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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Scientists have found hundreds of “genes of intelligence”

A group of geneticists representing the University of Edinburgh and several other universities, have discovered more than 500 genes, in varying degrees, affect human intelligence. According to experts, their study is the largest of its kind to date.

photo: pixabay.com

The researchers collected information about more than 240 000 people and was able to discover the relationship between the variations of 534 different genes and intellectual development. Also, experts note that all known DNA fragments that are directly associated with thought processes, located in 187 regions of the genome.

Of course, environment and other factors also played a very significant role, but even by itself, data about the DNA turned out to be enable with a significant probability to make certain assumptions — in particular, they allow to “predict” the seven percent difference in average intellectual level of the two independent from each other groups of people.

The authors of the new papers also note that many genetic variants affect both human intelligence and the likelihood that he will be a survivor.

Experts suggest that their study allows us to better understand how human genes affect intelligence, and in some cases, a key role is played by something else. The study was published in the journal Molecular Psychiatry.

We will remind, recently it was reported that another group of scientists have devoted their research to the influence of genes on a person’s ability for empathy. As it turned out, the environment in this respect is of greater significance, however, not less than ten percent of a person’s ability to put themselves in the place of the interlocutor depends on his DNA. The experts noted that almost any feature of the person, amenable to any measurement, has, in particular, the “genetic” component, but its importance compared with other factors should not be underestimated, nor overestimated.

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