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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Unknown details of the sisters ‘ conversation Skripal: “if Julia was reading from a sheet”

The story of the poisoning of Yulia and Sergei Skripal more and more like a detective series, which is usually the writer first decides to kill the “heroes”, but then, seeing how popular they have the “audience”, give them life for another few seasons. March 26, “MK” published an interview with his cousin Julia Victoria Skripal, in which she named several possible motives for the poisoning of their relatives. Since then, much has changed. We contacted Victoria right after her telephone conversation with the patient in the district hospital Salisbury — probably the most famous since the Foundation of the clinic.

Photo: social networks.

We will remind, yesterday the Russian side is interested in the fate of the animals that lived in the house of our scouts and, in theory, was supposed to die from the effects of “Newbie” or other dangerous poison. On request, the British hastened to reply that Pets cremated. After that, the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova spoke about the loss of important witnesses in the case Skrobala, drawing attention to the fact that the British version is at least as logical. In response, the British reported that Guinea pigs had died from dehydration, and the cat cremated “so that the animal did not suffer”. In this case they could not notice.during the search (but what is it then for a search?)

A conversation between two sestero raised many questions from journalists and investigators. Here is what Victoria told “MK”.

Victoria, did you know that Julia calls?

– It was right after I gave an interview to the British media, complaining that there is no possibility to at least talk on the phone with relatives. I am in such coincidences do not believe! The call didn’t say anything, but about 11: 00 on March 5 and sent me an SMS from the British Embassy. The representative said that I was invited to 17.30. I told them that I was in the Yaroslavl and in Moscow at this time?

– Why were you invited?

– Probably wanted to organise a teleconference. But since I couldn’t come, they beat their plans. Around 12.30 I was called by Julia…

– You have defined it? Tell us more.

– No, that was unknown to me British number.

Julia spoke with the typical intonation? In your own words explain? And anyway, what can you say about the conversation?

– The rhythm and intonation accurately. She always speaks evenly and calmly. But personally, I was under the impression that it was like she read over the sheet. Over it as if someone stood by and supervised the process. When she answered my questions, her voice was shaking and jumping. That’s what happens when emotions overwhelm, and at the end of the conversation I got the impression that she’s about to cry. Hard she there…

– Have you read “the first statement of Julia Skripal,” published on the website of the Metropolitan Policy?

Yes. This message appeared immediately after I published the entry. In two hours, to be exact. It’s not a coincidence. I believe that everything has a conversation with her is ambiguous, she almost cried and said I will not give the visa by adding the topic after I said I would come and I would need her consent to the visit. Besides, I wrote it down, and this, apparently, was not expecting anyone. This “statement” was a response to the publication and nothing like the official transcript of the position of those who organized the conversation, as he in my opinion was not as smooth as planned. A sort of work on the bugs.

Julia was offered consular assistance and she replied that has no need for…

– We can’t be sure that it really is. Julia said, woke up a week ago. Questions arise very much. Why didn’t she call sooner? Why is such a controversial background information, including I have official sources…

– So you still intend to fly to the UK?

. Of course fly! While I mess around with the documents. This week, on Tuesday I received the passport, what I really helped our diplomats, and applied for a visa. The British side promised to help and expedite the process of extradition.

– What will be the visa? In our last interview you talked about the proxy on moms Sergei Skripal. She’s ready?

Visa requested for six months, multiple entries, with the possibility of extension. The power of attorney to I was issued with the right to transfer rights — if they won’t let me I can get the right representative, the lawyer. But Elena Yakovlevna (mother Sergei Skripal) had to say that her son was in the hospital and I need to fly. Don’t want to traumatize her. We even grandmother about the death of Sasha (Alexander Skripal) is not yet said, but about this incident and even more so silent.

– British media say, citing sources, that you in absentia approved visa. The Coca plan of action in case if it is true?

– All actions I agree with our Ambassador Alexander Yakovenko. After obtaining a visa, we will discuss the procedure and schedule with the British. The interpreter will on their part in order to avoid misunderstandings. Our Embassy there will give me the car and the driver. I will live on the territory of the Embassy. Plans to visit a hospital in Salisbury Scotland Yard. In Moscow, the investigator is interested in my “domestic” version, which I told you earlier. They established and tracked down the “lost” guy and Julia will be questioned. Investigators will submit a request to the Registrar to clarify whether institutionalized relationships of Yulia with this young man. I was asked to clarify the former wife of Alexander Skripal, Natalia, in what Bank she opened a Deposit where you put about 200 thousand dollars. In addition, the detectives soon will interrogate the taxi driver who picked up Julia at the airport.

– What air port flew Julia? She was flying alone? You know, with what address it picked up the taxi driver?

– She was flying alone. They showed me the footage. They Julia arrived in a yellow taxi in the Sheremetyevo. Parking the taxi driver helped her to unload — he pulled from the trunk of her large suitcase. In addition on her shoulder was a large white bag and hands a small bag with documents. The address where she was taken by the investigators, I said nothing (most likely, flat on Davydkovskaya street — approx. Ed.)

– You called the canine centre, which temporarily settled the darling Yulia Noir?

Yeah, I called the Director Anton. He lifted the veil of secrecy about who did pay for the stay dogs. It was a woman in years. I called all of my friends, Julia — none of film Noir did not pay. Likely to extended stay mother’s boyfriend.

Victoria, our colleagues conducted an analysis of work places Julia in Moscow and alluding to the fact that all organizations are somehow connected with the United States. You admit that the tangled history of the us flag?

– Julia really worked in the U.S. Embassy. But by whom? After her father was imprisoned, it tried to get “on the ball” happened. For some time she worked there in the call center and at the first vozmozhnosti ran out of there, as there were intolerable conditions. I know her very well, it’s not the kind of person who will indulge in adventures and will transmit any information to the father. No, no and no again. Imagine, she was the favorite child, spoiled very. The work is not loved. Julia is definitely not a spy!

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