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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Saakashvili has demanded to resume the criminal case against him

The Prosecutor General’s office of Ukraine has decided to suspend pre-trial investigation of the criminal case against the former head of Georgia and the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili, who is suspected of assisting a criminal organization. However, the policy is not satisfied with the decision and he insists on continuing the investigation to return to Ukraine to “defend himself to the end.” In addition, the politician said that he was going to achieve the arrest of the head of GPU, Yury Lutsenko, the management of the SBU and “warthog-faced three judges of the court of appeal”.

photo: a frame from the video

As the press service of the party “Movement new forces,” the investigation in the criminal case against Saakashvili suspended due to “the need to perform procedural actions in the framework of international cooperation”. For this reason, the GPU sent to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, where he now lives, a politician, a request of “providing international legal assistance for execution of procedural and investigative actions with the participation of Saakashvili”.

According to the lawyer of the disgraced politician Ruslan Chernovetskogo, in its decision, the Prosecutor General’s office signed the unfounded suspicions against Saakashvili. The defender has seen in the actions of the Department formalism, which is that the suspect first threw out of the territory of Ukraine “contrary to law”, and then asking for international cooperation. “But in order not to lose credibility in the community it decided to freeze for an indefinite time.” The lawyer said that the defense intends to achieve full closure of the trumped-up criminal case.

According to the ex-President of Georgia, the Prosecutor’s office to resume the criminal case and give him the opportunity to return to Ukraine, so he could “defend himself to the end.” “The situation is very simple: they broke through the next bottom. Now it is proved that there was no conversation with Kurchenko was fitting … I demand to have the case reopened, I demand you let me back in Ukraine”, — Saakashvili said in an interview with NewsOne.

Earlier the Deputy Prosecutor General Yevgeny Yenin said that the Agency asked the Dutch authorities to record the voice samples of the disgraced politician. Saakashvili himself has repeatedly refused to provide a record of your voice to Ukrainian investigators investigation into his alleged connection with the oligarch from the environment ex-the President Victor Yanukovych Sergey Kurchenko. According to investigators, the ex-President of Georgia received money from a businessman who was funding the protests, “the purpose of which was the seizure of state power and assistance to members of criminal group of Yanukovych-Kurchenko to stop their prosecution, the resumption of control over the assets.” As reported “MK” the Deputy head of the Ukrainian Institute of policy analysis and management Kirill Molchanov, the case gave Saakashvili “a kind of second wind in the fight against Poroshenko.”

Experts told “MK” that Saakashvili appeared legitimate way to return to Ukraine, but in practice it will not work.

Vladimir ZHARIKHIN, Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries:

All these arrests, the release, the institution of criminal proceedings and their closure is an indicator that around Saakashvili is a certain struggle. And not in Kiev, but in Washington. With the filing of some hold of him, and with applying — go. Is in the US forces concerned to preserve the power of the President of Ukraine Poroshenko, and those who sees in his chair another person. All these strange actions reflect this opposition. If someone influential in Washington wants Saakashvili returned to Ukraine, he will be back.

Rostislav ISCHENKO, a Ukrainian political scientist:

Saakashvili is now in the Netherlands and not of interest to the Ukrainian authorities, so the case was closed. I think that it is information-political games with it on both sides. Saakashvili there are legitimate ways to return to Ukraine, because the GPU has opened a criminal case, and then stopped. Thus, Saakashvili may require the ability to justify in court, but in practice this is, of course, will not work. Including back he will not let his own political supporters who are not interested in unnecessary competition — they are there “themselves with a mustache”.

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