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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Secret chemist poisoning “the Rookie”: “Paralyzed legs, cirrhosis, disability, dead”

British Prime Minister Theresa may said that the poisoning of ex-spy Sergei Skripal “with high probability” is Russia. Called and the means by which he was poisoned intelligence — the nerve substance of the fourth generation of “Novice.” About this matter we talked to a chemist from the secret in the past of the national Institute and translated a passage from the book of Vila Mirzayanov, who first released information about the “Newcomer”.

photo: pixabay.com

The history of “Newbie” starts in 1971, when the State research Institute of organic chemistry and technology began to develop the strongest, not having analogues in the world of chemical weapons. And developed: in the early ‘ 90s, the authors obtained chemical weapons for fighting the Lenin prize.

At the same time gets to know about it a wide audience: leakage formulas organized former employee Gniht Vil Mirzayanov (now lives in USA), what he on Monday, immediately after the statement by Theresa may, and recalled in social networks: “Its chemical formula is published only in my book… Washington has done a lot for its destruction. Has not reached its goal.”

As it turned out, we are talking about the publication of “State secrets. An insider’s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapon’s Program“ (State secret. Chronicle of a secret program to develop the Russian chemical weapons). Along with Martynovym in open sources on the Internet mention the names of two other scientists: Lev Fedorov and Vladimir Hydrocarbon. But Mirzayanova belong to publications associated with the secret Russian agent.

The first was the article “the Poisoned policy” in the newspaper “Moscow news” from 1992, where he also talks about the “Newbie”. He, according to Mirzayanov, was developed in the framework of the project “Folio” and is a binary chemical weapon, that is, one that is in “combat state” immediately before use (before his reagents, which are generally safe, held separately from each other).

However, the chemist Mirzayanov, according to his former colleagues, yet was not part of the team “Newbie”. How could he know about the formula? The question I ask the chemist with great experience who is familiar with Maszynowym.

– In private institutions as follows: if one lab is working on some substance, this is known only to themselves actors, in the next lab don’t even know what’s going on behind the wall, responds my companion. – However, Vil Mirzayanov was a good chromatographica specialist for the separation and analysis of mixtures of substances and study of their physico-chemical properties and, therefore, it theoretically could reach the secret information.

– Which he, as an uncompromising fighter against Russia could share with his new countrymen?

– It is possible, because he already was charged with treason after the publication of the “Novice” in the 92 th year in “Moscow news”. Then under pressure from the “democratic public” was released and he left for the USA, now living in Princeton, he was already 82 years old. Personally, I Mirzayanov was unpleasant: the exploration would be with him never went any unstable person was that in communication with colleagues, personal life.

– Did Western intelligence agencies themselves to slip the equivalent of “Newbie” will Kripalu?

– Of course. Surely the development of such substances was conducted and they had, just they were better able to classify. And after the revelation Mirzoyanova, which is also the formula shared, has turned out to be simple themselves to make the attempt, and the responsibility to shift to Russia. Only weird thing, “all knowing”, the UK intelligence services are somehow not name the exact chemical name of the substance, but only its “nickname” – a “Newbie”. This may indicate that they (having one, prepared by British scientists equivalent) are afraid to make mistakes, because the people developing the drug, know such details of its preparation, which can always bring the crooks to clean water.

– And if the material was created strictly according to the original formula?

– Then to recognize the place of manufacture is impossible.

The fact that the victims will Kripalu and his daughter were quickly entered the antidote, suggests that otraslyam substance knew in advance…

– Most likely Yes. This exposes the British security services is that they have all been ready in case such a wild poisoning.

Now please answer the question, in what form could be used by “Novice”? The British press writes, for example, about poisoned bouquet. Is this possible?

– To destroy the Pope and the daughter of chemical warfare agents — it is truly strange that we should still be very cautious with the conclusions and not lead to a lightweight data Theresa may. If they wanted to destroy with revenge, it would have done it very quietly. Here it is necessary to look for someone who needed a scandal. And it’s certainly not the Russian side.

The fact that the drug is neurotoxic can pull in the grave not only of victims, but also those who presents, and also completely strangers, who by unhappy coincidence, suddenly turns around. So, we have the Institute at the time, killed a lady who just inhaled vapors OV. Was also a Professor and physician who inadvertently poisoned himself and only for his deep knowledge, stretched out after a few years.

In open sources is also an employee Gniht Andrei Zheleznyakov, who was poisoned exactly “Rookie” in 1987. Did you know him?

Yes, I did. He first legs began to weaken, then develop cirrhosis of the liver, he was disabled and died, I believe, in 1992. So, if Skripal was used similar stuff to survive, he and his daughter can, but certainly they may face lifelong disabilities.

From the file “MK”. Here is what Vil Mirzayanov in his book “State secrets: an Insider’s chronicle of the Russian chemical weapons program” (State Secrets: An Insider”s Chronicle of the Russian Chemical Weapons Program), published in 2008 in English.

“For a long time Russia simply reproduced the chemical weapons of the Western countries, but in the early 1970s, the Russian scientist Petr Kirpichev and his team have created a new class of chemicals is many times deadlier than any other known substances. Moreover, these chemicals were not traditional fosfororganicheskikh nerve substance of known structure.”

Further Mirzayanov claims that GOSNIIOKHT urgently synthesized pesticide with the same pattern. “This has opened the possibility of using agricultural chemicals as components of binary weapons.” According to Mirzayanov, “even when there were negotiations on the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, Russia (the USSR – “MK”) secretly and persistently moved in the program design and testing of a new class of binary chemical substance, code-named “Beginner”. According to the Wyoming Memorandum (1989 – “MK”), and the United States, and Russia was obliged to declare its storage of chemical weapons, but Russia lied about the amount stored and never recognized the availability of the program “Beginner”.

According to Mirzayanov, he decided to become a whistleblower (“If not I’ll tell you, then who? Perhaps no one in the world knew about the “Novice”), to this end, in September 1992, he published a paper on Soviet chemical weapons in “Moscow News”. Then he was prosecuted. As Mirzayanov writes, “in the end, the investigation of the security officers played a cruel joke with them. They attached to my case more than 60 secret documents relating to the development of chemical weapons in Russia… I am legally copied them during familiarization with the case materials… of these documents it became possible to understand how the program is developing binary chemical weapons a “Newbie” developed in the Soviet Union and then in Russia.”

Allegedly Mirzoyanova, despite the fall of the Communist regime, the program lasted until the end of 1992, and perhaps then: “Despite my revelations and Russia’s ratification of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons, the “Newbie” has not been placed under international control, and substance A-230, A-232 and their precursors and binary components not included in the list of controlled compounds of the Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons”.

Recall that today, Russian Senator Igor Morozov, who previously worked in the security services, denied allegations Mirzoyanova, saying that in Russia now there are no stocks of these substances — they were completely destroyed.

Read the story “How poisoned Skripal: a woman in a mask and poisonous BMW”

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