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Saturday, April 14, 2018

In Morocco the oldest discovered in Africa to the DNA of Homo Sapiens

The most ancient traces of human DNA, which can be called “modern” from a genetic point of view, found in Morocco, an international team of paleontologists, according to a number of media with reference to the Moroccan Ministry of culture and communication. The age of the finds is estimated at about 15 thousand years.

photo: pixabay.com

Reportedly, the DNA was discovered in the cave known as the Grotto of pigeons, which is located in North-Eastern Morocco near the village of Taforalt in the province of berkane. The researchers note that Africa is considered the “cradle of mankind”, but still so ancient genetic traces of Homo Sapiens in it was found. Scientists expect that the results obtained will allow to learn more about the settlement of the Northern part of the continent, and consequently, the species Homo Sapiens in General.

Earlier this year it was reported that experts from tel Aviv University have studied the jaw previously discovered in the cave Milia in Israel. As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that the age of this jaw is no less than 177 thousand years. The researchers said that it discovered a bone, judging by the results, is the ancient remains of a completely “modern” from an anatomical point of view of a man who lived even earlier representatives of Homo Sapiens, the remains of which are found in Africa, had some “archaic” features. According to scientists, it allows to significantly “move” the date of the appearance of modern humans and their migration outside Africa..

Recently, anthropologists have proposed a new explanation for why only the CRO-magnons were able to put on the walls recognizable image, while Neanderthals such was not able to. According to the researchers from the University of California at Davis, the modern secret from the anatomical point of view of people was that they practiced more sophisticated hunting techniques, making could better “coordinate” the work of the eyes and hands.

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