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Friday, April 13, 2018

Who benefits: “it Skripal” associated with the stories of Litvinenko and Berezovsky

Monday, April 9, the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation held a briefing on the circumstances around the poisoning of the father and daughter Skipala and practice of international legal cooperation between Russian and British authorities. Representatives of the Prosecutor’s office said that Litvinenko, Berezovsky and Skripal spun in one “provocative scenario” for the benefit of London. Meanwhile the Western press says about the new details of the poisoning of a former intelligence officer.

Sergey and Yulia Skrypali. Photo: social networks

Drawing Parallels, the Deputy Prosecutor General of Russia Sahak Karapetyan noted that in all three incidents (Litvinenko, Berezovsky, Skripal) used the person who is being prosecuted in Russia for Commission of serious crimes. In addition, in Moscow “in all three cases there was a massive injection of unproven accusations,” added Karapetyan. – “In connection with stated requirements of the application of sanctions against Russia”

As well as in the case with Berezovsky and Litvinenko, British authorities now refuse cooperation with Russia, thereby “eliminating the possibility of evaluation of their objectivity.” In this regard, the official representative of the Supervisory Department Alexander Kurennoy said: “Some time ago we sent Britain a request for international legal assistance in “case Skrypalia”. But the answer in office of public Prosecutor and have not received.

At a special briefing the adviser of the Prosecutor General Mykola Atmore told reporters about how in 2003 Boris Berezovsky was granted refugee status in the UK. According to Ammonia, Berezovsky, a former FSB officer Alexander Litvinenko and former head of the civil liberties Foundation Alexander Goldfarb tried to force kazahstanskogo businessman Vladimir Terlyuk to ensure that he declared himself an agent of the Russian intelligence services directed at the UK with the purpose to poison Berezovsky. But Terlyuk these requirements are not fulfilled, and after he testified against Berezovsky, he and his wife were attacked. The attackers are still not installed.

But “as soon as Berezovsky was going to go back to Russia at this moment is the fact of death (March 23, 2013 – “MK”). This was beneficial to Berezovsky have not traveled in Russia, did not disclose those closed facts which he had? I think it’s obvious. First and foremost, it is beneficial to the British authorities,” – said at a briefing Karapetyan. In addition, he added that the Russian side has not received from London of the documents confirming the cause of death of Berezovsky, despite the obligations of the UK under the Convention on rendering legal assistance.

Also at the briefing noted that the elimination of Litvinenko was interested and Berezovsky. The Prosecutor’s office assured that “we have every reason to assert it.” As you know, has been granted asylum in Britain, Alexander Litvinenko died in London on 23 November 2006. According to the examination, it was the result of polonium poisoning, but the exact circumstances of the death is still not officially established. But at the end of 10 years of investigation, the British said about the Russian involvement in the death of Litvenenko.

The Prosecutor General’s office also made public the correspondence with Theresa may (the current Prime Minister of UK from 2010 to 2016 held the post of Minister of internal Affairs). So, in 2010, the Agency forwarded to the may personal letter about the “inadequate supply by the British authorities the safety of participants of criminal process in the case of Boris Berezovsky”. It, like other appeals of the Prosecutor General in the name of may, is left unanswered.

“Over the past fifteen years to the competent authorities the UK has sent 83 request for extradition of persons for bringing them to criminal responsibility for the execution of sentences. Of this amount, 72 queries persons have been accused or already convicted of theft in the Russian Federation, totaling about 500 billion rubles,”— noted Karapetyan

at a briefing. He also mentioned that 55 of these requests were rejected because of the provision of persons involved in the refugee status or asylum , as the British government considers criminal prosecutions against them are politically motivated.

Meanwhile, British newspaper the Sunday Express reports that analysts at the Royal air force, based in Cyprus, after the poisoning Skrobala intercepted electronic communication of Russian origin with the following text: “Parcel delivered”. According to media reports this information was included in the list of data provided by London to its European counterparts to encourage them to take action against Russia. The mysterious appeal , according to media reports, was addressed to the officials in Moscow and was sent to Syria.

In addition, the British newspaper Mail on Sunday said, citing the private security briefing that the nerve substance a “Newbie” used in the attack on Skrobala, was turned into a slow-acting gel, which would give the attacker time to escape from the crime scene.

Read the material: “Parcel delivered” after the poisoning Skrobala the British intercepted “Russian message”

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