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Friday, March 16, 2018

Called easiest way to cope with stress during student’s session

A group of canadian researchers from the University of British Columbia research has shown that even a single communication with Pets allows students to relieve stress — for example, due to the need to pass a lot of exams. As the researchers suggest, a half hour spent with the dog can make the session much less challenge for the mind.

photo: pixabay.com

The study involved 246 students, each of which several times filled out a questionnaire which describes your current psychological state. Such testing participants for the first time took place two weeks before the main phase of the experiment. Then they filled out the questionnaire just before some of them were given the opportunity to spend a half hour playing with dogs. After that, and then another ten hours as students communicate with dogs and the control group again responded to questions about his mood. As it turned out, this kind of therapy did the participants about “20 percent happier.

Experts note that the study itself was not conducted during the session, and in General the students were not reasons to stress. Nevertheless, the results obtained by scientists believe the evidence in favor of the fact that contact with dogs in a similar format would help students avoid unnecessary unrest in the period of exam preparation. However, to confirm this assumption will require further studies with a large number of participants, suggest psychologists.

Scientific work was published in the journal Stress and Health.

This is not the first study, in particular with respect to demonstrating the use of dogs and other Pets to humans. For example, last year scientists from the University of Alberta, came to the conclusion that children since a very early age in contact with cats, dogs and other furry Pets, subsequently, less likely to suffer from allergies or obesity. A group of Australian experts under the leadership of MIA Cobb from Monash University have shown that the heart of a dog and its owner when they are together in a special way synchronized. According to the researchers, this not only emphasizes the special bond between man and animal, but also improves the health of both.

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