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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Armed and very spiritual

Important and wealthy citizen of Russia did not like the judge’s decision. Ivan Savvidi, owner of the team, ran onto the football field with a gun. The judge was scared. The match was cancelled.

photo: Alex geldings

The match was in Greece, and, seemingly, what do we care, what was done by a Russian businessman, how many players or how many naked fish swims in his aquarium.

But now everything is aggravated to the limit — inside the polls, outside the sanctions — and every scandal adds a spoonful of tar in our barrel of honey. The kilograms of cocaine from Argentina and Uruguay; military poison gas in London; mermaid RUSAL almost without scales; the deputies are grabbing journalists for causal space; in Chechnya (where not only the owners of the club, but the players probably the Golden gun) two hours marinated overnight in the bus his team, arranging a sudden anti-terrorist exercises, like the defeat of the “Akhmad” can be regarded as a terrorist attack — a lesson to all football clubs, another time to think.

However, all this purely material history, and we are more important than spirituality. After all, in Russian spirituality shares the first place with nuclear missiles.

A citizen Savvidi, who plays football with a gun other than a business (“Donskoy Tabak”, etc.) left a mark in the politics of Russia (8 years was a Deputy of the state Duma), and in its spirituality. He’s one of those at the local Council chose Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia. The election of the Patriarch — the most important historical event. To the electors was drawn heightened attention. That’s when Ivan Savvidi is remembered by many. In the press quoted him as saying that he “is still in the womb thought about Orthodoxy and our spirituality”. Such an amazing case of intrauterine growth amazed everybody. Another would be: for the first time in the history of mankind.

There are devoutly religious: strictly observe the fasts, attend all services, make confession, receive Holy communion. There are those who think of Easter only in the form of colored eggs. But they are first born and then they were baptized and they became Orthodox. And only one throughout the land was Orthodox already in the womb.

Then the radio station “Russian news service” offered me a debate with Mr Savvidi live. Transcript, fortunately, preserved. Here are some excerpts of the discussion.

photo: AP
Ugly trick of Ivan Savvidi (gun in a red circle).

Ivan Savvidi. If today we destroy the spiritual integrity of the state, we, in principle, destroy the country.

Alexander MINKIN. You said “if we destroy the spiritual integrity”. You say that like it is. Look what is happening in the country and what’s on TV, you will see that there is no spiritual integrity we have, unfortunately, no.

SAVVIDI. Thank God that I believe in God. About their Affairs, I will not speak, because, believe me, is not enough 24 hours.

A. M. I’m not asking you about your business.

SAVVIDI. I have business there, I am the Deputy of the state Duma… God’s will in me.

A. M. Church-going Orthodox, who has the right to choose the Patriarch, he must not only go to Church and put candle. He needs to go to confession.

SAVVIDI. Confession is the sacrament which belongs to a specific person. Moreover, I can say that I have not confessed at all.

LEADING. Never. So you are not taking communion, because communion must confess. Widely quoted your words about what you thought about Orthodoxy in the womb. How?

SAVVIDI. Yes, my genetic memory tells about Orthodoxy. I am Greek nationality, but more Russian any Russian to say that I’m Russian. Now I’ll tell you what I myself believe. I was born an Orthodox Christian and the Orthodox are high quality (gorgeous formula! — A. M.).

LEADING. That is transmitted genetically?

SAVVIDI. If preserved customs and traditions in the family — they are genetically transmitted, of course… do I understand Correctly that you put forward the idea that the Russian Orthodox Patriarch elect for the poor and the needy?

A. M. Maybe it would be better beggars was elected Patriarch than the rich, because Jesus…

SAVVIDI. We have a different nature.

A. M. Jesus said it is easier for a camel through the eye of a needle than a rich man into the Kingdom of heaven. Second. There are rules of the Church, but the rules are very worldly. You have 10% of their income to give to the Church.

SAVVIDI. Give more.

A. M. Probably, there are businessmen that do not show all the profit. If a businessman 10% of the Church gives, he gives only with legal or illegal too? After all, God is not an accountant, he can not hide.

SAVVIDI. Russia is a society, a nation that is poor, rich, weak, strong, honest, dishonest, etc. Collectively. We say, if we, Russians, want to preserve their statehood.

A. M. of the State of comrade Stalin was so much like you are now and I can not even hope to have. And the Church was in nothingness. The Church is another world. Why do you say all the time about the state?

SAVVIDI. I will say it again: I want our state lived.

A. M. You are in the Duma are engaged as a Deputy. But the Church is not engaged in state and souls.

SAVVIDI. How can a poor man be spiritually free? It can not be a priori.

A. M. You contradict the gospel, just sorely disagree. Jesus said, “give up all their possessions and follow me”. You MP someone — rich or poor?

SAVVIDI. I am a Deputy of his constituents.

A. M. what do you think, among them, more than the poor or the rich?

SAVVIDI. I can tell you more srednedushevyh.

A. M. you think that you as an MP should represent the interests of the rich and srednedushevyh, and the poor?

SAVVIDI. Of course.

A. M. And I think that as an MP you have to represent mainly the interests of the poor and the rich for themselves stand up.

SAVVIDI. I will say it again: I can say that our party…

A. M. What is your party?

SAVVIDI. I’m a member of “United Russia”.

A. M. Deputies from “United Russia” will receive approximately 6-7 thousand dollars a month.

SAVVIDI. I do not know.

A. M. don’t you know?

SAVVIDI. Is the tax on ask a question.

A. M. You do not know, what salary at you? Then you’re not living on his salary.

SAVVIDI. I will say it again: everything is transparent, the tax on ask a question, get answers. I don’t know.

Impeccably dressed, perfectly shaven, perfectly combed — it was something similar to don Corleone from “the Godfather”, and he also smelled danger. It was obvious that for many years, as he is unaccustomed to hear objections. He used to say, and people have to silently listen. When these important gentlemen, a toast for a solemn feast, they say ten minutes, fifteen, twenty — everything froze, not eating, not breathing, even the children do not squeak, even embryos in the womb freeze.

He was shocked and angry by the fact that argue with him. Is possible to say that parliamentary perversion of consciousness. The Deputy is inviolable — so, and the judgments of his neprikosnovenny.

SAVVIDI. I have enough spirit. And every day I pray and every day I say, “Lord, give me understanding that I made the right choice.” I said at the beginning that I was, in the words of Beneta I said, I don’t know how I’m telling the truth or not, but I want you to believe that I believe that telling the truth.

LEADING. Thank you. Well, we summarize the results of voting. 85,5% voted for Alexander Minkin and 14.5% for Ivan Savvidi.

* * *

Faith in God is not without language. Prayer is without language.

Intuition, burning feelings, spiritual ecstasy — all this is great but in the beginning was the Word. In the beginning Christianity was preached, were the words.

Believer the germ as unlikely as a talking sperm.

Instinctive, intuitive belief in a higher, maybe there is. But Christianity is not just a belief. And not just faith in God. And not just faith in the Christian God. To be Orthodox means to understand what your unlike of Catholics, Protestants, Adventists. And all this in the dark, in the belly?

Rather, in the womb, you can be a financier for material gain (satiety) is much simpler than the intricacies of philosophy and theology. But confused satiety (eggs) with the gift of God proverb is not recommended.

And tov. Savvidi is a normal person. In those same days when he was preparing to Express the will of the Almighty by open vote, he gave a laconic interview to magazine “the Autopilot” on “Smoking in the car?”. Quote:

IVAN Savvidi, the Deputy of the state Duma, the owner of factory “the don tobacco”: If we are to undermine the health of Smoking, then it should be done with pleasure — a Cup of coffee, listening to beautiful music with a beautiful girl.

Get pleasure from beautiful girls by beautiful music rich people love since time immemorial, when there was beautiful music. (A before without the music it worked well.) Manners gradually became softer…

Now it is obvious to all — more often the issue is decided by brute force. In the TV Studio fight on the roads and in schools shooting, brilliant green eyes, urine paintings. The Deputy protects the privacy of the bandit bribes large sums of money…

But not all countries. Greece issued a warrant for the arrest Savvidi.

Sanctions . Chronicle of events

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