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Sunday, April 15, 2018

The doctors complained to Putin “crazy from the Minister Siluanov”

Vladimir Putin gathered in Saint-Petersburg medical consultation, to discuss how to fill the new “may decrees”, which this week began ministries and departments. Main request doctors not to reduce the funding (separately inherited Siluanov, which spoke sharply, Leonid Roshal). In addition, doctors asked Putin to protect them from the attacks of the disgruntled patients.

photo: kremlin.ru

At the round table with Vladimir Putin arrived 25 regional doctors – mainly the doctors of the national research centers and regional hospitals. Putin stressed that the meeting was purely an “industrial character”, but has a special significance: it is important to know what the participants think about the suggestions in the “medical” part of the message to the Federal Assembly, and to generate tasks for the next 6 years.

“Just walked out my instructions to the government, now begin to propose specific decrees for a variety of industries, including healthcare. I would like to hear your views and recommendations that we must soon make,” – said the GDP. He stressed that in the modern world, health care has become an economic category, because with the new challenges of a sick person to react just not. “No healthy person, it is impossible to resolve the key task of any state, and ours in particular, is preservation and development of the nation,” the President added.

Doctors have assured that are ready to fulfill their mission, but under normal funding from the state. “The message we heard that by 2025 it is planned to gradually increase funding for healthcare to 5% of GDP, unless, of course, Siluanov something again not figure out how it used to be with salaries”, intentionally mispronouncing the name of the Minister of Finance Anton Siluanov said Leonid Roshal. According to the doctor, “one crazy from the Department Siluyanova” believes that no 5% of GDP on medicine need not enough and 2.8% of GDP.

You don’t think the government has no enemies health! It is not necessary to blame anybody, – has interceded for the Ministry of Finance, the President, Is the question of accounts. If you count funding from all sources, including extrabudgetary, then now will be more than 5% of GDP. Due to the budget, of course, is much less, but we’ll make it increased – in reality, not on paper.

According to Putin, private medicine should only “complement” the General efforts of the state health care development, but not replace them. As for wages, they are, indeed, not everywhere is twice the average for the economy, as promised in the may 2012 Executive orders. “But if the strap was not fixed, then today’s result would not be”, – said the GDP. The main thing is moving forward, and this trend, the government will try to maintain during the next 6 years.

Roshal said that the last time the doctors began to experience considerable pressure from the public. To treat better, and more claims: an increasing number of complaints, prosecutions and even attacks on doctors and nurses. “The mood of the doctors is not very good. Our profession is dangerous,” complained Putin Roshal.

– As said in a famous movie: all is not jail! So there is nothing to fear, – joked GDP. But seriously added that the safety of physicians – above all else – if necessary, responsibility for the attack on health workers can be strengthened.

In the country, the traditions are not without purely professional requests. At the meeting a question was raised about the need to provide training professionals involved in rehabilitation (speech therapists, speech pathologists, etc.), in medical schools. As well as the manufacturing of specialized children’s medications – doctors usually prescribed for children’s dose of an adult medication that is difficult to calculate.

One of the members of the Council asked Putin to lobby for a law on salt iodization. According to the doctor, Russians on average consume three times less iodine than you need, but it is “not only the thyroid problem, but also intellectual development.” The President recalled that the draft law on salt iodization was trying to push through the Duma in 2013, but, fearing a rise in prices, rose producers. “We have a lot of regions far from the sea. People need iodine, so of course we need to go back to that,” agreed the GDP.

Putin himself was seriously interested in the problem of childhood vaccination: there was a fashion do not do vaccinations, how’s it going? The doctors said I don’t know, but the tendency is obvious: more and more parents do not comply with the vaccination calendar. “In some countries, children without vaccinations are not taken in kindergartens”, – said the President, noting that the adoption of administrative decisions is also possible, but this should be done carefully, “no shouts”. “You need to explain to people, what can cause such behavior,” the doctors advised the head of state.

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