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Saturday, March 17, 2018

RAS will provide Crimea with water: Alexander Sergeyev became the co-Chairman scientifically-technical Council

Providing drinking water to the Crimea, restoring, therapeutic and preventive health resort, search gas fields. These and many other questions will be addressed for the new Republic on – Board the formation and realization of scientific-technical and educational policy. The decision on its establishment at the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov was made on 6 March in Simferopol, at the meeting Aksenova with the President of RAS Alexander Sergeev and other representatives of the Academy of Sciences and the scientific community. Upon returning to Moscow Alexander Sergeyev told “MK” about the projects that are planned on the Peninsula in the near future.

photo: Natalia Gubernatorova

At the first meeting the co-chairs of the Council, they elected Sergey Aksenov and Alexander Sergeyev — defined six main research directions important for the development of the Crimea. These are agriculture, medicine, ecology, space, energy and archaeology.

-In the near future will be formulated large-scale projects in the framework of the program to be executed with the participation of the Russian Academy of Sciences, – said Sergeev. – The Academy will carry out scientific-methodical management of activity of the scientific organizations of Crimea.

One of these projects, according to Sergeeva, will be to find drinking water to Crimea.

In this connection, in the Crimea experiencing problems with water? Peninsula and in Soviet times was not the most prosperous region on water availability: due to the natural and geographical features there are a lot of arid areas. In 60-ies years the problem was partially solved by sending to the Crimea, the Dnieper water in the North-Crimean channel. But in 2014 Ukraine has blocked the channel…

In the Crimea, of course, artesian springs, mountain rivers, water reserves, which are collected throughout the year in a special store, but all this, alas, is not enough for all the needs of the population for watering agricultural land. And forecasters predict that this season will be arid, in General, the problem is acute.

-Experts believe that the problem of shortage of drinking water, we can solve within existing underground natural reservoirs, – says Alexander Sergeyev. – The main thing — to find them. We decided in the near future to carry out exploration of the whole territory of Crimea with the help of modern techniques to locate underground storage, which should be sufficiently high capacity. Meanwhile, there is a proposal to obtain additional water from desalination or from atmospheric moisture. Now Russia has tested a new condensing and accumulating moisture installations that promise to be more productive than the Western counterparts.

A lot of time at the meeting with Aksenov was devoted to the role of science in agriculture.

– Crimea there are unique in many ways: it is the crop with the seed, which are developed in the Institute of agriculture and in the Nikitsky Botanical garden, and livestock, – says the head wounds. In particular, scientists have plans to dramatically raise sheep in the country. In the Soviet time the population of the Crimean sheep has decreased in 10 times – from 2 million to 200 thousand, can you imagine? But Crimea has unique climatic conditions for the breeding of sheep, grazing here throughout the year.

Agriculture adjacent aquaresist – continues Sergeev, starting with a healthy algae to breeding of various oyster species.

Special attention should be paid astrophysical objects on the territory of the Republic. This Crimean astrophysical Observatory, and the deep space communication Center. Together they form a complex with great potential for fundamental scientific challenges, for flight on the ISS and deep space objects. There is to this complex and “earthly” problems: space monitoring of pollutions and search for minerals on the continental shelf. In recent years, with the academic ship, the scientists determined quite a lot of emission of methane in the gas bubbles that rise from the bottom. They testify to the gas fields. Now it is necessary to Supplement the data obtained by the space shots, and then we will talk about submitting to the courts deposits for drilling.

According to Sergeyev, the co-chairs of the Council are planning to appeal to the Russian leadership with a request to “add resource for new projects in the Crimea”. In April be held the first meeting of the new body to meet priorities.

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