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Monday, March 19, 2018

Sergei Shoigu said on February 23 along with anarmani

On the Day of defender of the Fatherland first all-Russian forum “I-Warmia!” was attended by a distinguished guest — to congratulate the young patriots has arrived the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. On how the defense Minister talked with anarmani and what a gift I received from them on their professional holiday journalists of “MK”.

photo: Evgeny Semenov

That the Minister of defence on February 23, will attend the forum, “I am Warmia!”, rumors circulated the day before. Nobody, however, could not give more or less exact time of arrival of Shoigu. However the big surprise for yunarmeytsev was that the Minister of war arrived in the morning and began their visit with a visit to the forum and communicating with anarmani.

First, what drew the attention of Sergei Shoigu, became the area of eSports. Boys and girls are desperately chasing in the virtual space on sports cars. He then proceeded to stand virtual Studio “Uname TV”, where a young army man Ilya Eskov from Moscow told the defense Minister about the technical possibilities of the Studio, in particular on the three-dimensional scanner that can for a few tens of seconds to create a three-dimensional digital copy of a person.

“Go ahead, son! You will do it!”, – admonished Shoigu of young army man.

At the site of KLUB Sluzhebnogo sobakovodstva DOSAAF of Russia’s defense Minister chatted with the handlers. As later told the “MK” head of Department sled dog Central kennel club DOSAAF of Russia Mikhail Aleksandrov, Sergei Shoigu asked about the development of this field of cynology in the defense society and also supported the idea of establishing a service center and driving dog in the Park “Patriot”.

The following paragraph, in which the late Minister of defence, was the exhibition of paintings by people’s artist of Russia Vasily Nesterenko, which he created after his trip to the Syrian Arab Republic. The painter told me a lot about Shoigu’s largest painting, “the Letter to the enemies of Russia”, which in its composition is painfully reminiscent of the famous repinskoy “Letter of the Zaporozhye Cossacks to the Turkish Sultan”. However, the head of the defense Department more impressed watercolor “throughout life”, which depicts the Syrian children, chasing a ball in the streets of Syrian cities destroyed by the war. “Simply amazing,” – said Shoigu.

At the end of the tour, the Minister of defense came to a discussion platform, where anarmani talked about patriotism Nikita Mikhalkov. By chance it happened or not, but Sergei Shoigu came at exactly the moment when Mikhalkov was finishing his speech. The Director congratulated the Minister on the Day of defender of the Fatherland, and yunarmeytsy Shoigu presented a special gift — a radio controlled model tank, made by hand.

After a few minutes everyone gathered in a huge hall where Sergei Shoigu officially opened the forum, “I am Warmia!” Before you act most, he together with the participants of the forum listened to the video message of President Vladimir Putin.

“Dear friends! Today our country celebrates the Day of defender of the Fatherland. I’m sure you yunarmeytsev, for all those gathered in the forum, “I am Warmia!”, 23 February – a particularly significant date. Despite their young and even young age, you understand how much you mean honor, devotion to duty and camaraderie. How important it is to preserve the memory about the feats of those who defended freedom and independence of our Fatherland. And, of course, you all share the love for the Motherland. You are all very different. Someone decides to connect his life with military service, and someone will choose a civil profession. But the main thing is to honestly do their job, to be ready for the real act, to create, to succeed, to serve the Fatherland. Good luck to you too!” – admonished Putin young Russians.

In turn, Sergei Shoigu addressed with words of gratitude to veterans, as well as educators and parents yunarmeytsev: “would all your mentors, teachers and parents to say a huge thank you because they raised you, educate you and have already made each of you is worthy of his country. Fully subscribe to the words of our Supreme commander in chief Vladimir Putin. To protect the Homeland not only in the Armed Forces. For this there are a huge number of opportunities in our country. This exercise, as did our great athletes. You can be a great artist. You can simply devote themselves to the service of art and culture. You can build cities, to create the machine. But all of this should be devoted to the prosperity of our Fatherland! Today I want to wish you good luck and success. Forward! Only forward!”

From the hands of the Minister has received its first awards three yunarmeytsev who have shown courage at rescue of people in distress. For bravery shown during the rescue at a fire, signs Junior military valor awarded David Ananyan and Alexander Trutnev from Rostov-on-don, and Rodion Terehov from the city of Tulun of the Irkutsk region received the award for bravery shown in rescuing of drowning.

“Guys, I congratulate you. It’s your first award, but I am absolutely sure, not the last. You devote yourself to the service of the Fatherland. And it is very valuable and very expensive for all of us. I hope you will have a huge number of followers. If you remember, recently we had tens and hundreds, and today almost two hundred thousand. And every day we, yunarmeytsev, it becomes more and more. With a holiday!” – said Sergey Shoigu.

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