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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

In Antarctica found polutrilliona a colony of penguins

A colony of Adelie penguins, numbering about half a million individuals, found in Antarctica, experts from the state University of new York at stony brook, the Oceanographic Institute in woods Hole and other research organizations. Adélie penguins are one of the most common species belonging to the order pinguinoerrante, but such a large number of these birds in one place scientists to find had ever.

photo: pixabay.com

Initially attracted the attention of scientists discovered in satellite images of the numerous traces of droppings of penguins in the archipelago called Dangerous island. Before the penguins in these places did not find, however, the new data have allowed researchers to come to the conclusion that there are a multitude of birds. In the future, to monitor the archipelago was used drones, images of which were analyzed using artificial intelligence, the ability to “recognize”. The scientists also “personally” studied the pictures and looking at them laying eggs of penguins.

As a result, the researchers came to the conclusion that the archipelago are inhabited by 751 527 pairs of penguins, or more than half a million individuals — allegedly, it’s more than in the rest of the Antarctic Peninsula taken together. Just to answer the question why Dangerous island sheltered as many penguins scientists to answer is not ready, however, further study of this issue, in their opinion, could be very valuable from the point of view of science and the environment.

Experts note that in General, the number of penguins in the Western part Antarctica very rapidly declining and the East is gradually increasing. The authors tend to associate it with climate change in the region. However, the recently discovered colony, apparently, this trend is not affected. Experts believe that the archipelago needs to obtain the status of protected area.

The work of scientists was published in Scientific reports.

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