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Friday, April 20, 2018

Storm brothels: Vitaly Milonov wanted to establish a police

On the idea of the Deputy Vitaly Milonov, known for his controversial initiatives in the cities hosting the world Cup, should receive the troops of the so-called ideological fighters for morality. According to Milonov, the police must stop the actions of the pickpockets, prostitutes and all those who may tarnish Russia’s image in the eyes of foreigners, of all this, the MP said at a specially convened press conference.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

However, in a speech Milonov admitted that in fact for the world Cup, his initiative has an indirect relationship, and a bustling event — just an excuse to create groups of navomora.

Why these functions are not done by the police, can ask the logical question opponent Milonova. It turns out that it is not because the police unfortunately sometimes protect illegal business and because, according to the MP, the police can get “liberals, human rights activists and perverts”, who themselves use the services of prostitutes. It with nostalgia remember Soviet times when the wife is gone on a spree husband could complain of him at the party Bureau and its “police driven”. That is a COP-a liberal, Milon did not say. As for human rights, yet explained that it was about pseudorosette, and the present is himself.

According to the Deputy, parents who are “not living in Chad revelry Friday corporate events”, forced to “remove” their children from ads for prostitutes.

“The police need to recruit people with strong moral foundations that don’t drink, don’t smoke, hanging around the taverns. This is a request companies. Must be a state structure, which will help society to be cleansed,” — said Milonov

The MP also said that personally ready for such a structure to lead.

The press conference was attended not only Sunday, it in the company, the organizers called the head of the all-Russian movement “For real things!”, member of the Presidium of all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia” Anton Tsvetkov, former coordinator, “Open Russia” Maria Baronova. Recently, after the emergence of Network announcement press conference had a lot of excuses. According to Baronova, she called and called her as a blogger to oppose Milonova, and she didn’t know what the announcement will list them separated by commas. And she agreed not to sit at home and “don’t cry”, probably due to end cooperation with the “Open Russia”.

All gay clubs and strip clubs in Russia must be closed, and in their place, on the idea of member, to create shelters for the homeless.

“All an establishment in Russia should be close: the strip bars, gay clubs. In their place, need to open shelters for persons without a certain residence, — the Deputy considers. Such bars and clubs very much, in particular in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, if at least a dozen shelters for the homeless will be in our country — it will be a good thing.”

In his opinion, strip clubs are destroying the family, but “flawed losers” who go to Swingers clubs, Milon is not going to fix it, so their institutions will not close.

“We will show the world that to tackle prostitution as a widespread social phenomenon!” he concluded his speech.

As it turned out, another party conference — Anton Tsvetkov — don’t quite understand the desire Milonova. More precisely, he agrees that illegal prostitution and other attack should be eliminated, but need to create an alternative to the police he did not see.

Baronova also believes prostitution is evil, but I’m sure it must be legalized at the time, and already five years later, the women operate in the sexual sense will cease, because “they will be replaced by robots-androids” — and the problem will solve itself.

Here, by the way, is to pay tribute Milonova: he never condemned “fallen” women, and raised the issue of sex slavery, drug addiction, sexual exploitation of minors and so on. Just for other very ambiguous statements rational in his speech securely hidden.

The curtain press conference Baronova in spite of ideological disagreements asked for a Source to find her husband — “smart and beautiful”.

“I’m busy”, — parried the Deputy.

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