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Friday, March 16, 2018

Ukrainians massively flee to Poland

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavlo Klimkin said that about 100 thousand of Ukrainians to migrate out of the country every month. Just last year the state left 1 million people. He connects the change of the place of residence of citizens with visa-free regime with the EU States. Experts interviewed by “MK”, believe that the Ukrainian authorities deliberately pursue a policy of labour emigration to reset the problem with the social tensions of citizens in the European countries.

As Klimkin said, only last year, Ukraine has left about one million citizens. The Minister is convinced that migration contributes to a visa-free regime with the EU, which operates from June 2017. “Any good business is whether the Association Agreement, whether visa — free regime can serve as a plus to us, but carries risk. For many years I have been bezveza, and now look, that just last year, Ukraine has left more than a million of Ukrainians”, – said the Minister. He said that once visited the Polish school in Ivano-Frankivsk: 24 Polish classes, according to the Minister, there was almost no poles – only Ukrainians. Klimkin said that many children learn Polish with the aim to leave the country. “If we don’t kill, the meaning of our reform effort on ourselves” – said the Minister.

In his opinion, citizens are leaving the country not only because of the economic situation in the country, and generally in pursuit of better standard of living. “Questions not only in the fact that there is higher salaries. It is generally the understanding of the future and quality of life.” However, according to the survey company Research&Branding Group conducted in June last year, the main reasons why Ukrainians are thinking about moving is dissatisfaction with pay. Thus, 45% of respondents said want to earn more. In turn, 31.6% of respondents reported that the main reason for the move is the desire to live in a more comfortable and friendly country.

Earlier the Ukrainian Ambassador to Poland Andriy deshchitsa called a positive factor for the Polish economy, the influx of migrants from Ukraine and added that countries should continue to develop cooperation. “In Poland there are labour migrants from Ukraine, who have a good reputation, working for the benefit of the development of the Polish economy and receive no social assistance from the Polish authorities,” he said.

According to the State statistics service of Ukraine, the country is also experiencing a natural decline in the population. So, for 2017, the population decreased by 200 thousand people and amounted to 42, 38 million people. Previously the foreign Ministry stated that 5 million Ukrainians are working abroad, among them 36% of the population – worked in Poland, 25% in Russia, 5% worked in the Czech Republic and Germany, and 3% found employment in Italy. Monitoring data Ranepa testified that from 2014 to 2015, Ukraine took the first place in the number of migrants in Russia, whereas previously it was in Uzbekistan.

Vladimir Zharikhin, Deputy Director of the Institute of CIS countries

– This occurs due to the fact that Ukraine’s economy is in deep crisis. The problem is that people cannot find themselves. Halt, factories are closed, can dramatically reduce construction and people looking for a way to survive in other countries. In General this is a tragedy for the country because of her leaving the most dynamic and advanced people. This trend could stop the development of the economy of Ukraine, but nobody does it. They all think that the US or the West would help them but nobody is going to restore the economy.

Vadim Karasev, the head of the Ukrainian Institute of global strategies

– Ukraine’s economy is in decline. The only option is to release the tension on the labour market and solve the problems of citizens with social security — labor migration. This is a deliberate policy of the Ukrainian government and the EU, who also do not have a quick recipe to calm tensions in Ukraine. Visa-free regime is very helpful in this. It is clear that for 90 days you can not only find temporary jobs, but also to the possibility for the device to complete long-term work. The Ukrainian authorities have lost all their problems on European countries, but it’s all happy.

The Ukrainian crisis. Chronicle of events

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