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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Experts urge “not to rape corpses”: should we be afraid of blocking the Telegram

As soon as the media published news about the imminent locking of a Telegram messenger, a question about it immediately asked the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov. To briefly convey the words of Peskov, he noted that the Kremlin messenger I love this app, but the law is the law. All anything, but the answer he gave during a conference call with journalists, conducted via Telegram. We can say that this little paradox could not be better reflects the situation with blocking of the messenger of Pavel Durov.

photo: Alex geldings

Of the Telegram began with the adoption of the “law of Spring”. According to him, all the messengers are required to provide the encryption keys that give the FSB access to personal data of users. This is despite the fact that new technologies that use the many services that have long made this option impossible. Among the abundance of messenger hands it to the Telegram. “To totally fulfill the law that we have, can neither Roskomnadzor, no. Therefore, we used a selective application and contractual position with all major services on the application of the requirements of the law,” – said the Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev.

On 20 March the Supreme court refused to satisfy the claim of the Telegram to invalidate the orders of the FSB on approval of the procedure for granting the office of information decoding. Then in this story, lull, until 2 April, the head of the international human rights group Agora, which is the messenger in the courts, Pavel Chikov is not reported in your Telegram canal that the representatives of the messenger notify Roskomnadzor about the fact that the requirements of the FSB unenforceable. On the same day, the press service of Roscomnadzor reported that the office has not received an official response from the Telegram of notification of the need to provide law enforcement agencies the keys for decoding and the service will be blocked.

Then, on April 4, Roskomnadzor announced that serves for a messenger of the court and as a result, the court can block it.

The Internet community, of course, alarmed. Not exactly so – alarmed those who are not being experts in the industry the messenger was actively used. As for professionals – they remain calm and the idea of blocking looked skeptical.

According to Marinicheva, in the case of blocking will happen “war of the shield and the sword”, i.e. any measure there are countermeasures. In General they are already there, in the web there are instructions on how to bypass the lock, and the organization “Roskomsvoboda”, which actively fights against censorship on the Internet, has published a guide for users, which presents a few items to bypass the blocking for every taste.

Another interesting fact, in his memorable Telegram dubbed “the case of Ukraine”, in terms of the story, when the Kyiv authorities have blocked the Russian social network. From this, as shown by statistics, the interest has become higher. “Soon will so that only the “blocked” information sources are to be trusted” – according to some experts. A controversial statement, but more fashionable in certain environments due to blocking Telegram may become.

In the context of the telegram I would like to mention about the “Iran incident”. There the messenger is far more popular than us and as the authorities had not fought with him, nothing came of it. Not so long ago he was even blocked in the presence of channels, calling for the overthrow of the regime. But only for a couple of weeks , while in the country there were riots with dozens of victims. And then unlock – too great is the loss to business and costs companies to use VPN services. It is unlikely that Russia wants to promote his regime more stringent than the Iranian.

According to Internet expert Anton Merkurov messenger generally will not be blocked because “none of the actors will take on this responsibility” and Roskomnadzor such authority has not.

“Lock Telegram is a fantastic development and unpleasant, that you seriously discuss”, – he said.

Dmitry Peskov said that the Telegram will be possible to find an alternative. And Advisor to President Herman Klimenko such an alternative was immediately offered the well – forgotten by all ICQ. In response to that , Merkurov asked Klimenko “stop raping the corpses.”

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