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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The gift of the “triangle of treasures”: on the coast of Florida threw an old ship

The sea off the coast of American Florida presented recently a unique gift. On one of the beaches of this famous resort places tossed waves was a big chunk of an old wooden ship. Was there ever such a surprise? What other gifts can we expect from Neptune? – “MK” asked for a response to such questions to a specialist.

Photo: twitter.comRussell Colburn.

So, the events of recent days, as they are described by the news Agency:

Strolling along the seashore, a local resident Julia Turner and her eight-year-old boy is found on the sand a piece of wooden design very impressive size. “We came closer and I knew immediately that this is a historic artifact,” said then the woman. After news of the discovery arrived on the scene specialists and scientists. Examining the mysterious chip they came to the conclusion that after the next storm, the waves on the shore threw a fragment of the bottom of some old ship, which long ago sank near Florida. According to experts, the preservation of the artifact is very good, probably due to the fact that the sunken ship for years brought the bottom sand. But the age of this “waterfowl means” very serious. There is speculation that this is a piece of a large sailing vessel, built in the XVIII century in Spain. Managed to find, in addition to wooden parts and copper fragments: likely, the underwater part of the hull was sheathed with copper plates. And another interesting detail: during the examination of the frames could see carved into their Roman numerals.

The fate of the artifact will decide the state of Florida, as the debris is located on public land. Quite possibly “gifted” to the sea a fragment of the old ship will be the showpiece of one of the museums.

We asked the opinion about the unusual discovery of a specialist in Maritime history Dmitry Mazur.

– Judging from the posted on the Internet photos, it really is a piece of an ancient ship. This is a fragment of the keel of the boat, with parts of several frames and planking. However, to make an unambiguous conclusion about the date of construction and about a specific type of ship only at such photographs, I still would not venture. Perhaps the right of those who studied the find experts who believe that this is part of the hull of the frigate, launched 300 years ago.

– Has it ever happened before that the land threw out large pieces of old ships?

– The event is quite rare, although not unique. Typically, these “gifts” are detected after severe storms: excitement washes away the soil at the bottom, swings and breaks it preserved the remains of the wreck once the courts and thrown by the waves on the shore… I Can cite several such cases.

One of them happened about a year ago, in the spring of 2017 in Lithuania. On the shore of the Baltic sea near the Klaipeda port threw away the fragments of a small trading vessel, was built probably in the SEVENTEENTH to NINETEENTH centuries.

And in October of 2009 during a severe storm on lake Ladoga near the town of Olonets from the bottom up and washed ashore fragments of the ship, similar to ships of the Petrine era. Among these fragments of very well-preserved bow section, a few of the frames, toe boards, the remains of the mast…

In June of 2015 on the coast of Ireland threw out the remains of an old ship. Interested in this “surprise of the sea” a few researchers, divers surveyed adjacent to this location, the seabed and found a few old guns. One of them could even see the bas-relief image of St. Matrona and the date of casting guns – 1570. Based on these clues, the vehicle, partially ejected on the land, is the Spanish “La Juliana”, which was part of the great Armada sank in 1588.

– The area where happened the current discovery off the coast of Florida, rich in sunken ships?

– According to researchers and historians, on the shores of this Peninsula are a giant graveyard of sunken in different ages of vehicles. Moreover, some of them went to the bottom, having a very valuable cargo. Not for nothing is this area included in the so-called “triangle of treasures”. Under the water here are the remains of hundreds of ships with gold in the holds.

– And get these jewels no one tried?

– Tried. And very many. Treasure hunters searched these places for decades. There were a few successful expeditions.

For example, more than 30 years ago, American treasure hunter Mel Fisher found the sunken coast of Florida in the seventeenth century, the Spanish ship “Nuestra Señora”. From the bottom managed to pick up gold and other jewels, which was estimated at $ 450 million.

And just a few years ago it was reported that a group of American divers found in shallow waters off the coast of Florida, scattering gold coins, “lost” Spanish ships that sank in these parts about three years ago. Including managed to raise more than 350 gold coins, including several rare Escudos, minted specially for the king Philip the Fifth… the Total value extracted from the bottom of the treasure amounted to more than $ 4 million. However, some experts argue that it is only a small part of what was in the holds of Spanish Galleons that sank here during a severe storm in 1715. Call the total amount the Golden cargo – more than $ 400 million at current prices.

And another “Golden” story. In September 1622, a few dozen kilometers to the East of Florida died during a storm a Spanish Galleon “Nuestra Señora de Atocha”. According to reports, on Board were including 40 tons of gold, silver and precious stones. For almost 400 years have passed since that moment, the jewels of the underwater currents spread far and wide. Numerous teams of divers hard “scouring” of this sea area. In recent decades, some of them were lucky: the total price is made at the bottom of the gold finds reached almost $ 500 million. However, is at least as much still lies under a heavy layer of water.

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