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Monday, April 16, 2018

Time fractures: six ways to avoid spring injuries

Spring is the time of year which everyone is waiting impatiently. The snow melts, often from behind the clouds the sun comes out and the air becomes noticeably warmer, the first leaves on the trees. It would seem that a massive snow and ice left behind, and skis and skates postponed until next winter, so injuries should be reduced.

But the practice of trauma shows that this is not true. And spring, people break their arms, legs, and other parts of the body not less frequently than during the cold weather. How to behave to avoid damage at this time of year? What if they, alas, happened?

This “MK” was told by the doctor at the joints, traumatologist-orthopedist, candidate of medical Sciences Yury Glazkov.

photo: pixabay.com

So, for some reason people get injured in the spring? The fact that this time of year people become more active. They are much more likely to go out of the house. “The increase in the number of contacts with the external environment – this is a factor that increases the likelihood of injury. If in the bitter cold people are usually limited to going to and from work, in the spring of the leisure activities, usually performed in the open air”, – said Yuriy Konstantinovich.

The risk of injury remains high, because the snow melts in spring, but its remnants can be preserved and turn into ice because the temperature at night. As a result, the land becomes even more slippery. So in the spring season is still a high risk of injury from falling.

In addition, spring is a real “bombardment”, because the roofs of houses are falling icicles and snow. This is a frequent cause of traumatic brain injury. When falling from a great height chunks of ice can cause serious damage, not compatible with life.

In the spring, many are beginning to ride bicycles, scooters, roller skates. Sometimes cyclists, etc. not only fall, but also knock down other people.

At this time of year, risk getting hurt and people who walk their dogs. Pets in this period have become extremely active and can put their owners in danger to get under the wheels of the bike or falling

Here are some tips that will help to protect yourself from injury.

First. Do not rush to change shoes. In most sneaker soles more slippery, so the risk of falling on the ice.

Second. Do not wear high-heel shoes without extreme need. For a wedding or a birthday of a friend – you can, but at work it is better to go in a more functional

Third. Avoid rooftops tenth road. Never ignore signs and red ribbons, fencing dangerous areas.

Fourth. Do not walk on the street with headphones. You will not hear surrounding sounds, approaching cyclists or skaters.

Fifth. Do not walk on the bike path. If you want to cross it, be careful in advance and look around.

Sixth. Walking the dog, try to move on proven routes. Don’t forget to hold on tight to the leash, because in this period, the pet can behave unpredictably.

And yet sometimes injuries are avoided does not work. Among the most frequent injuries in the spring include: broken bones; sprains; soft tissue injuries; open wounds; traumatic brain injury.

In any case of injury a person can not self-diagnose myself, so even with the usual injury should consult a physician to rule out possible risks. After radiographic studies often find that the bone is damaged.

If you notice that a limb has taken an unnatural position or her mobility is severely impaired, most likely, the fracture or dislocation. You need to go to the doctor to put a cast or straighten the joint. In severe cases may require surgery (open reduction).

In open wounds with bleeding measures should be taken even before going to the doctor. It is important to use a tourniquet to reduce blood loss. It will fit anything from a piece of rope to the cloth. If the blood flows crimson, and the aftershocks, the tourniquet is applied above the level of the lesion (closer to heart). If it’s dark, flowing slowly and evenly, it is necessary to bandage the limb below the level of injury (closer to the fingers). Then the bleeding vessel becomes obstructed and the bleeding stops.

When injury you need to make to the damage the cold – it will reduce the bruising. With the completion of the period of the calendar winter snow cover is still quite long, so you can make and snow. It is important to do this through a cloth so as not to introduce infection in damaged skin. The alternative – a cold metal object.

If you have damaged joint, pulled ligaments and tendons, it should also be applied to problem place cold, and then consult a doctor. The doctor will prescribe drugs to reduce pain and inflammation, can recommend to take a course of astrotherapy is a method of treatment in which the inside of the joint is injected hyaluronic acid and platelet rich plasma. The result is the reduction of pain and acceleration of recovery of damaged tissues.

In traumatic brain injury the person may lose consciousness, indicating concussion. Concerns should also cause severe pain, dizziness, double vision and other suspicious symptoms. With the head injury, try not to move and not to change the position of the body, if possible, before the arrival of the ambulance.

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