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Friday, April 20, 2018

Sobchak can be removed from the race: “Pregnancy is not a disease”

Media reported about a possible second pregnancy of Ksenia Sobchak: say, this explains her unusual nervous condition on the debates of presidential candidates.

“MK” asked the experts what they think about it, how often ladies in an interesting position become heads of state and leave you in this regard from their posts.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Six years ago, in the neighboring German Minister for family Affairs Kristina schröder, saying that soon give birth, even received public congratulations from Angela Merkel.

Well, the woman a pregnant woman will always understand. But is it worth the risk? For example, hysterical on TV…

Pregnancy is not a disease! And in order to bring themselves up to hysteria, do not have to be pregnant – says Lily MIHAJLOVA, the clinical psychologist. – It all depends on emotional state, mental hardening and an adequate assessment of the situation.

– But I always say that pregnant women can’t take the tension.

– No, it is not dangerous. He receives nourishment through the mother. For it is dangerous: bleeding, impaired placental sheath, oxygen starvation. Emotions he does not feel. And excitement of the mother not the reason for the miscarriage.

– But the hormones still affect her mental state?

She’s lead a full life. Including to occupy important government positions. Another question is whether the nation’s leader crying in public? Although… In the case of Sobchak, even if she is pregnant, don’t think that’s a real hysteria. It’s not like. Tears and a modicum of acting provide the perfect exit from a difficult situation. Everyone knows that the debate is planned performance.

But Xenia never cried in public. She is known for the “iron”button.

– As a psychologist – I don’t think. She was always quite emotionally reacted to the criticism, screamed, fought back with words. I’m telling you, the artist! Nice loses. In any case, if she is pregnant she has a legal right to withdraw from the race.

However, pregnant high person – is not such a phenomenon. So the Prime Minister of the government of New Zealand 37-year-old Jacinda Ardern pregnant just at the moment, her child should be born in June. However, she now says that on maternity leave the future father of the baby — it is also known TV presenter of programs about fishing the “fish of the day”. Because she Ardern, alas, is not entitled to bring your forced vacation recently formed Cabinet. The maximum that it can afford a few weeks downtime.

By the way, the premershu very apologetic for what happened, to all new Zealanders — that the family is coming replenishment, Jacinda found out just a week before took so high a position, but are unable to abandon it (because it imposed a lot of hope her own party), the first time MS Ardern carefully concealed his condition from the public, desperately struggling with morning sickness, which never left her while she discussed the composition of the new government, and was very worried that the staff will pay attention to as she began to eat.

Another expecting a baby and the head of the country long before this, in 1990-m to year became the leader of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. Her daughter was born. By the way, more pregnant women elected heads of state (unlike the king) the story does not know.

Pregnant of Ministers today a dime a dozen. The most famous of them 37-the summer Minister of defence of Spain, Carmen chacón took military parade in the seventh month. She gave birth to her son Miguel, not looking up from the job. Now the boy is six years. Unfortunately, Carmen died in April last year from a congenital heart defect.

Last summer, the sixth time the mother became the Minister of education of Estonia Mailis Reps. And in January of 2018 gave birth to a third daughter and the head of the Latvian Ministry of health and Anda Chakshu. And though pregnancy is not a disease, but the announcement of her condition has caused in the Republic of certain legal collapse: the fact that local legislation, in the regulations of the government does not envisage a situation in which one or another Minister may be in an interesting position. And it was not clear whether to send her on maternity leave, or resign in the interests of the country. They say the Prime Minister of Latvia Maris Kuchinskis was so discouraged by this news, refused to comment to journalists. In the end, Anda still left on maternity leave, but only for a month and a half.

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