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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Family Sergei Skripal was torn by scandals: they involved the boyfriend of Julia

If the British misadventures Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia has already acquired a mass of details, about what was happening with the children Skripal in Russia we know very little. We went to two addresses in Moscow where the family lived, found out which conflict it occurred, and when was the last time Sergei Skripal was in contact with relatives

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

The family originally Skripal lived in an apartment at the Autumn Boulevard, Dom 10 korpus 2. This one bedroom apartment on the 16th floor with an area of 57.7 square. If you go back to the chronology of events, this accommodation in Krylatskoye in a departmental house at the time received ex-GRU Colonel Sergei Skripal. In 2004, he was detained and then sentenced to prison. The apartment was left to live with relatives — his wife Lyudmila (died in Britain from cancer), son of Alexander and Julia.

In 2010 Skripal was exchanged for a Russian agent, Lyudmila went with her son after her husband to the UK. In fact, the apartment was left to live alone with Julia knight. And in 2016, she suddenly decided to sell the house — that was very insistent boyfriend. A deal in November, they came together.

– It seemed to us that he clearly manipulates the girl, later recalled the buyers of apartments at the Autumn Boulevard. Although he was polite, treated to tea and have little conversations.

Julia, according to participants of negotiations on the sale of the apartment, was under the influence of a young man who proceeds on the difference from the purchase of another dwelling, had planned to buy a “Range Rover”. All realtors in one voice told Julia, they say the apartment is forever, you should not throw, and the machine is that you can lose. But Julia decided, considering the interests of the other, and despite the fact that it is because of this very cursed brother Alexander, with whom she is in principle very well communicated. After the transaction, her action was the reason for the quarrel between relatives.

The fact that, as confirmed by the realtors, it was clear deterioration of living conditions — of course, Julia is also moved in the “kopeck piece”, but cheaper by about a couple of million. The second apartment was smaller — 46,9 square meters and in a less prestigious area of Fili-Davydkovo. From home to the metro Slavic Boulevard – 830 meters (for comparison — metro Krylatskoe was two steps from the old family nest). A significant disadvantage of the apartment was that the dwelling is located on the first floor. The previous tenants was very nervous when passers-by knocking him into the wall, as the apartment is located right near the entrance to the house. Why they even installed a video camera in order to somehow protect themselves from bullies.

As told to militiamen cousin Julia Elena Skripal, who lives in the Primorsky Krai, their other cousin, Victoria Skripal from Yaroslavl, the social network became open to discuss the deal with Julia the wife of the brother, Alexander Skripal — “Natalia from England”. Both women condemned the act of Yulia, calling it “a move from an elite district in the Khrushchev”. Public spanking really hurt Julia, and she supported Helen wrote a lot of angry messages to both ladies.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

At the new place, Julia has established itself since the early days, as a responsible tenant. She has informed HBC that became the owner of “kopeck piece”, and membership fees and utility bills were paid ahead.

The girl drove SUV “Ford Kuga”, she was a mongrel dog, which she loved. According to neighbors, Julia often came and stayed with her young man. The short man moved to the black “range Rover” and was always with his four-legged friend — a black dog of such size that the owner could barely hold him on a leash.

After the February holidays this year, the landlord started the repairs. Local residents heard the characteristic sounds of her home and saw the light in the apartment only in the evenings. The girl at the time of repair went down and visited their “kopeck piece” every few days for a few hours and then left. The last time the light in the window the neighbors could see in early March.

On the eve of Julia actively moved around the city on his car. “MK” has found out that Ford Skripal on March 1, was recorded in Krylatskoye and mozhaiskom area. The next day Yulia went to Mozhaisk highway in Moscow — the end point of its route was in the Eastern district, where last time her car was seen in the area Ketcherskaya street.

According to relatives, the mother of Sergei Skripal Elena Yakovlevna, the widow of a veteran living in Yaroslavl, still doesn’t know about what happened with her son and granddaughter. An old woman over ninety, and she hid even the death of the grandson of Alexander (he died in St. Petersburg under unclear circumstances, came for several days from Moscow, bought a return ticket — the diagnosis, according to unconfirmed reports, “liver failure).

The last time Elena Yakovlevna talked with Sergei Skripal on the phone, he told the parent that waits for the arrival of Julia (the British press wrote that she supposedly flew to London on March 3, the day before the poisoning). Skripal said to her mother that Julia had planned significant events, and she will come to him for advice. In the apartment Julia was to finish the repair before the sale, was confirmed by relatives. She has a boyfriend already, the wedding was planned, the proceeds from the sale of the home they wanted to add to the savings and buy a bigger apartment.

Sergei Skripal agreed with the family from Yaroslavl that will be in contact with them on March 8, but a call from him that never came.

We will remind that earlier one of the relatives of Skrobala said that the young man’s mother Julia was totally against the wedding, and for allegedly poisoning could be “offended woman”.

Meanwhile, British media have reported version: toxic substance father brought Julia from Moscow, they may have been treated with some object in her Luggage.

However, this version was not new, but it arose among others in the beginning of the investigation, and new details in the plan since then has not appeared. The most likely version, you could still be that the poison was machine treated Sergei Skripal. Yesterday was published an interesting detail: the police took on the study of another car, who was at the military base in Larkhill.

Read more about this in the article “Trail of poisoning Skripal has led to British military headquarters”

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