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Monday, March 19, 2018

Mathematics revealed the secret of survival during a zombie Apocalypse

The scenario of a zombie Apocalypse in which people turn into aggressive, “the living dead”, making those of others, is often used in the fantasy and science fiction works. Less for him to seek professional scientists, however, sometimes such a topic and they are interested in. Recently, the Brazilian mathematics from the Federal University Guisa di fora decided to find out what role in the struggle with the zombies would be the military, and whether a large army of zombie Apocalypse to prevent.

photo: pixabay.com

A computer model made by scientists, involves three types of “participants” of the zombie Apocalypse — civilians, not ready to fight the zombies themselves zombies and trained soldiers. Military have a chance to defeat the zombies and to teach some methods of others — thus, “civilian” might become like “zombie” and “soldier”. In some cases, that zombies just kill people, not turning them into their own kind.

In scenarios that did not involve any military, zombies always won and did it quickly, but even a small amount of soldiers if was able to save mankind or, at least, to give him much more time. At the same time for a convincing victory over a zombie with almost no losses, for every thousand civilian should have about fifty military — in reality, the situation is only in North Korea.

However, experts suggest that the more correct method of dealing with a purely hypothetical zombie Apocalypse would be to develop tools that make people immune to turning into creatures obsessed with the feeling of hunger.

Of course, the likelihood that “zombie Apocalypse” can happen in reality, tends to zero. However, it can be noted that in real life there are control the behavior of their victims, the parasites. Fully “mastering” some of them can ants or crickets, but others to some extent able to influence the more highly developed beings. In particular, it is believed that people infected with cat parasite Toxoplasma gondii sometimes show increased aspiration risk, inertia, and less interest in novelty, a desire for excessive frankness.

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