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Sunday, April 15, 2018

Trail poisoning Skripal brought to a British military base

New information on the case of poisoning Sergei Skripal somehow remained almost unnoticed by the General public — and for good reason. British police took on the study of another car, and it happened in the military town of Larkhill, located near Salisbury. Grey hatchback was parked next to the houses where the officers live. Larkhill military base in the past mentioned as an object of inspection in the field of chemical weapons.

photo: social networks

That the police seized the car in Larkhill, announced the publication of the Mirror — witnesses saw security forces and people in hazmat suits took the car quickly arrived, the reporters managed to make a few frames. Why the car was taken, police said. Journalists cite only the assumption of a local resident, who believes it is possible that the car was previously parked next to the BMW Sergei Skripal.

Also some sources hastened to explain to reporters: like gray, hatchback belongs to a civilian, not military. However, it was located near the houses where the officers live, and where random people are unlikely to leave your car.

What is known about the military base in Larkhill, in addition, that nearby is Stonehenge? In Larkhill is an impressive garrison and the Royal school of artillery. Two years ago it was reported that the base has decided to significantly increase.

What happens in Larkhill, I think, largely classified, however, we found an interesting report on the activities of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW), which monitors the implementation of the relevant Convention in the world. It turns out that in 90-e years Larkhill inspected by a delegation from the OPCW. What were the results — have remained “behind the scenes”.

Larkhill got a grim notoriety after the release in the middle of the two thousandth of the movie brothers (now sisters) Wachowski “V for Vendetta”.

The plot is based on the comic book series fantastic pictures (the action takes place in the thirties of this century) is as follows. In Britain installed a dictatorship. For possession of the Koran, for example — the death penalty, draconian laws introduced on the pretext that the people must unite in the face of terrorist threats. The terrorists, according to authorities, the deadly virus killed 100 000 Britons. But then it turns out that this virus was created in the British military laboratories and used to establish dictatorship.

One of the most dangerous places in the story, becomes a concentration camp Larkhill. There people have biological weapons, and the corpses of the victims of the experiments are buried by bulldozers in pits…

We will remind that earlier wrote: the antidote, which allowed Scriply to stay alive, was taken to hospital from Salisbury Porton down (where was defined the type of toxic substances). Read more in the article “Porton Down: how human experimentation has helped the investigation of the poisoning Skripal”

The version that grey hatchback “was just parked” next to the machine Skripal, it seems strange — March 4, when Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia was found on a Park bench, was a Sunday. We must assume that at the city Park, where Skripal left my BMW, there were many other machines. However, nothing about the withdrawal of other similar cars is not known — apart from the fact that the police took the tow truck which took car to the impound lot Skripal after his poisoning, a car Sergeant police officer nick Bailey, who had contact with Kripalani after the poisoning, wife’s car, Bailey.

So we can assume: grey hatchback from the military camp in Larkhill played some special role in the day of the poisoning Skrobala.

Meanwhile, the British press began to play up the story: poison in the suitcase (a gift from a third party in packaging, bottles of alcohol, and so on) of ex-GRU Colonel could bring Julia Skripal, who flew in from Moscow yesterday, March 3. However, no new facts, the media does not lead, and it should be noted that this version was discussed among others in the first days after poisoning…

There is one important point that can give a clue where it is in contact with the poison COP Nick Bailey, who, along with Kripalani is in the hospital.

In the police report vaguely States: Bailey “one of the first to come to the aid of Skrypalia”. According to one version, he came to him when Sergey and Yulia were on the bench in the Park and was unconscious. On the other — the first was a tour of the house Skripal. However, when British journalists tried to directly specify this information in the local police and Scotland Yard, they refused. If Bailey was not in the house, according to the logic of events, the version that the poison was inflicted on the car Sergei Skripal, is a priority.

Read the story “How poisoned Sergei Skripal: a woman in a mask and poisonous BMW”

Finally — another mystery associated with records established in Salisbury surveillance footage from March 4.

The media spread the two rollers. On one of them at 15:47, allegedly “sealed Sergey Yulia in the center of the city.” A woman walking hand in hand with Skripal — a blonde in a dark coat, on the shoulder of her bright red bag. This same bag was later found next to Julia on the bench (there is a corresponding photo). However, judging by the photo of Julia Skripal, the last time it was brown, not blonde.

Later there was a second recording made at 16:08. On it, according to the British press, too, Sergei Skripal (shemka fuzzy, in General, the man looks the same as in the first movie). Past the restaurant in Salisbury Skripal is held together with two women. Ahead is the plump girl just type of Julia with a light bag, and next to the Skripal — again blonde woman in a dark coat, but her hands are already white or beige bag (or package) and a strange long object like an umbrella.

British reporters do not know how to explain the inconsistencies. Whether the videos are not Skripal, or Julia at some point went blonde, and during the second shooting overcame a bag on the other shoulder, or blonde — not Julia…

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