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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The cruiser “Ukraine” was saved from Russian spies: SBU reported on the success of

The Russian defender of the Fatherland Day Ukrainian special services have reported on progress. The Deputy Chairman of SBU Victor Kononenko told how the KGB Square saved several hundred tons of scrap metal in the form of the unfinished cruiser “Ukraine” from destruction. According to the SBU, the ship, 28 years rusting at the quay wall of the shipyard city of Mykolaiv, attempted Russian saboteurs.

Photo: social networks

To be precise, the Russian spy was one. A man named David Ponomarev “came in sight” of the SBU in 2015. Young people, in order to disguise the beard grow, using Skype has assembled a team of saboteurs. In any case, as evidence of subversive activities Ponomareva Kononenko showed several fragments of such negotiations. “Secret agent” first showed via Skype to prospective partners of his Russian passport, that did not doubt whom they will be working. And then told me how “time to drown” the cruiser “Ukraine” with 4-5 kg of TNT. Then the spy reported that after his visit “to Russia” (that’s right — with the preposition “to”: I’d love to know what part of Russia is used to this dialect) he will bring another 50 kg of “plastic tank”. Supposedly now he only has 50 kg and 50-60 detonators. And here to the SBU, there are huge questions: how did it happen that a young man with a Russian passport safely delivered to Ukraine dozens of kilograms of explosives? The border guards really do not catch flies? Journalists, writers, artists packs at the entrance wrapped, and saboteurs with a plastic explosive herds come and go without supervision. But even these “failures” in the activities of the SBU drew attention of the public, and the goal selected “saboteurs.” Spend 50 kg of Semtex on a rusty cruiser “Ukraine” for “frightening the citizens” Square — it’s like that from the “Grad” to shoot the garbage plant. A lot of stink, little use.

The cruiser “Ukraine”, recall, built at a Shipyard named after 61 Communards of the city of Nikolaev in the distant 1985, has extremely unhappy fate. Since then, in 1993, the unfinished ship was transferred from the Navy of the Russian Federation in the part of the Ukrainian Navy, it never left the factory. In 1998, by decree of President Kuchma it took to finish and brought to 95% ready. But “finest hour” of “Ukraine” was completed. In 2004, to get at least some benefit from the rusting of the cruiser, he decided to drive tourists. In 2010 he was going to finish with Russia, and Russia even intended to buy it for the needs of the Navy. But the sound of the Maidan, “Ukraine” remained rusting in Nikolaev. In March 2017 the President of Ukraine officially declared on inappropriate completion of the vessel due to its long-outdated weapons. He offered to “demilitarize” the cruiser and sell it for parts. The plant of this decision were happy because the content of the unfinished ship costs the budget more than 6 million hryvnia per month. But who would buy a rusty warship without weapons? It can be sold only for scrap. But the main buyers of this kind of stuff — India and China — until the desire to buy “the Ukraine” is not expressed. Therefore, the authorities of the Nikolaev area, forced to spend money on maintenance “rust bucket” probably was willing to pay extra, even “the saboteur” that he would deliver them from this long-term burden. Perhaps horror stories about unsinkable cruiser SBU is trying to attract the attention of potential buyers. That’s just it came at them, as always, clumsy. Why saboteurs would want the cruiser “Ukraine”, “MK” has found out from the expert.

Chief editor of the magazine “national defense” military expert Igor KOROTCHENKO:

Is a measure of the incompetence of the security Service of Ukraine. It is clear her desire to demonstrate some success in operational activities, and understand the desire to integrate them into the overall fabric of the anti-Russian Ukraine. But attempting to fabricate something to look at least minimally plausible. But such obvious mistakes that only cause laughter, is a sign of utter deskilling. To try to ascribe Russia a preparation of the explosion remnants of scrap metal — what is it? What “intimidation”? There is a concept of “active outreach” is such a fake that nevertheless possessed the minds of men, strikes them. In this case, that can affect? Just utter nonsense. This complete failure of the security service of Ukraine — informational, operational, and most importantly, ideological.

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