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Friday, April 20, 2018

The UN found the Ukrainian trace in North Korea’s missile

The secret of a successful North Korean program to launch ballistic missiles disclosed. In the report of the UN expert group that monitors implementation of sanctions on Pyongyang, which needs to be promulgated on 16 March, contained one interesting detail. As reported, Ukraine has confirmed to the UN that the latest ballistic missile of the DPRK, is likely to contain components of the engine of the Soviet era RD-250, which was produced by Ukrainian enterprise “Yuzhmash”.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

The assumption about the Ukrainian origin of the engines appeared in August last year with the filing of The New York Times. American journalists have suggested that missile technology was transferred to the DPRK by the Ukrainian factory “Pivdenmash.” Ukraine then announced that the RD-250, suitable for flying, exported to Russian territory, and all the documentation for their production “is securely stored in specially equipped premises”. However, with the “export to the Russian territory,” Ukraine is a little confused. In August, answering questions of journalists, Chairman of the national space Agency of Ukraine Yuriy Radchenko said that “these engines were widely used in two projects — “Cyclone-2 and Cyclone-3”, which were made to “Pivdenmash” in the interests of the Russian Federation. There were made 111 rocket “Cyclone-3” and 122 rocket “Cyclone-2”. All the launches were successful. Independently of the supply of these engines for all the time of independence since the development of this technique by Ukrainian enterprises “Pivdenmash” and accompanying of KB “southern” not performed”. Well, let’s not all missiles “Cyclone-3” was so successful. But in any case, even after a bad start the engines, which was equipped with missiles “Cyclone”, to burn. And because of supply in the Russian Federation of separate engines was not, then how would they take it? However, Radchenko said that Russia could stay about 7 to 20 unused missiles (as so launches were successful, and the rocket left?).

But experts say about other. Rockets “Cyclone” installed the RD-261. It appears in its characteristics. And these engines are triple. On the same Korean ballistic missiles — a single-chamber engine. RD-250 exists in two versions — dual-chamber and single chamber. So in Russia or in the composition of the finished rockets or separate single-chamber never imported.

But such engines in Ukraine, there are almost freely available. For example, a similar engine is available in the Dnepropetrovsk state University in one of the departments on the test bench. Therefore, the assurances of Yuriy Radchenko that the three allegedly left Ukraine independent of the engine family “Cyclone” are supervised by the SBU, at least unreliable.

And finally, about the “Pivdenmash”. As you know, the fate of this giant COSMODRONE in modern Ukraine is sad. In 2016, the plant switched to a one-day working week. Tens of thousands of employees were out of work. Debts on salaries — multimillion. Workers report that the factory take out all that you can, trucks. Sad and the situation in KB “South”, where he developed the famous engines. General designer of KB Alexander Degtyarev, many years successfully led the development, was fired in early 2016. After that KB has left many engineers. And experts do not exclude that some of the employees could leave, and with the drawings. Do they need something to live, just state you no longer need them. However, Degtyarev sure that only on the basis of the drawings, the DPRK would not be able to create the engine. And in the UN report talking about parts produced to “Pivdenmash.” So look for the leak it should still there.

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