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Friday, April 20, 2018

Experts called the people’s trust in Vladimir Putin unprecedented

At the end of the elections of the head of state Vladimir Putin scored 76,69% of the vote. For the incumbent President of the country voted more than 56,4 million people — an absolute record for Russia. Well-known experts and bloggers analyzed the election results and agreed that the election showed that Vladimir Putin’s real national leader, has earned an unprecedented level of trust of Russians.

The presidential election was honest and demonstrated a new image of the Russian state, experts say. High 67% turnout was largely achieved through innovative and technological approaches to the management of the campaign. Thus, the system of “mobile voters” have given the opportunity to vote 5.6 million of citizens, increased the proportion of voters large-scale cleanup of voter lists from “dead souls”, as well as high-impact work to attract young people to the polls.

“Procedures and institutions are quickly, smoothly and steadily improving, — said well-known publicist Yegor Kholmogorov. We gradually get comfortable state, which tramples you because you was born there. And here with the technical side in these elections we have seen the same thing. Systematic tidy state, adhering to procedure.”

According to him, the agitation and the attraction has proved more reliable means to legitimize the elections than any administrative resource.

A similar view was expressed by Russian journalist and political analyst Pavel Svyatenkov.

“The presidential elections demonstrated that the authorities managed to achieve a dramatic reduction in fraud in the field he writes on his page in Facebook. — As a result, despite the comments about stuffing in some areas, the election results were recognized not only government officials, but also opposition From the point of view of campaigning on the ground, the authorities managed to give the voters the impression that to go to vote became much easier.”

Highly effective experts have described the work of the CEC, for the first time in the history of Russia promptly reacted to messages in social networks. CEC was heavily exposed fakes and provocations, separating them from the real violations and immediately taking action.

However, experts believe that the main cause of high turnout and high results of the campaign was the presence among the candidates for the post of the President of Russia of its current head, Vladimir Putin, managed to become a figure, really bringing together the most heterogeneous population of Russia.

“This is a fundamentally new configuration, and the quality of the majority, — said the famous writer Mikhail Delyagin. — The proposals of Vladimir Putin, including in the field of quality of life, create social mobility and economic development, attracted the active part of society, including young people. People don’t just support the President as such, but what’s fundamentally more important, give him carte Blanche for a quality update as bodies of public administration and public life.”

In the results of other candidates, you can highlight the failure as liberals, bereft of any real support, and the Communist party. Pavel Grudinin, the result showed 11.8% while a perennial leader of the Communists Gennady Zyuganov has never shown the result below, of 17.2%, the analyst said.

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, typing of 5.65% of the vote, achieved strategic objectives-at least, maintaining control over the major part of its audience. It is worth noting the achievement of Ksenia Sobchak stepped over a barrier of 1.5% and ahead of the experienced participant of the presidential election of the past Grigory Yavlinsky.

“However, all the details of the political struggle has lost all meaning on the background of the enormous vote of confidence expressed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, and expectations of change, which he so clearly said, — emphasizes Mikhail Delyagin. — It is characteristic that this trust and expectation is shared with all the people and politicians, the victims in these elections, the defeat of varying degrees of bednesti”.

At the same time, says Yegor Kholmogorov, the campaign of Alexei Navalny boycott the elections only increased the percentage of votes for Putin: Navalny supporters came to the polls, lowering the rating of liberal presidential candidates such as Ksenia Sobchak.

“In the end of the election campaign Vladimir Putin has been the undisputed leader of the nation, writes in a Facebook blogger Maria Yudenich. — Not abstract, hypothetical, contingent community of some statistical units. And millions of specific people, which it was clear that waiting for themselves, their families and their country if the President becomes Putin. Putin’s most cohesive Crimea and the Immortal regiment received new arguments in order to remain a cohesive majority.”

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