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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

The special representative of the United States explained why Ukraine will not be in NATO

The US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker explained why Ukraine and Georgia is not worth it to hope for a speedy entry into NATO. Countries, there is still much to do, said Walker. He also explained why Ukraine has not received the action plan on membership in the Alliance, although this is supposed to happen in 2008.

Special envoy of the us state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker told the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, why Ukraine was not provided with the action plan for NATO membership.

The United States supported this decision, said Walker.

“It had to be done because map is not a guarantee of membership. It is a tool, a way to help the country to prepare to become a reliable candidate later”, – quotes Agency the words of the special representative of the state Department.

Granting the map to Ukraine and Georgia was supposed to happen back in 2008 at a conference in Bucharest. But then came the voices of the representatives of some countries-members of NATO, some opposition to this. According to Volker, they thought it “will create automatism in the direction of the membership.”

“They didn’t want to have automaticity on membership because of Russia. It was also said by other allies, they can be members, but now they are not ready,” – said the diplomat.

Currently, Ukraine and Georgia not ready to join the Alliance, says the spokesman: “They had to do a lot of work, and now for both countries a lot remains to be done”.

At the same time, the American diplomat pointed out that since both countries have annual national program, which provide the same kind of work that needs to be done in the framework of the map.

A few days earlier the special envoy of the us state Department on Ukraine have called for toughening the position of Western countries on the issue of visits to the Crimea politicians and businessmen. For this, says Walker, it’s time to punish rigidly.

“Including the consequences for travel trade and business contacts with this territory”, – said the diplomat.

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