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Saturday, April 14, 2018

The evidence in the case Skripal “melt” London began to flirt with Moscow

The head of the British foreign Ministry Boris Johnson said he was ready to cooperate with Russia in the case Skripal. Previously from London sounded the opposite of saying: British experts refused to share with Moscow samples of toxic substances. And while Britain and Russia sent diplomats to each other, the police continued the investigation. However, the chances of finding out the circumstances of what happened become less. What has caused this dramatic change of sentiment in the British foreign office?

photo: AP

Traces of nerve agent, exposure to which, presumably, had been a Russian double agent, not easy to detect in the weeks after the incident, recognized the British side. In this light, strange is the fact that experts from the international Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons arrive in Salisbury on Tuesday. A week after they received a request to test the claim of Britain on the use of gas poisoning when a “Newbie”. London recognizes that the delay occurs, but lays the blame for it on Russia.

The chances of finding traces of nerve gas “new” Salisbury “melts every day”, — quotes the newspaper the Sunday Times the words of a leading British expert on chemical weapons. Meanwhile, the claims of the British laboratory “Porton Down”, said about the use of this substance in case of poisoning Skripal, need to be checked. That’s what has been sent a request to the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons. But time goes, and its experts are still not arrived at the scene.

Professor Alistair hay, consisting in the Organization, shared with The Sunday Times that he had little faith in the success of the enterprise. According to him, the work of specialists is complicated by the fact that the amount of poison apparently was very little and still not known where exactly it was used. A substance from the group “Beginner” to detect particularly difficult: they have no smell, no color and can be both liquid and powder. “The OPCW experts will certainly hold its own investigation, but because of the meager dose of the substance is doubtful, is it worth the effort. We may only help blood samples from three poisoned people,” said Haye. We are talking about Skripal, his daughter Julia and the police officer stayed in contact.

Why the case is urgent, there was a delay of nearly a week? London hints at the presence of opposition to this decision within the Organization, which includes including Russia. The assurances Downing street, the Prime Minister may personally have sent a request to the OPCW on Wednesday, March 14.

Meanwhile, the Minister of foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson in interview Bi-bi-si said that the country would not object to the assistance of Russian specialists in the investigation, not only of poisoning Skripal, but the death of businessman Nikolai Glushkov. “We would like to start cooperation with Russia on this issue in the coming days,” — said the politician.

Chief editor of the magazine “Russia in global politics” Fyodor LUKYANOV believes that it is not necessary to perceive the words of Johnson with great enthusiasm. “The main thing for the British side is to Express willingness, — suggested the expert in conversation with “MK”. — How will this be realized in practice is not clear. But after previous statements of Johnson, it is difficult to imagine constructive cooperation of the relevant authorities. Most likely, in the future there are some conditions for this cooperation, impossible and unacceptable for Russia. And the fact of willingness to do so must demonstrate that they conduct a fair investigation.”

The British guards have used every means to figure out the details of poisoning. According to the newspaper the Sun, tests were subjected to even a Persian cat and two Guinea pigs that belonged to the former spy. In addition, police released photos BMW Skripal asking everyone who saw the car the day of the tragedy, report it to law enforcement. Perhaps this will allow us to correct the chronology of events and figure out when exactly the double agent was subjected to the action of the poison. At the moment, the chronology of events is as follows:

3 Mar, 14:40: Yulia Skripal arrives at Heathrow airport from Russia.

March 4, 9:15: Skripal was seen in the area of London road, Churchill way North and Wilton road.

13:30: Skripal is sent by car to the city center.

13:40: Skripal daughter leave the car in the Parking lot and go to the pub “the mill”.

14:20: They have lunch in the restaurant “Zizzi”.

15:35: They leave the restaurant.

16:15: Received a call “soon” from a passerby who discovered Skripal daughter lying on the bench near the restaurant.

During the investigation, which involved more than 250 experts, was collected 762 potential evidence, interviewed about 400 witnesses and viewed about 4 thousands of hours of footage from surveillance cameras, cites the Guardian. However, according to the police, it would take weeks, if not months, to find out all the details of the case.


British police are not linking the death of the Russian businessman Nikolai Glushkov poisoning Skripal. Now, however, the main reason for the death of the former top-the Manager “Aeroflot” — it is murder. The investigation suggests that Glushkov was strangled with a dog leash. Initially, the media appeared information that the other influential Russian émigrés in London warned of the danger to their lives. But then the police came to the conclusion that the threat to them is minimal.

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