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Monday, March 19, 2018

Michael Bohm explained where the mistake was fighting in the air norkina

In the top of the news – another fight in the air Russian television. In the program “the meeting Place” on NTV presenter Andrey Norkin has become a participant in the fight with the Ukrainian lawyer Dmitry Suvorov. The cause of the quarrel, in General is not difficult to guess: the situation in the Donbass, in this case, the story around the deaths of children.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

Michael Bohm

Dmitry Suvorov has managed on his profile page on the social network to declare that it does not consider it as a fight: “We just knock.” Ukrainian political scientist escaped with a light scratch. Andrey Norkin has refused to comment on the situation, but his co-host Olga Belova said that “After the rudeness and unprincipled positions expressed by the Ukrainian expert, a different outcome could not be. I, unfortunately, woman, and could not lend a hand”.

The massacre in the Russian television and radio seem to have become a fashion. Recently the assault on the basis of Stalinism was engaged Maxim Shevchenko and Nikolai Svanidze, a conflict situation arose in the air “the First channel” the program of the Artem Sheinin. Particularly the last one in October last year, attacked andAmerican journalist Michael Bohm. “MK” asked the journalist what he thinks about what is happening on national television.

Is a common aggression, cases have become frequent. Norkin before guests were expelled from the Studio, and wanted to bring Suvorov, but Dmitry resisted and it was a fight. There was one occasion when he was expelled another expert from Ukraine, but that he was gone and there were no fights. It would be better, of course, call the guards. Generally, each situation has its own reason. In the case Svanidze – the growth of communism, a new phenomenon. And it’s also the aggression. And of course, Svanidze boggles the mind that people can question the crimes of Stalin. There was aggression, resentment, and irritation. In the case of the program “the meeting Place” it’s just the irritation that the Ukrainian side is not very sympathetic to the victims of the Donbass. It’s a sensitive subject, the passion was through the roof.

– You provoked a fight when you were participants in such a TV show?

– I constantly provoke on it and talk show. Verbal provocations are an integral part of this show, just need to know the measure. It is felt that at any moment can start a fight. They want me to start screaming, because screaming is a defeat. There was a case on the First channel, when the master was engaged in physical abuse towards me. He says that I provoked him. It was about the Russian flag, if you remember, took the flag in San Francisco. He didn’t like the way I put it, he came up to me. I wouldn’t call it a fight – I resisted, but it was loud incident. It is clear that he did not like my remark, but the way he expressed his displeasure in strange. And what happened on NTV, it’s even worse, there was just a fight. I believe that Dima provoked norkina and almost all in the Studio, but succumb to this provocation was not necessary. This error norkina. There is security, they are very close. He has the right to evict the guest.

– Well, it’s the ratings..

– Many say so. And even immediately after the incident began, so to speak. Someone came up to Olga Belova, she was upset, I think sincerely. And lastly she thought about the ratings, at least at the moment. Maybe she’s thinking about ratings right now. And someone said to her inappropriate smile, “Think of the ratings”. And it did not like that. Very cynical to think that Norkin set a goal to put up a fight and was just waiting for an excuse.

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