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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A woman at the head of the CIA: Gina Haspel “spy so-so”

The President of the United States Donald trump announced that the head of the CIA will become the Genie Haspel — after the departure of Mike Pompeo for the post of Secretary of state. This is the first ever woman at the helm of American intelligence agencies. We asked the experts about the next unexpected “castling” of Donald trump, and about whether there is a fundamental difference the sex of the head of the state security services. The opinions were divided.

photo: AP

Mikhail Lyubimov, a Soviet spy, writer: “the fact that Gina had Haspel worked for many years in the security services and became the head of the CIA, does not mean that she is a brilliant spy. In the security services how can one make a career? Their role often play and randomness, and… I think she did an administrative career, this female clerk. What I have read, I am not convinced. Probably it will all follow the guidelines of the trump.”

Svetlana Chervonnaya, a historian of intelligence, the americanist: “In very many cases the female head is good. Women are less aggressive, they three times will think, before will make less risky. The CIA has always worked on women, but at the head of it is really for the first time. At the same time in Germany, and in Scandinavia in the last 20 years, as we know, there were many women leaders in various posts, and the British counterintelligence service МІ5 double-headed woman (Stella Rimington, 1992-1996, and Eliza Manningham-Buller, 2002-2007 – “MK”)”.

Alexander Mikhailov, General-major of FSB in reserve: “In the United States have women in the security services and law enforcement, there is one feature: they are fighting for emancipation, they acquire masculine traits. Martinet I would not call them, but the harshness and even cruelty is inherent in them, and often they are more demanding than men.

But the head of the CIA takes the will of the political leadership of the country, and in this sense, the parish Haspel this special service, nothing gained, but not lost. Recently the CIA had a lot of failures, they often distribute information that does not correspond to reality, and generally it is not so much gathering information for leadership of the country, how many provide information and policy decisions already taken. Will the situation change with the arrival of this lady is still hard to say. But we must bear in mind that former CIA Director Pompeo has now become Secretary of state, and he will surely keep their fingers on the pulse”.

Nikolay Kovalev, the General reserve, the former Director of the FSB, state Duma Deputy (United Russia): “the Fundamental difference between women and men working in the security services, is that women are more diligent, And they usually do not tolerate hasty decisions, not thinking the information received, a more accurate and thorough in working with her.

I noticed when we got acquainted with the staff, and the CIA, and the FBI is working a lot of women, and they are mainly engaged in the analytical work and strong in her. Male managers, in my opinion, often make decisions based on emotion or their political preferences. So from that point of view we can welcome the appointment of a woman as head of the CIA, because that’s what prudence and caution when making decisions — just what you need today, America today and its establishment”.

About the biography of Gina has Haspel read in detail in our article “Intelligence officer of secret prisons in Thailand”

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