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Wednesday, March 14, 2018

The “knights” of Regardie showed what it means to feel like a fish in water

Unique training session was held on Tuesday, March 6, the real elite of Regardie combat divers unit of the Centre for special purpose “Vityaz”. The pond in the suburban Shchelkovo combat divers cut through the ice like the hero of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the movie “True lies”, stormed the fortifications of terrorists and even effectively congratulated the beautiful ladies with the upcoming holiday. In turn the chief of Department of protection of objects on the waters of Regardie rear Admiral Andrew Shataev has told “MK”, what tasks their subordinates this year.

photo: Catherine Gabel

Even just looking at it was cold. On the street — minus 10. Around – solid ice. Fighters – costumes, masks robes and diving gear. All this resguardar immersed in the previously prepared lane (so called resguardar the hole). Remaining on the ice, calm: it is not cold, the suit keeps the heat.

According to legend, the commandos have to get close to were barricaded behind the fortifications of the terrorists. To do it quietly only under the ice. Side the problem seems insoluble. How to get the ice clear. And how to get out? How to go after the assault? Not flippers and cylinders…

The ice thickness is about 40 centimeters. Fighters split into pairs. I explain that one of the “twos” will “keep the perimeter” of the lane to guard the hole and cover their comrades who will go to the storm shelter, which alleged terrorists are hiding. An important coordination of all action and therefore, even under the ice while in the water, divers need to communicate and not get lost.

photo: Catherine Gabel

One of the officers overseeing the training, explains: liaison will be maintained with the new language system. It has not yet entered service, but Regardie actively testing and pleased with the results. The system can work both in water (it is made in a special waterproof case), and over the water. It is intended for the connection of frogmen with other land groups and crews of ships. It turns out that the device picks up the vibrations of the vocal cords and so the soldiers talking to each other. To represent this, you can talk with clenched teeth. In radio you hear the talks of the first two fighters. In principle, everything is clear. This relationship is valid at depths up to five feet. Is enough to coordinate the actions before the storm, the liberation of hostages and the execution of any other task.

Waits in anticipation and suddenly, about 10 meters away saw cuts through the ice — divers began to cut through a window on the surface. The window is square. It is shown from the first two. They stand on the corners and take a “window” under surveillance. Meanwhile, from the lane there is a huge black hook. They cling to the edge of the hole, and the man uninitiated may assume it is a ladder. But this is the assault ramp. It turns out that it attack and hang your gear, and ice will appear with only one weapon.

photo: Catherine Gabel

And now, all six “knights” on the ice. The assault ready. And the fortifications are also ready for anything “the terrorists”. Conditional battle continues less than a minute. Now, special forces are divided into three, each quickly cleans his land. The terrorists destroyed. Our win…

Today the sailors of the waters Regardie guard important state facilities, participate jointly with internal Affairs bodies in law enforcement, assist the guards, guarding of vessels with nuclear power installations on Board – said rear Admiral Andrey Shataev.

According to him, last year there had been no penetration of the important state objects, more than 1,000 people were detained. Without seafarers Regardie does not do any one a major event. In 2017, they provided security for the holding of the Confederations Cup, the Eastern economic forum, and Proms.

– The next challenge for the sailors will be Regardie security projects under construction in the Kerch Strait. We understand what a tremendous value these objects have in the development of the Crimea. Therefore, we form connections. Now we are there, preparing a place for the placement of personnel and shall equip these units with the latest technology – shared plans, rear Admiral.

photo: Catherine Gabel

In the eve of March 8 and ladies are not left unattended. The officer of the detachment of special purpose “Vityaz” Dmitry emerged to the beautiful half of humanity each with flowers and wished good health and happiness. This greeting will melt any woman’s heart.

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