ministry and the General staff adequately responded to the attacks, the West immediately went back on their word.

Still, whether to wait for the direct aggression of the USA?

– Sure there. Unlike many countries, where there was the “Arab spring”, in Syria the people supported their President and his army. But, it is clear that waging war in our country, using it as a springboard, in fact, the West wanted to show Russia its place, to remove her from all global political and economic projects. But unlike the time when the Soviet Union collapsed and you had to solve internal political problems, now they failed to get Russia to play by their rules. Although it is obvious that the war in Syria, the US and its allies pursue their own ambitions and interests. And they don’t care how many people die. After 8 years of chaos and fighting, it became clear that the negotiations are difficult to achieve, the war in Syria will end only large battle.

– As for the events in the Duma – what is the situation there now?

– I myself have never been in the Duma, though he is not far from Damascus, just nine kilometres, that is in fact its suburbs. But I have relatives living there, and it so happened that my cousin Tarek Ibrahim, Lieutenant of the battalion of the national guard, were captured by terrorists in Duma five years ago. In 2012. his family have made contact and demanded a ransom of 3 million Lira, then the price rose to 20 million. The kidnappers manipulate the feelings of loved ones. But the exchange my brother failed. We only hope that he is still alive.

Kidnapped by terrorists brother.

Three million is a lot or a little?

Is about six thousand dollars. For the current economic situation in Syria is a very heavy amount. From another my brother, Ali, also in Duma, 20 days no news. I lost many friends there, some were executed, some stolen, it really hurts… During the war we lost so many beautiful young people… But I want to note, despite the fact that in the Duma militants are operating, the atrocities of which support the United States, the Syrian authorities are still trying to maintain a semblance of state authority in the city, for example, people trying to pay salaries. That is, the government retains its responsibilities to its people. This is very important in such a situation, even when there is nothing to eat, nothing to live on.

Together with Bashar al-Assad.

– Ordinary people are able to leave the city?

– I interviewed many of those who managed to leave, they told me what a nightmare they had to endure. It is not the peasants kept Duma as trying to prove in the West, not the opposition or revolutionaries, and professional fighters, murderers, passed special training in military camps. They dealt with women and children, raping little girls, mocked the dead…

– What about the chemical attack, which allegedly staged in Duma Syrian government, in what the West accuses President Assad?

– No attack was not. There is no evidence of this. No trace of the use of chemical weapons and toxic poisons. More than 170 thousand inhabitants, which had managed to live to leave the Duma, there was no evidence of poisoning. A single. It’s all an act, one of the screenwriters of which is the President trump. It is a shameful game, as in the case of Khan al-Asalam a few years ago, and even earlier – in al-ghuta. Then, too, said that there was a chemical attack. And here is US again looking for a reason for a military strike on Syria, they want to protect terrorist groups such as Jaish al-Islam, File IR al Rahman, Jabhat EN-Nasry (banned in Russia – ed.) that fulfill the American orders. To prove his innocence, Syria is even willing to grant entry into our territory to international experts, they make sure that the use of prohibited substances was not, this was officially declared to the UN. Of course, for a visit to the Duma, the West must fulfill a number of conditions, including that the Commission should present Russian specialists.

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