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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Secretary of state Tillerson was fired for “saving paper clips”

A statement of full support for the claims of great Britain to Russia because of the case Skripal was one of the last acts of Rex Tillerson to the post of Secretary of state. After a few hours, knight of the Russian order of Friendship left a post of the head of American diplomacy. Officially – with gratitude, unofficially, with the feeling of a completely failed mission.

photo: ru.wikipedia.org

Now to steer the main American “office for the distribution of cookies” is a former Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo was not awarded any of our orders, but which, however, can recover if Tillerson capacity of the US state Department.

Rex Tillerson, who led the U.S. state Department early last year, and Rex Tillerson, who left his position earlier this spring — they are two completely different people. Tillerson, who came to “Misty hill” (the informal name of the state Department) had a reputation of titanium management, a thin foreign-policy strategist and a specialist in establishing relations with the most complex and intractable political regimes on earth.

In less than a year and a half, from this shining reputation is not gone. The skills that helped Rex Tillerson as the head of the oil company of world level, has served him exceptionally bad service in the state Department. Tillerson leaving public service, having the image of the most hated U.S. Secretary of state today — hate for his subordinates.

The main problem of the Secretary of state Tillerson was not that he was not able to establish a working relationship with Donald trump. Of all the pillars of the American establishment, who reluctantly went to work in the current administration, normal relations with the President had failed to establish one. As is clear from the public and non-public revelations of current and former American dignitaries, trump is a spoiled child, an incompetent Manager, a man who deeply and sincerely hates his chief Ministers. Why the first of these Ministers has “scrapped” it Tillerson? Because the Secretary of state was a kind of “mini-trump” – a hopelessly incompetent political Manager, who for all the months of his tenure did not understand exactly where he was.

For obvious reasons I am not a man who can be upset due to the fact that the state Department suddenly had problems. But reading in the major American media about the manners of the times the state Department Tillerson, I repeatedly caught myself on the compassion got in trouble diplomats of the United States.

Tillerson addressed the state Department as a giant machine for the squandering of public funds, as a giant bureaucracy, which is out of control. I can’t judge whether this is so or not, but the recipes “Dr. Tillerson” was much more dangerous than they diagnosed “disease”. The Secretary of state left vacant a large part of the authoritative positions in the state Department, and he focused not on the actual diplomacy, and on developing measures to save the state money.

Under these measures, Rex Tillerson saved including himself: abandoned large aircraft predecessor, and flew at the little one who was forced to make frequent landings to refuel. The anecdote? But Tillerson all the state Department has turned into one big joke. The owner of the nickname “Tyrannosaurus Rex” didn’t trust anyone to take any significant decisions, but was very proud that he figuratively has always been able “to save on paper clips”. It is clear that long such could not continue. And so the inevitable happened: the new U.S. Secretary of state became a political Manager traditional sense Mike Pompeo, who during his leadership of the CIA did not cause any complaints from his subordinates.

That the Russians should first know about the new chief of American diplomacy? Probably this: gestures of friendship and friendship towards our country from Mike Pompeo is not expected. In contrast, Tillerson, who was suspected Pro-Russian sympathies (as shown by its activity on a post of the Secretary of state absolutely nothing), Pompeo in this regard is completely “mentally stable”. But to say that the new American Secretary of state (or, rather, the candidate for this position — Pompeo must be approved by the Senate) maintains anti-Russian views is to say nothing. With the possible exception of the trump in the current Washington is no more or less influential politicians, who belong to the Russian Federation good or even just neutral.

Therefore, we will not be nostalgic for the “wrong Rex” and try to find his successor something even remotely good — especially that long to find it “remotely good” is not necessary. When Tillerson the state Department in the above quirks his head could not perform its main function in relation to Russia is to provide the dialogue between the two countries. When Pompeo “misty hill” just out of phase is artificially organized chaos and will restore its ability to normal functioning. Whether this will facilitate Russian-American dialogue? In technical terms — of course, in a meaningful — not sure. Will be in the future — a future that has become real.

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