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Friday, April 20, 2018

Putin for the presidential elections provided a special Western handle

Like all Moscow polling stations early on the morning of March 18, plot number 2151 in the building of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Leninsky is not yet complete voting. Vladimir Putin, however, long did not wait – he voted for the future President of Russia of the twenty-eighth, at half-past nine in the morning. Putin looked cheerful, satisfied and happy. From the site he took the handle “Parker” and icon “I chose the President of Russia”.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The electronic ballot box, or rather, transparent complexes of processing of ballots (COHIBA), this time on the site have installed improved version. Speak for yourself counts the votes, and even components of the voting Protocol.

“Thanks, you voted”, – said the ballot box is obvious to the Russian President after he dropped his ballot paper. Then the head of state answered a few questions. So, the question, what percentage of votes he will find it a success, Putin said: anyone that gives the right to execute the office of President. One of my colleagues asked what it was like to vote for myself? What GDP said that he was confident of the correctness of the program, which offers to the country. Then stated that the plans for the day of his “workers” he has a couple more business meetings – and swiftly departed.

The Chairman of the PEC 2151 Viktor Landino that does not depart from the President on a step (except in the booth your ballot with him did not go) to meet the head of state is not the first time: “We’re the third or fourth time. The handle that was given to him. That is, the guard told us to give the President a pen that writes bright. In the booth of the handle, of course, but the President cannot take them. Germs there, maybe.. maybe he’s just a memory I wanted something to carry with you. I gave him a black, “Parker”. Now we know what his ballot for whom he voted when the ballot box will get it. Joke.”

PEC member 2151 voting Galina Poletaeva recorded the passport data of Putin in a special magazine vote. She does this not for the first time: “I work in the Commission in 2013. We change, who will meet the President, it’s my turn fell for the second time. To employees of PEC Mr Putin always comes twice: first to sign the book of voters, and the second time to shake his hand. When the President filled out your details, my colleague, Anton Tumanov, offered him the badge. The President took it with a smile. However, he pinned it or not, I don’t know.”

Victor Lundin admitted that on the occasion of the arrival of the President entrance to the polling station the rest of the voters, of course, is temporary blocked. But not for long: “Yes, slightly blocked the entrance. Suddenly provocations what will come to be screaming, women had to undress to start (in 2012, FEMEN activists staged at the site of wounds in action, stripped to the waist – “MK”), but for five minutes just blocked.”

He noted that the main flow of voters here begins the afternoon: “the Sun will appear, everyone will get warm and will come.” Elections here, apparently, are exceptionally honest – so that observers from several parties did not even come.

Local voters – the people familiar. Calmly react to the camera, know very well what their neighbor here waiting journalists. As told the mother of 11-year-old “patriot Ollie”, daughter, has long dreamed to see on the site of the President. So this time was very hopeful – Yes just missed by the head of state for a few minutes. So while she only saw Putin on TV. But the girl was given the ball.

Voter Nina Moiseevna told the observer of MK that always gets up early to have time to redo all the household chores: “But the election is most important. So first I here. To the vote of the President, we have become accustomed. We have Gorbachev lives. He came already?”

Gorbachev was not, but the plot looked the head of the Russian Olympic Committee Alexander Zhukov. Journalists, he said the phrase du jour about what is important to voleizyavleniya. And added that he hoped for the victory of the candidate, which Department your voice.

Barely cold trail Zhukov, dignified gait to the area arrived, the presidential candidate Sergei Baburin with the family. “I have a big family” – with pride he told reporters. Except his wife, Baburin in the retinue were two young men, apparently his sons. Baburin suddenly said loudly: “I do Russian choice! His car is fixed”. What this means, explain plainly the applicant could not, on the question of what percentage of votes he’s waiting for, replied that no wonders of interest. And then said to celebrate the holidays is a Russian tradition, and the election for him – always a holiday.

Just half an hour after Putin left PEC, on the site there was an unexpected clap. All started, journalists have turned the camera on the scene. It turned out, nothing terrible. Just snapped the white ball with the words “Election of the President of the Russian Federation” – one of those which decorated the area.

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