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Friday, April 20, 2018

Ambassador, come forth: experts predicted the response of the EU to poisoning Skripal

The consequences of poisoning Sergei Skripal has come to the European Union. At the last EU summit it was decided to recall for consultation the Ambassador of Brussels in Moscow Markus Ederer. Moreover, five member countries of the EU are going after the UK to expel Russian diplomats. European leaders almost unanimously agreed: the attempted assassination of ex-spy organized by Russia, while the British investigation in Salisbury is not yet complete. Theresa may obviously managed to convince his colleagues in danger from the Kremlin, but to stop there is not going to. Will Russia serve thanks to her efforts in a rogue state like North Korea? This question of “MK” asked the experts.

photo: AP

Theresa may next to the pub, where he was poisoned Skripal.

EU Ambassador Markus Ederer revoked indefinitely. As said Prime Minister of the Netherlands mark Rutte, this step does not mean the sanctions against Russia, but is one of the “measures” and the head of diplomatic mission may, in the future to return.

As stated in a joint statement on the EU summit, the European Council “agrees with the judgment of the United Kingdom government that it is highly likely that the Russian Federation is responsible (for poisoning Skripal) and that there is no other plausible explanation for what happened.”

As the Guardian writes, some countries are willing to go even further and following the example of London to expel Russian diplomats. The publication says that can do so France, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. “We consider such measures,” — said on the sidelines of the summit, Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite, adding that she congratulated Vladimir Putin on his election victory and is not going. Newspaper somehow not included in his list of the Czech Republic, although previously its Prime Minister Andrew Babish hinted that his country may also expel some Russian diplomats.

“The reaction of the European Council was still quite cautious, symbolic — says head of Sector of international-political problems of Europe, IMEMO ran Nadezhda Arbatova. — On the one hand, they showed solidarity with the UK, but there were no new sanctions, expected Theresa may. The EU took a different position on this issue and this is not surprising, because since the collapse of the Soviet Union in Europe was no unity over relations with Russia.”

That Russian diplomats can point to the door to Poland and the Baltic States, is not surprising. It is no secret that relations between Russia and these countries has always been very cool. But Moscow is not pleased France?

“The position of Paris in the case Skripal was somewhat inconsistent — meets Nadezhda Arbatova. — First Makron with Merkel supported the UK, then followed by a statement by the representative of France to the United Nations that still require further evidence. However, we must not forget that France has with Britain special relationship. In 2010, they signed a defense Treaty. That is, they have alliances in addition to NATO. Therefore, in this situation, Paris can confirm these relations by withdrawing its Ambassador or expelling Russian diplomats. But again, this will be more of a symbolic step. The relationship between the EU and Russia is so complex, collaboration in many areas frozen for so long that Europe is already tired of this confrontation and in the current situation can not afford to go to some drastic measures in the absence of evidence”.

As for the Czech Republic, said senior research fellow in the Department of European studies, IMEMO ran Anna Chetverikova, Prague is unlikely to quarrel with Moscow. “In the Czech Republic at the moment, good relations with Russia, and they did not yet receive, — said the expert. — While Britain is not officially approached them with this request, and actually they have no reason to do it. But if London asks, the Czech government is likely to be a long time to think to weigh all the consequences that will follow. Russia to the Czech Republic’s important economic partner, so it will probably wait before taking concrete steps.”

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